NRA’s Colion Noir OWNS Alyssa Milano after stupid racially-charged NRA tweet

As many of you have seen by now, the NRA posted this video at the end of March calling on Americans to ‘rise up’ in the face of censorship by California liberals like those who run Youtube, Facebook, etc.

It’s a short video but a good one:

He explains in the video that people should keep posting their videos, and in so doing it will keep challenging the left who wants to censor gun related videos. That’s all they meant by ‘rise up. Nothing violent by any stretch. Just overwhelm the system with gun videos to send a message that we will not be censored.

I’m sure Alyssa Milano didn’t watch the video before she tweeted out this doozy:

Why do Hollywood liberals insist on sharing their stupid with everyone? I know it isn’t true, but it sure seems that being famous and having common sense are mutually exclusive for idiots like Milano.

As Colion Noir so adeptly points out:


And that’s exactly what the left wants people to believe, that the NRA is tantamount to a terrorist organization. Milano might as well be calling the founding fathers terrorists too!

What the heck, go ahead and let this be an open thread!

(h/t: Daily Wire)

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