NSA Jake Sullivan says the Taliban has “a fair amount” of our weapons and they probably won’t give them back [VIDEO]

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan sounds like a complete joke. Listen to how he answers this question about the Taliban getting our weapons and if the US has a plan for that:

Sullivan responds noting that “certainly a fair amount” of US weapons “have fallen in to the hands of the Taliban”. He then adds “obviously we don’t have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport.”

Really? You mean they aren’t just going to give them back? LOL! Good grief. Of course they aren’t going to give them back. They just took the whole damn country, thanks to Biden, and they aren’t giving that back either!

When asked about the blackhawk helicopters and other equipment that the Taliban took, Sullivan actually defended the decision suggesting it was one of the hard choices that Biden had to make or something:

This wasn’t a hard choice! It was a consequence of Biden’s feckless decision to pull out and let the Taliban take over the entire country. Biden could have provided support for the Afghan military, protecting all the equipment we gave the Afghan government while keeping the Taliban at bay. But no, he decided to just pull out and damn all the consequences. That’s what really happened here.

Sullivan is so deep in his own BS spin that I’m surprised he hasn’t already drowned.

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