NOW the MEDIA is BLATANTLY LYING about Trump’s speech and Robert E. Lee [Updated]

Seriously it’s like they’re addicted to lying like a crackhead just discovering fentanyl. The media last night started shamelessly lying about what Trump said in his rally in Ohio.

Did he say that? Yes. Was he just praising a confederate general out of nowhere? No.

But that’s what morons are going with:

Now, no one expects anything but scumbag lies from scumbag David Corn, but this is easily falsifiable. Just watch the video.

They don’t cheer. At all. They’re just listening to his story. That’s it. The ENTIRE POINT OF THE STORY is that Lincoln FOUND a general in Grant, who is from Ohio, and he BEAT Lee. And THAT is when the crowd cheered, because Grant was FROM OHIO.

But the abject maggots in the media mislead people about what he said and then the left runs with it.




Even Robert E. Lee’s descendent had to put out a stupid whiny video about it:

LOL! Just pathetic.

Look, I am not a fan of the confederacy, or slavery, but I can still say that Lee was a good general without approving of what he was fighting for. And that’s all Trump was doing. This is just like those morons whose brains implode at the thought of someone saying Hitler was a good orator. Oops, sorry, HE WAS. He could not have done all the horrid things he did if he was NOT a good orator.

But the larger point here is that the media will shamelessly misrepresent what Trump says and the liberal left-wing crazies will push the BS as far as possible in order to ensnare Americans who don’t pay attention enough to look into their lies. And that’s why we do what we do.


Byron York posts the transcript of the entire story Trump was telling.

I’ll try to find video, but the transcript is accurate – the audience does NOT applaud when he talks about Robert E. Lee, and absolutely applauds when he mentions Grant.

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