NY Times: Republican Establishment attacks Tea Party as modern-day Birchers

Former RNC Research Director David Welch took to the pages of the NY Times to attack the Tea Party and call for more “moderate voices” in the Republican Party. Below are a few highlights, but you can read the full article here:

Fast forward half a century. The modern-day Birchers are the Tea Party. By loudly espousing extreme rhetoric, yet holding untenable beliefs, they have run virtually unchallenged by the Republican leadership, aided by irresponsible radio talk-show hosts and right-wing pundits. While the Tea Party grew, respected moderate voices in the party were further pushed toward extinction. Republicans need a Buckley to bring us back.

Buckley often took issue with liberal-minded members of his party, like Nelson A. Rockefeller, and he gave some quarter to opponents of civil rights legislation. But he placed great faith in the Republican establishment and its brand of mainstream conservatism, which he called the “politics of reality.”

But his biggest challenge came from the far right, primarily in the form of the John Birch Society. During the 1950s and early ’60s, Birchers demanded that the government rid itself of supposed Communists — including, according its founder, Robert Welch (no relation, thank heaven), Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Buckley’s formula for conservative success rested on “the most right, viable candidate who could win.” He saw the danger the Birchers posed to the party, and in 1962 he wrote a devastating essay in National Review that condemned them for essentially calling on the party to commit political suicide. He dismissed Welch’s outrageous views as “drivel” and “removed from common sense.”

Dare I say it, or should I just whisper the word? We need “the Establishment.” We need officials like former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, operatives like Karl Rove and Republican Party institutions.

The attacks on the Tea Party just keep coming. What the heck is wrong with these people? Are they so shallow that they don’t recognize the principles that lie at the foundation of the Tea Party as the principles that protect freedom and keep this country going for generations? Limited government. Living within our means. Individual responsibility. How exactly are these ideas “untenable”?

The Tea Party is nothing more than American citizens who are tired of politicians who don’t give a damn about this country, who would rather keep themselves in power even if they push this country off a cliff. They constantly con us with conservative words but when they get into the Washington bubble, their ‘conservative principles’ are quickly thrown by the wayside and replaced by ideas like ‘compromise’ and ‘bipartisanship’.

It’s these ‘moderate Republicans’ that are responsible in part for where this nation finds itself today and the American people are tired of it. We don’t need more establishment types, we need people who are willing to fight for this country against the forces that seek its demise.

The Tea Party is the future of the Republican Party but it isn’t going to come easy. We’re going to have to fight like hell for that too.

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99 thoughts on “NY Times: Republican Establishment attacks Tea Party as modern-day Birchers

  1. Boehner and his cronies should be embracing the Tea Partiers instead of attacking them. Boehner and his little realm has shrunken and will slowly shrink smaller and smaller. Lots of luck with being the Speaker of the House in two years the way you are going, Boehner. DUMP BOEHNER now!!

  2. It’s time to have a Tea Party protest at the RNC Headquarters! Our party needs to rid ourselves of these spinless loosers!!! America is worth fighting for!!

  3. It’s nice to know the sane Democrats recognize that their party is now in full-bore totalitarian mode, so they’ve found another party to try and take over. I say let them have it.

  4. I appeal to all members of the Republican Party as much as it pains me to say it that we must all write the GOP ASAP and remove ourselves from its membership. It has become all to clear that they are as much of the problem as the Democrats. True conservatives must unite in a way that has not been seen for centuries or trust me we will lose what we have as Americans. Its no joke if we don’t rise up and take back our country we are doomed. Don’t be so proud as some are to think that American can never fail. Not only can it fail but it will fail if we don’t change the course we are on. The time is now. Godspeed

    1. And don’t send them any more money. We need to punish these phony conservatives who have destroyed our party and country.

  5. Birchers demanded that the government rid itself of supposed Communists — including, according its founder, Robert Welch (no relation, thank heaven), Dwight D. Eisenhower – David Welch

    Is he basically saying that he is glad he’s not related to a man who wants Communists out of our government? I’m glad people like him dislike people like me. It let’s me know where they stand.

    So it’s better to find the man ‘most electable’ rather than to find a man with principles and ideals that we can get behind? If you put forth a man with strong values and convictions (eg, Allen West), and don’t let the LameStream destroy him with lies, you will find the people will make him electable automatically.

