NPR reporter arrested at Emergency Room ‘protest’ was INTERFERING with COPS, says Sheriff

In the video we shared this morning of “protesters” blocking the entrance to the emergency room after attempting to storm it, you can see a radio reporter being arrested as a Los Angeles ABC affiliate station was reporting.

That reporter was Josie Huang of the Los Angeles NPR station KPCC. A lot of media people have been wringing their hands over THAT rather than the shooting of two cops or the fact that BLM thought it was a good idea to protest a HOSPITAL and taunt the critically wounded officers and their loved ones by shouting that they hope the two deputies die.

That fake distraught tone is overwrought, and seemingly utterly misplaced.

This was sent by the LASD overnight.

That’s Huang they are talking about.

She tweeted this morning that she’s out of jail and has “thoughts.”

You can obviously understand this to mean she’s talking with PR consultants and her bosses and whoever else on how best to capitalize on this momentary fame.

The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti explains that what Huang did is illegal.

California Penal Code Section 148(a) PC specifically prohibits knowing resisting or interfering with a lawful arrest or other emergency action by a known member of either law enforcement or an emergency medical team.

It is all a distraction, however. It’s just a way for the press to find a side-issue to get worked up about so they don’t have to say that BLM trying to attack a hospital is bad, or even that shooting cops is bad. The press, and you can note Jake Tapper among them, would rather talk about ANYTHING other than whether the “protesters” were wrong.

UPDATE: Right on cue, NPR is “appalled” and Huang has become THE story of this disgusting display.

You can’t even say “unbelievable” because it isn’t. It’s appalling and terrible, but it’s not unbelievable. If anything it’s entirely predictable and expected.

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