NY Times blames ‘airplanes’ for taking down twin towers on 9/11, then forced to correct after BACKLASH

One of the things we like to mention when we remember what happened on 9/11/01 is that we will “never forget”. But apparently the editors over at the New York Times have completely forgotten because today, on the anniversary of 9/11, they blamed the attack on the World Trade Center on “airplanes”:

TOWN HALL – In an article published on the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, The New York Times decided to blame airplanes for taking down the World Trade Center, completely ignoring that it was terrorists who hijacked those planes.

“Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took aim at the World Trade Center and brought them down,” reads the second paragraph in the piece titled “Remembering Those Lost 18 Years Ago on 9/11.” In fact, terrorism isn’t even mentioned in the article, except for in the subheading.

In fact the New York Times actually tweeted it, which was captured by Twitchy before they deleted it:

They deleted it because of the backlash that came from such a ridiculous characterization.

According to Townhall, they’ve now corrected it:

Here’s how the updated paragraph reads now:

“Eighteen years have passed since terrorists commandeered airplanes to take aim at the World Trade Center and bring them down.”

Even this corrected characterization still doesn’t tell the entire truth because they don’t even mention that it was Islamic terrorists who commandeered the airplanes. In fact they don’t mention Islam or Muslims in the entire article.

The liberal media is garbage.

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34 thoughts on “NY Times blames ‘airplanes’ for taking down twin towers on 9/11, then forced to correct after BACKLASH

  1. Got to watch out for those renegade airplanes….

    It’s only been 18 years and the liberal media has cozied up to the Muslims so closely that they would rather offend Americans than terrorists. I find that to be utterly disgusting.

  2. Whoa!! Apparently those rogue guns that shoot themselves have been a bad influence on airplanes.

    I guess it’s true about a few bad apples spoiling the barrel….

  3. Every time you think that idiot rags like the NYT can get no worse they prove you wrong. These vile libs even try to change the narrative on an attack on their city. That not only dishonors the innocent dead who were murdered it dishonors all those who worked so diligently to try to save people. What scum!

    1. Planes are usually white and white is the color of racism and terrorism, therefore planes are racist terrorists or something.

    2. Why not? If you can have White Hispanics, then surely you can have Muslim Arab White Supremacists.

      And they were undocumented immigrants, as well.

    1. Assault planes and unborn babies are not protected by the constitution! /s

  4. The editors must either be dumb, insensitive or don’t care who caused the most horrific terrorist attack against the United States. Why omit initially the attack was carried out by muslim terrorists?????

    1. They are neither dumb or insensitive. We have seen how “sensitive” the editors are when it comes to those that they care about. This is deliberate because they are supportive of anyone including muslim terrorists if it can advance their agenda – America bad and must be punished for its Judeo-Christian foundation. Look at their 1619 crapola if one wants to doubt me.

  5. Not only did the NYT lie by omission, whiiite waaashing the malefactors by never stating that they were
    Islaaamics making war on the civilized. Not only did the NYT stupidly think no one would notice.

    Worse: the NYT couldn’t even get the number of the dead right. They originally wrote 2,000 when it was
    in fact 3,000–possibly the most famous number in American history.

    Obviously, they don’t care how shameful and disgusting they seem in their love of the ennnemy. But how
    can the “newspaper of record” get such a basic piece of data wrong?

    What keeps this imbecile propaganda outlet alive?

  6. WHat is so surprising about this? They blame guns for killing people, why shouldn’t they blame planes for 911?? It’s their way of blaming the instrumentality instead of the perpetrator. It plays to their “we dont’ want to blame anyone who may be islamic for this”, mentality. Spin the narrative the way you want it and for the objective you want to achieve. They are no longer able to hide their agenda. It’s front and center and we know who and what they are.

    1. You haven’t heard of all those guns that people left unguarded and they shot at cars going by? They even loaded themselves.

  7. They only mention what type of terrorist it is if it’s a right winger. Muslim? Never. Leftist? Never. In fact they try to claim those are on the right as well.

  8. This kind of reporting makes me wonder – when can the government revoke a press pass from an organization? They are clearly no longer a news organization if they are willing to print this garbage.

  9. Not news at all.

    It’d be news if the NY Times Didn’t Sugarcoat Evil.

    Like the Holocaust, and Stalin’s Massacres.

    Just for starters

  10. thereligionofpeace.com tallies daily worldwide muslim terrorism totals since 9/11. Apparently difficult for NYT and CNN to research.

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