  6. Could this guy David Welsh be any more pro Democrat Party talking points? The key is Former RNC Research Director. But even the current crop of GOP Leadership are just as bad. Changing the GOP from within is really getting to be a waste of time and money. Thr reality is we are supporting a Party that just doesn’t like US much.

  7. Need to show pride in being a conservative.
    When some liberal extremist statist marxist tries to insult you by calling you a “Bircher” or a “greedy right wing capitalist” – just respond “thank you for the compliment”

    It will drive them batty! I’ve actually done that and it really drives those libfags crazy as their attempted insult backfires.

  8. “holding untenable beliefs” applies to just about everybody in Washington, EXCEPT tea party people.

  9. Oh boy, RNC, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We are ringing your death knell. Since Dems have become socialists and Repubs have become liberal, we are going to begin a new, true conservative party.

    As your leadership seems to have a disconnect between your ears and your brains, I don’t expect you to see or hear any evil, you all certainly speak plenty of it.

    Sayonara, comrades…..

  10. LOL. Let them have their “moderate voices.” There will be no one left in the party. Good luck with that one. Democrats won’t let go of those voters you are dying to have.


  11. Ah yes, the vague generalizations and broad brush smears. What exactly is the ‘extreme rhetoric’? Balanced budgets, controlling spending, downsizing Government. The Founders were extremists in their belif in liberty and limited, responsible representative government. But it is good to see the battle lines being defined early with Palin and Levin leading the constitutional conservative side. The GOP will be reformed or it will be defeated and die.

    1. the vague generalizations and broad brush smears

      That’s all they know. After all, these people take their cues from Leftists whom they have an inferiority complex about.

  12. The Republican establishment are the same corrupt ilk as the Democrats.

    Sarah Palin calls them the ‘permanent political class’

    They believe in government ‘of the politician, by the politician and FOR the politician.’

    May they trip on their traps, become entangled in their own own nets and fall into their own pits, be exposed for the evil they do.

    1. SO – the Republican Party is showing their true colors.

      They are saying they are against what the TEA Party stands for.

      Here is the TEA Party platform: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2012/11/exposed-real-tea-party-platform.html

      Evidently the Republican Establishment (along with the Democrats) are opposed to:
      Faith and Family Values
      Personal Responsibility
      Fiscal Responsibility
      Rule of Law
      Constitutionally Limited Government
      National Security and Sovereignty.

      Good thing to know. I’ll remember that when I vote next time. Remember it well.

  13. The Republican establishment obviously opposes ideas that are contrary to their own. Conservatives have the winning argument and it is plain to see that John Boehner and most of the other Republican hierarchy are not conservatives. They are moderates just like Mitt Romney, who recently lost decisively to Obama. They are just like moderate John McCain who lost in a landslide to Obama in 2008. They are just like moderate Bob Dole who lost big time to Bill Clinton in 1996. Do we see the pattern here?

    Not only do ‘moderate’ presidential candidates end up losing to Democrats, but ‘moderate’ Republicans in Congress seem to always get the short end of the stick when it comes to dealing with the Democrats. Why do Republicans keep getting shafted? Because they end up “caving” to the onerous demands of Obama and Democrats in Congress.

    Republicans in Congress haven’t been able to formulate a winning strategy of their own lately. For example, messing with Social Security recipients Cost of Living increases i.e. changing how they’re formulated – will end up “hurting” seniors more by reducing the COLA amount… in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression). When Republicans get pressed into a corner they resort to “deal making” with Democrats when they should instead be “leading” by example. The trouble is, they don’t use “common sense” or a winning strategy and Obama and Democrats in Congress end up winning the argument before the American people. And after Republicans “concede” to the Democrats ridiculous demands, Republicans end up being “blamed” in the process and end up getting the ‘short end of the stick’ during the election cycles, where millions of Americans stick it to Republicans on election day for being perceived as “wimps” and as not being able to come up with a winning strategy to defeat progressive Democrats march toward Socialism and the bankruptcy of America.

