NRA NAILS San Francisco with a LAWSUIT after being labeled a ‘terrorist organization’

The NRA is fighting back against the efforts of the commie City of San Francisco to push gun owners into the fringe. And they’re doing it with a lawsuit.

Here’s more from The Hill:

The National Rifle Association on Monday sued the city of San Francisco over a declaration deeming the lobbying group a “domestic terrorist organization,” according to The Associated Press.

The city Board of Supervisors passed the resolution last week, with Supervisor Catherine Stefani saying she was moved to draft it following August’s shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

In the lawsuit, filed in the Northern District of California, the NRA accused the city of maintaining a blacklist, asking the court to “instruct elected officials that freedom of speech means you cannot silence or punish those with whom you disagree.”

“This action is an assault on all advocacy organizations across the country,” said William A. Brewer III, the NRA’s attorney. “There can be no place in our society for this manner of behavior by government officials. Fortunately, the NRA, like all U.S. citizens, is protected by the First Amendment.”

CEO Wayne LaPierre said the lawsuit “comes with a message to those who attack the NRA: We will never stop fighting for our law-abiding members and their constitutional freedoms,” according to the AP.

Well there you go. I’m not sure how successful the lawsuit will be, but I’m glad they’re pushing back against the idiotic designation by a city that is mired by homeless crime and drug addiction. What a stupid thing to focus on and pretend that their action does anything at all to advocate for their cause. Morons.

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31 thoughts on “NRA NAILS San Francisco with a LAWSUIT after being labeled a ‘terrorist organization’

  1. San Fran, like all tin-pot dictatorships, throws up the boogeymen of foreign enemies so as to distract the citizens from the horrible living conditions all around them. “Never mind the feces, focus on the NRA!” After a while, even emotion-driven leftists get tired of dodging poop and needles.

    1. Yeap – they think there is nothing to see in their streets… No poop, no homeless, no problems – its amazing what drugs can do.

  2. I think they will be successful especially since the government of San Francisco is extorting companies into not doing business with an organization simply because they support NRA. This is prejudicial and must not be tolerated. We cannot allow our government to simply accuse people of being terrorists with no basis. We all know NRA members respect this country more than those against them.

    1. If Trump cannot get any positive decisions out of that Ca. 9th Circuit or any Ca.Court do you think the NRA can win in Ca.

    2. The NRA is the left’s favorite boogeyman. NRA has supported, even written, almost every gun-grabbing initiate passed through congress. Yet the left holds them up as the “gun lobby”…?

      The left could destroy the NRA in less than a news cycle by just reporting the truth. The NRA is a fraud. They’ll take our money (I’m a life member), but when it comes time to actually fight, meh, yeah, go ahead and ban the whatevers…

  3. Good for the NRA. It’s time people started punching back. The Right has finally gotten some gumption. Now maybe they will teach the GOP how to do it. 🙁

  4. The lunatic left seems to think that the NRA is one big bad bogeyman. They are too stupid to realize that the NRA and other gun advocacy groups are made up of millions of law abiding Americans.

  5. “We will never stop fighting for our law-abiding members and their constitutional freedoms[…]”

    Meanwhile, Old Wayne LaPierre has backed the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, the Brady Bill, the NFA, bump stock ban, and is making noises about suppressors. And in addition to that, he has wasted millions of donor dollars on houses, first class flights to Europe, cute little 30 year old “interns”, and fired Oliver North and Dana Loesh.

    With gun guys like Wayne, who needs the Democrats?

    1. Unfortunately, the NRA is still the face of second amendment advocates to the general public. I hope that it gets reorganized.

    2. I’m not a fan of the NRA–I think they’ve lost their ways. Notice they only sue that hell hole SF only after their name is maligned. How about suing them and the many other cities that are keeping guns away from law-abiding citizens? They are a fraud and I wouldn’t join them again under current leadership.

  6. NRA members must have committed a lot of terrorism in San Francesspool to be labeled domestic terrorists.

  7. I proclaim that Media Matters, CAIR, the corporate media, the DNC and any organizations being funded by leftists such as George Soros be considered terrorist organizations.

  8. So the FBI’s terrorist watchlist is unconstitutional, but San Francisco’s declaring the NRA as a terrorist organization is not?

  9. San Francisco designation as a terrorist organization should be a badge of honor, why fight it?
    NRA could make a ton of money now.

  10. I think we should just write off the entire State of California. Cut them off from all Federal funds. It’s time to sink or swim. Either they can fund their own kooky poorly conceived policies or they can’t. We all know they can’t, so make an example of them. All liberals should be required to demonstrate their policies work. When they crash and burn, that is the most sobering lesson. I know there are people that are just too stupid and never get it, but all of their rainbow and unicorn platitudes don’t work, and the best campaign strategy for conservatives would be to let the people feel the full effect and demonstrate what a disaster liberal ideology really is.

    1. hopefully people getting sick from poop on the streets will also sue SF for not protecting them from diseases that are easy to protect against- The City is Negligent in their duty to protect it’s citizens- the citizens in the state pay huge money for their government to protect them- yet their state government is neglecting to do so

  11. By the principle of “incorporation,” which took a long time to become a thing (but was made part of the Constitution by the 14th Amendment), the Bill of Rights restricts all government entities in the USA. So not only is the US Congress expressly forbidden from making any law abridging freedom of speech, but so are the states legislatures, as well as county and municipal law bodies.

    So this thing hinges on how *any* level of government gets to designate any person or group to be a terrorist. Because a designation like that carries penalties against speech, whether explicitly enumerated or not.

    I’d like to see a mind like Justuce Alito’s weigh in on this.

  12. As a card carrying member of the NRA, am I entitled to file a lawsuit against San Francisco. I am not a terrorist but I have been deemed one by my association with the NRA.
    Any attorney out there, I think there is money to be made off San Francisco?

  13. The left have finally done it… their true motive on paper!!!
    Years and years of double speak about being for responsible gun laws..
    Leftists HATE FREEDOM and if your want to exercise your freedoms you ARE a terrorist to them!!!
    Why isnt the RNC jumping on this?

  14. California should put a noose around it’s neck. They have lost any right to be an American state as far as I’m concerned. Kick them out. / facetious

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