NY GOV: People carrying guns for self-protection makes everyone else feel UNSAFE – [UPDATE: HOCHUL REVEALS STRATEGY TO CIRCUMVENT SCOTUS RULING]

New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul literally told CBS This Morning that your right to carrying a gun for self-defense makes everyone else feel unsafe and therefore you shouldn’t be allowed to carry one.


This makes zero sense. The whole point of concealed-carry is that no one knows you are even carrying a gun. Ergo, they don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

But even more to the point, her anxiety doesn’t outweigh my God-given right to defend myself if I find myself the victim of a violent crime. Which is far more likely in New York these days than in times past. It’s gotten so bad in the state that more than 75% of New Yorkers are worried about becoming a victim of violent crime.

Hochul can blabber about the ‘wild wild west’ all she wants, but the truth is that millions upon millions of law abiding citizens carry guns in this country and there is no ‘wild wild west’.

Here’s a real governor responding to the Supreme Court decision yesterday, which he thought was absolutely correct:

UPDATE: Hochul told MSNBC last night that her strategy to fight the Supreme Court decision is to essentially make every place in the city a ‘sensitive’ area which forbids the right to carry a gun:

“This is a matter of public safety. I have to make sure that we can get the law changed, in place, in a couple of days to be able to have restrictions that talk about sensitive places. We will have the right to stop concealed carries, carrying guns into sensitive places. I want to define those sensitive places. I assure you, you are not going to allow this to happen on our subways.

I’m not going to allow it in our schools or churches or all kinds of places. We’re going to be crafting that language right now. I am not ceding my right and my responsibility. As the governor of this state that wants protections, I’m not giving that up.”

Authoritarians will never stop trying to take away your rights and this is how they circumvent court rulings. Hopefully whatever garbage legislation she concocts will be challenged in court and struck down as well.

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