    Republican Party and Independent voters want leaders in Washington D.C. who will STAND UP AND LEAD the country out of the comatose state that progressive Democrats have driven a stake through the heart of America. Democrats are bankrupting the country, killing jobs, killing the economy, ruining the prospects of our children and grand children’s futures; spending the U.S. into oblivion, weakening our military, dividing the nation, morally bankrupting American society, TAXING the American people TO DEATH, destroying America’s healthcare system with a monstrosity called “Obama I Don’t Care” and making America the laughingstock of the entire free world because of an incompetent Obama administration. And what do Republicans in Congress end up doing? They end up CAVING to Obama’s ridiculous demands and the United States of America continues its downward spiral under the control of reckless, irresponsible Democrats who only care about themselves and how they can retain power indefinitely. America be damned.

    And the establishment Republicans in Congress stand there ‘dumbfounded’ as America slips away and the American people continue to suffer under progressive Democrat’s oppressive rule. I say we form a “new” Party that will have the “backbone” to lead America back to prosperity and the founding principles that our Founding Fathers fought and died for. For the cause of freedom, liberty and the American way of life. Which includes… rewarding hard work and success and an America governed… of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” Declaration of Independence [Adopted in Congress 4 July 1776]

  14. P.S. While Welch has some of history correct his interpretation of history is incorrect. I think the moderates are out of touch with the rest of the country and with communication capabilities at their peak in this country there is no excuse.

    Perhaps the moderates should go and take over the Democrat Party.

  15. Who the h*ll is David Welch? Why do we care? It’s the NYTimes, people. Start figuring a way to thwart this stuff.

  16. Whenever you have the liberals at the New York Times calling for some more “moderate voices” in the Republican party, it usually means they want Republicans to just roll over and die and do whatever the liberals want. Forget that. If the Democrats don’t want to spend less on ANYTHING, then let’s all go over the cliff together. The Democrats did NOT roll over and die after Bush was re-elected in 2004. If anything, they became more liberal and fought even harder against Bush. So I see no reason in giving into the liberal Democrats on anything. Ever. Let them pound salt. After all, they’re demanding the same from us, so why give in to them?

  17. They are more interested in power and control than they are the Constitution and balanced budgets. This is one of the most blatant admission that they care not a bit about either and only want to maintain their ridiculous claim to power and decision making. Question: WHO DOES BOEHNER THINK PUT HIM IN THE POSITION HE’S IN???? PELOSI? He is toxic and has to go. HE HAS TO GO, ALONG WITH ALL HIS CRONIES.

  18. The attacks on the Tea Party just keep coming. What the heck is wrong with these people? Are they so shallow that they don’t recognize the principles that lie at the foundation of the Tea Party as the principles that protect freedom and keep this country going for generations? Limited government. Living within our means. Individual responsibility. How exactly are these ideas “untenable

    You should read and post the article about “The Quisling Consultants”
    to understand why they do this.


      1. most shallow people turn out to be cunning treacherous and corrupt. those that stand for nothing fall for everything.

  19. As I read this incredibly arrogant, ignorant, and conceited article by Mr. Welch I immediately think Mr. Welch your time can be better served by investigating the insidious voter fraud allegations that has erupted and permeates this country. Why do these RINO’s continue to blame the tea party for their inadequacies and incompetence? When Buckley adopted that ideology we were in a different time, Mr. Welch! The Republican Party played footsies with the democrat party for so long that it has almost relegated itself into extinction. And it wasn’t until the tea party that brought life into this anarchic and passive party that was content with just having the opportunity to play golf, John Boehner, with the opposing party. If the Republican Party had held true the principles of John Locke and Montesquieu and the document that is the Constitution then we would not be in this pathetic place where the tea party is relegated to saving this country from extinction from the ideas and candidates that you have pushed on us like George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush! The tea party will not go quietly into the night just because you, John Boehner, or Karl Rove tell us to! For you have shown us how to fast tract a great country into the dust bends of history! Just sit back and see what the other party did to win elections and then co-opt those issues so that the next republican can win using those same issues. I think they called it tangling or something! Additionally, now you tell us to elect people like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie (that fat bastard) whose ideology and governing styles are the reasons that we are on a fast track to extinction. We were are now facing the very annihilation of the American way of life so William F. Buckley’s philosophy hardly applies to today’s challenges. The problem with the Republican Party is the inability to hold true to our principles and also apply them to new and existing issues of the day. For, example, Jeb Bush’s idea of amnesty. Any fool or student of history will tell you that no country survives it’s traditions, values, or culture if we have open borders and give citizenship freely. And this is the kind of nonsense that led us to the brink of losing America and becoming Amerika! It is the tea party that has slowed this push towards destruction. Moreover, you like Karl Rove and john Boehner write these articles and go on the television shows of the Lame Stream Media and if you are so big and bad why don’t you say it to our faces, the tea party. so we can give you the a good smack down that you deserve. All of you are cowards! It’s just sad that we have allowed you to spin your little wheels of power to the point where you are just annoying the hell out us on the path to destruction!

