NY Times wants to prove Trump dodged the Vietnam draft so much they are now publishing UNCORROBORATED allegations

The NY Times really wants to prove Trump is lying about having bone spurs in order to dodge the Vietnam draft, so much so they are now publishing uncorroborated accounts from the children of Trump’s former and deceased doctor:

FOX NEWS – The New York Times tracked down the daughters of a doctor – who has been dead for over a decade – to report their claims that their dad helped now-President Trump avoid military service during the Vietnam War, despite the paper admitting it couldn’t corroborate the story.

In the article now generating controversy, Times investigative reporter Steve Elder explored “a timely diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels that led to his medical exemption from the military during Vietnam.”

The 1968 diagnosis has long been a subject of scrutiny in Trump’s record, with few details publicly available and Trump claiming he doesn’t recall the circumstances. But the Times reported that “a possible explanation has emerged” because Dr. Larry Braunstein – who died in 2007 – told his now-anti-Trump children about his role.

“His daughters say their father often told the story of coming to the aid of a young Mr. Trump during the Vietnam War as a favor to his father,” Elder wrote.

Braunstein’s daughters “shared the family’s account for the first time publicly” for the Times piece and admitted they don’t know whether or not their father actually examined Trump. They said it was a “favor” to Fred Trump, the father of the current president who owned the Queens building Braunstein worked out of.

“No paper evidence has been found to help corroborate the version of events described by the Braunstein family,” the Times wrote nine paragraphs into the piece. Buried 30 paragraphs into the feature, the Times casually mentioned that “the daughters, both Democrats, say they are not fans of Mr. Trump.”

Whether you believe Trump or not, it’s amazing that the NY Times would publish something like this. You’d think ‘the paper of record’ would be more interested in facts than running what amounts to gossip.

But once again they prove they’ll go to any length to try and tear Trump down.

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