      1. What’s in a name. I’m registered Republican for only one reason, I can vote in the primaries. In some states you have to be registered to that party to vote in primaries. When they run a Tea Party conservative against a Rino I want to be able to vote for the conservative. The fact that some states are stupid enough to let Democrats and former Democrats who are independents vote in primaries is one more reason we get moderates. Republican is just a name and one I’ll use in any way I can to change the party from within. I hope the Tea Party isn’t as short sighted as many of us have become. This is a long battle not won in one election cycle.

        1. That is the same here…however there are no elections currently. Dump registration and re-register later if necessary. Scare the crap out of them.

          Where I am I think I will skip the primaries because there aren’t any conservatives really. They are moderates at best and lost and gave legislature liberal lunatics super majority. I am talking of course about California. One would think that Welch would of looked at that alone before writing his stupid opinion piece especially since he was head of research.

          What happened this election cycle alone in California shows he is all wet and his research over the years has been done through his personal political prism. No wonder the GOP is in the wilderness. They had better learn you will never out liberal a liberal.

          And P.S. as I see people post about Jeb Bush and his ilk…he is part of the east coast country club blue blood Republicans like his father and so many that came before him. They want open borders and amnesty so that they can EXPLOIT the labor and undermine the unions and their political power.

            1. True…and he still gave away the farm and capitulated so now people think that is what conservatism is…especially since the media helped sell a narrative.

              Jeb did a few conservative things as governor but not enough for me. I don’t believe in political dynasties either. No more Kennedy’s or Bush’s. Politics should never be a family business on the backs of the workers and tax payers in this country.

              1. “Stay out the Bushes!” I wish I could claim that but that quote originated from Jessie Jackson many years ago! Well said, Laurel!

                1. Thanks marketcomp.

                  I voted for George because he was the choice I had and I don’t regret voting for him over that moron Gore or Kerry. However I will no longer accept these ‘choices’ that the party gives. I will keep hammering the GOP. While I don’t appreciate the 3 million who stayed home and foisted Obama on us again, I certainly can understand why they did it. If the GOP puts up Jeb or some other such RINO I will join them in staying home. I have never done that in my entire life but at some point in time I must stop fulfilling Einstein’s definition of insanity.

                2. I am guilty of that too. But, like you, no more will I allow repackaging or marketing of another RINO and expect for me to vote for him or her! I do not believe anything that they say and it is unfortunate that to remove Boehner we need to lose elections. The problem with that is that it is very risky because we may never get the house back! But it is my hope that people see Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy are not conservative republicans but see them for the political hacks that they are.

    1. Nicely done. I wonder what the Founding Fathers would say to William F. Buckley if he purposed his concept to them? I’m pretty certain they would toss him out on his ear and continue on with their plans for a new nation without ever batting an eye.

      1. I agree! I think that what Buckley proposed was perhaps appropriate for the times but really his ideology favored establishment, even then! As we know the most electable,w who the estavlishment said was the most electable republican, did not work this time and it will not work in the future. It should be from grass roots organizations, like the tea party, who have the ear of the populous! Jeb Bush and Christie are just future diasters! Additionally, I read in the article that now American Crossroads will start early picking candidates in the primary. Well, I say that would be even easier because the tea party and Sarah Palin can identify a RINO sooner.

  20. “More moderate voices”. It is the establishment which has lost the Republican party the last two presidential elections and the Tea Party who has won the only election for the GOP in 8 years and it’s the Tea Party which needs to go???????

    One would have hoped the Republican party would have awakened from its fantasy they can win without conservatives but alas they are too ignorant to see the truth. One more time: let the Republicans take their wigs the way of the Whigs.

  21. This GOP had better crawl into their cocoons just long enough to emerge as butterflies or they are going to be burned at the political stake and lynched from “the tree of liberty”.

    We are a people without a party. An ideology without a proponent. Conservatives with nothing left to conserve. Our side is managed by political possums and deer paralyzed in the headlights. We are inmates of one big gulag already. The other side, Stalin incarnate.

    We are a people no longer even possessed of a vote, because of the illegal ones cancelling ours.

    We need workable, tenable, revolutionary ideas. Our forefathers cast off the yoke of Britain. We have yet another yoke, tighter, much more insidious, and even more enslaving and controlling than they.

    Is anybody yet holding another lantern or two in the tower of Old Christ Church? One if by land, two if by DC? Is there another Paul Revere riding yet? If not it’s time he mounted that nag and swatted it’s ass with a cat of nine tails!

  22. Welch gives understanding as to why the Republican base did not show up on election day. So, who is actually killing the party? Those who identify with Conservatism, or the soused buffoons running the show?

  23. Scoop you ask what the heck is wrong with these people?, simply put, a party of old Communist and the New American Political Cowards,is the first words that come to mind.
    That GOD for the Tea Party members in both houses.

  24. It is a true statement that “The only difference between the Dems and Reps is who gets to control the money”.

  25. If the establishment keeps this up, they will resign themselves to the dust bin of history. You don’t treat your supporters worse than your enemies and survive. The GOP is in danger of imploding; no principles, no direction, no leadership, no future!

  26. excuse me while I vomit! On Welch.
    Besides the Birch Socialty was right on about the coomunist advancement into America and Africa! There was a plane that was shoot down by Russians in the mid 1980’s Killed was the director of the John Birch Society. Did’nt hear much about that in any news media teh word got out through mailing to all memebers and those who were concerned.
    Welch must be one of the members of the communist party to even mention the John Birch Society muchless adding in the Tea Party Movement.
    Welch is a nobody trying to stir the pot to get his moment of fame.
    I’m gonna find a contact line on that Welch jerk a give him a go to hell call.

  27. This idiot is just ticked because the Tea Party wouldn’t play along with the damned moderate Republicans… and it cost them the election. While I don’t like that Obama won this way… because it could and likely will lead to the destruction of America… at least the Tea Party stuck to their principles, reinforcing their character and standards and better yet: now Obama will be out of the picture forever when this term is up. That is, unless Caesar Obammus lawlessly changes the laws and U.S. Constitution so he can remain as a dictator or a “kind of a god”.

    Scoop said, “The Tea Party is the future of the Republican Party but it isn’t going to come easy. We’re going to have to fight like hell for that too.” I don’t know if I can agree with that. I hate to throw the baby out with the dishwater but as it seems now and where it seems to be heading, I see no other solution other than a 3rd party (Consitutional Freedom Party?). I don’t feel like the GOP “wants” to be changed or fought for. To me, they’ve become very much like the the Democrats – though not quite as insane or Godless. Plus, they are pushing out their only chance for recovery: The Tea Party.

    So if this is the general sentiment of the GOP, screw ’em. They’ve run two moderate Presidential campaigns in a row with lukewarm candidates. Until they get a Ted Cruz, Allen West, or even perhaps a Sarah Palin as their candidate… until they let the Freshmen of 2010 lead, until they rebuke these moderate boneheads and kick guys like David Welch in the teeth for such idiotic blasphemy and finger-pointing… until they call Democrats what they are (you can’t spell Democrat without “rat”), they will be a dying and powerless party.

    1. If it leads to the destruction of America, then Conservatives, like our founders before us will be there to pick up the pieces and build her up again.

  28. I just have to quote this nonsense:
    “By loudly espousing extreme rhetoric, yet holding untenable beliefs, they have run virtually unchallenged by the Republican leadership, aided by irresponsible radio talk-show hosts and right-wing pundits. While the Tea Party grew, respected moderate voices in the party were further pushed toward extinction.
    [My bold]

    Extreme rhetoric? Untenable beliefs?
    He’s not given any examples, so we are meant to believe all this because he is ‘GOPe’?
    As for the irresponsible radio talk-show hosts: yes, we know exactly whom you mean. Too scared to name names, are we, Mr Welch? Because you know they can dissect you and your arguments on air, in public.
    But who might those right-wing pundits be? I’m only aware of RINO Lite ones.

    And then the sentence which made my toenails curl up: the poor ‘moderate’ voices, so respected in the party – that should’ve been in the GOPe, right? – being pushed towards extinction! My oh my!
    Mr Welch shows that he and his cronies simply do not understand that their ‘brand’ of RINO politics is what lost the election, that it is their brand which will lose the GOP the next election, and that it’s these ‘moderate’ voices who are bent on caving in to dem and Obama demands which are so despised.
    People have not forgotten the way conservatives – and yes, TEA Partyers – were excluded from the RNC, nor that the changes in their bylaws are meant to actually drive them, not the ‘moderates’, to extinction.

    So the GOPe doesn’t want conservatives in their RINO party.
    OK – message understood: you’ve just dealt the death blow to the RINO Party. Why don’t you lot join the dems, you’d feel more at home there!

  29. So basically they need to move to the Left. Pretty screwed up when the right thing to do is right wing. These guys got to go.

    1. You should watch this film, it explains the leftward shift in GOP politics:

      AGENDA: Grinding Down America


  30. There may be more to this comparison than the author wants to acknowledge. The “Birchers” were fed up with established Republican moderates,most of whom would be labeled “RINO” today; so is the TEA Party today. I often hear the TEA Party is not very visible at the local level; not like it was a couple of years ago. After so much excellent effort on so many fronts by the TEA Party this last election was/is a real downer and many of us wonder why the fight should go on to save this country when the next generation seems to be content with letting it go to the Obama wants. Many of us older folks will survive the years we have left in pretty good fashion; the future generations are the subjects at most risk and they, in the main, are not interested. So, why do I care?

  31. So the RINOS finally decided to go mainstream with their attack against us.

    Let the purging begin!!!

  32. Yesterday coming home from grocery shopping my son and I were listening to Rush. He had a caller who was saying something about how can we expect people to respect life when they’re aborting their own babies, then Rush told him that he is what’s wrong with the republican party- sarcasm of course. But my son didn’t understand the sarcasm bit and I had to explain what Rush was talking about.
    These stories have been coming out fast and furiously since the election. It couldn’t possibly be the GOP and establishment shoving their choices down the people’s throats oh no! It’s the people who actually have convictions, who stand on principles without waivering.
    It’s all our faults because we’re bigots and extreme. Because we actually believe in things and don’t waiver. Unlike the candidates the GOP continuously nominate.
    We’re done. Sorry GOP- you lose.

  33. “By loudly espousing extreme rhetoric, yet holding untenable beliefs, ”

    Sounds like the other side to me? They are always out there shouting about one thing or the other….

  34. The future of the Republican Party looks very much like the old Whig Party. The party is nothing more than a bunch of wussie Democrat-Lite, go-along-to-get-along losers who just want to be invited to the “right “parties and share in some of the power and money available in DC. Good riddence to bad rubbish. I hope they enjoy their empty “tent” of inclusiveness. I suggest the Tea Party begin NOW to be a REAL political party.

    1. Amen.

      I’m all for what you said. I think one of the main problems is the electoral college. But I agree, time to get rolling now… or else I’m voting Libertarian from here on out. I don’t agree with them on everything… but they are MUCH closer to Tea Party values than the GOP currently is. And the GOP knows it.

  35. I have long felt that repopulating the GOP with true conservatives was the answer. Sadly, I am ready to surrender to the 3rd party argument. When I saw the establishment throw up the white flag after the election, I knew it was time.

    Libertarian party has ballot access in 48 out of 50 states. It wouldn’t be necessarily starting from scratch.

    At what point do we technically become card carrying members of the stupid party when we keep supporting these guys only to have them spit on our faces.

    1. Reagan once said “he didn’t leave the democrats, they left him.” The democrats have ceased to exist for decades and now are openly pushing the communist/socialist agendas. The RINOs have done the same thing to conservatives and no longer represent anything, but their own special interests.. Both national parties have gone the way of history and evolved to the status of not representing the bests interests of those they have been elected to represent. I will reiterate what StrangernFiction replied to jim botts e-mail below, “welcome aboard.” If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing.

    2. Actually it would be starting from scratch. Say hello to Democrat rule. Thankfully the Tea Party has been wise enough to ignore the third party talk and worked successfully to oust the Rino’s in Republican primaries. This was a successful action that needs to be doubled down on. Instead of working for a third party join your local Tea party and use the Republican apparatus against them.

      1. And just how is that working out for us? Over 60 new freshman in 2010 and 90% of them are now Boehner puppets.

        1. The changes aren’t going to happen in one election cycle. It’s difficult to think in futures but wouldn’t it be worse if we didn’t have conservatives in the House from the 2010 election. I suppose we could hope they’ll just rush Boehner and Cantor and throw them out of the building (perfect solution for me) but it isn’t how it’s done. We need to keep building our numbers until we get conservative leadership.

      2. Boehner told them to sit down, shut up, and get on board with finishing off the Republic. Insider hope for change hasn’t worked out so well. Anyway, why support a bunch of GOP leadership that doesn’t like us much and lost to the worst POTUS ever in a worst recovery ever. Yeh, staying with the worthless GOP Party sounds like a great idea.

    3. Bingo! If the Libertarians, Conservatives, and TP could put aside those differences that would matter nothing under no freedom and join to restore a Constitutional Republic the R’s would at least notice they screwed up real bad this time.

  36. The New York Times has been ant-American for decades. They know, without a doubt, if the RINOs lose the Tea Party and conservative vote they are as useless and a band of eunuchs. Maybe they are doing the country a great service in drawing the line between those who wish to transform our way of life and those who want to improve it to preserve the principles that have made the greatest nation on Earth. Lil Artie Sulzberger hates this country and might be the one who defeats the anti-American movement he has supported since his family took over the New York Slimes.

    1. The shrewder ‘rats know that tying conservatives to Repubicans is the key to their success. Breaking that perceived tie is what conservatives should be all about. What is needed is clarity.

  37. Explain to me David Welch, how the constitution, fiscal responsibility and adherance to the law makes one an outlier and somehow ‘bad’ for the Republican party. What the heck are you so scared of?

    1. When your organization is run by a bunch of cowards who have no principles this is what you get as the voice of leadership.

      How will these idiots win without the Tea Party and “right wing extremists” like evangelicals?

      I KNEW THIS WAS COMING! When they threw Conservatives under the bus during the primaries by unilaterally putting their entire financial weight behind Obamney, a liberal RINO, I vowed I would never again support the GOP. But I was GUILTED into voting for Obamney. BUT NEVER AGAIN!

      Going forward, it’s either a staunch Conservative or no one at all! I will NEVER lower my standards ever again. If our Conservative nominee loses, so be it. I will stand on principle and DIE before I ever lower my standards and vote against my conscience again.

      Our forefathers did it, it’s friggin high time we stick our necks out there and do it as well!

  38. Obeying our Constitution and being financially sane is “untenable”?

    Our Federal Government and it’s agencies are untenable.

    “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you” (?)

    NO! NO! NO!

    The Republican Establishment can go straight to Hell and David Welch can bring up the rear! Once that rear is up, I want to personally shove our Constitution up his ass…a Braille version, stamped from brass!

    Good grief I want to pummel somebody.

    1. “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you”

      Both parties are well to the left of us. That is the problem.

  39. We no longer need or want “moderate voices” , we need and want conservative voices.
    If the republican party has been listening to this guy then he’s part of what went wrong in Nov. and needs to be kicked to the curb before 2016 .

    1. He should have his butt kicked just for spewing this crap to the NYT.

      Yeah, Republicans are united. Right…

    1. I’ve been saying the same thing since the election disaster. Boehner is now kicking “rebellious” republicans like Justin Amash to the curb by stripping them of their committee seats.

      Does anyone still think we can change this party from within? The GOP will now move further to the left in order to grow the size of the tent. If they are going to be just life the socialist deems, they should just merge with them and get it over with.

      I’m all in favor of a Christian Conservative Party.

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