NYC residents angry at OWS: “They are defecating on our doorsteps!”

Looks like the residents of Manhattan are getting highly frustrated with the protesters. Perhaps it’s time to turn on the water hoses and clean Zuccotti Park up:

NYPOST – Infuriated lower Manhattan residents went ballistic on Zuccotti Park protesters at a chaotic Community Board 1 meeting tonight while blasting politicians for allowing the siege to continue without any end in sight.

“They are defecating on our doorsteps,” fumed Katherine Hughes, a stay at home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. “A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids.”

Fed up homeowners said that they’ve been subjected to insults and harassment as they trek to their jobs each morning. “The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work,” said James Fernandez, 51, whose apartment overlooks the park.

Board member Paul Cantor said that residents are fed up with the incessant racket that emanates from the protest at all hours. “It’s mostly a noise issue,” he said. If people can’t sleep and children can’t sleep because the protesters are banging drums then that’s a problem.”

“They have to have some parameters,” said Tricia Joyce, also a board member. “That doesn’t mean the protests have to stop. I’m hoping we can strike a balance on parameters because this could be a long term stay.”

The line to get into the standing room only meeting spilled out of the board’s office and onto the street outside where Zuccotti sympathizers sparred with angry residents. One elderly woman told a protester to stop screaming and was met with an even hgiher volume. “Get some earplugs!” retorted David Spano. “This is the street. I can say whatever I want! I can’t calm down, I’ve been struggling for 30 years!”

(h/t: Fox News Radio)

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110 thoughts on “NYC residents angry at OWS: “They are defecating on our doorsteps!”

  1. The bipedal parasites and flea baggers who are squatters on private property know as Zuccotti Park seem to have more private property rights than folks who pay to rent their own homes, or paid alot of money to buy their own homes and obligated themselves to make huge mortgage payments each month.

  2. Obama is Jim Jones.

    Rev Jim Jones (Filthy Capitalists)

    Here’s a good article on Jones. Obama reminds me of him. He had many ties to the Democratic Party including Jerry Brown, Jimmy Carter, and Harvey Milk. He started The Peoples Temple in San Francisco.

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010

    DEMOCRAT KOOL-AID by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Tuesday, 26 October 2010

    Georgetown, Guyana. You may think you’ve never heard of this place but you have.

    The former British Guiana (one of the three Guianas – the other two being former Dutch Guiana, now Surinam, and French Guiana, all on the northeast shoulder of South America) – is these days visited by folks into eco-tourism. This place has one of the most untouched rainforests on earth with an astonishing variety of bird and wildlife.

    But Guyana doesn’t ring a bell with you because of harpy eagles and howler monkeys. How about Jim Jones and Jonestown? Yes, that Guyana, where, on November 18, 1978, over 900 Americans committed mass suicide on orders of their cult leader.

    It remains one of the most bizarre events of modern times – from which the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” originates, meaning blind unthinking acceptance of a suicidally idiotic set of beliefs.

    Yet almost no one knows just what, exactly, were the beliefs of the “Peoples Temple” cult created by Jim Jones. Some sort of weird religion, right?

    Nope. Jim Jones calling his Peoples Temple a “church” was a tax-avoidance scam as it was purely secular. He admitted in a taped interview, “I’m an atheist.” He was not a religious leader. He was a Stalin-admiring far left San Francisco Democrat.

    Register to read more:

  3. It would be very easy for BloomingLittleNapoleon to bring honor back to the Veterans Day Parade as well as the crowds. All he has to do is get Cuomo to join in as they lead the parade while carrying a rainbow banner that says “Gays r Vets too”. Then he could include gay vets who are chanting “he ho, have no fear, we’ll protect you, we are queer” vogueing down the street instead of marching. This will add the creative and fun element much needed to bring lightness to a serious parade. Then he can add a float consisting of a military vehicle with a giant cardboard container of salt and another one representing a pack of cigarettes on top, both of which have chains wrapped around them, and gay military personnel standing guard. Soon, the parade will draw a diverse crowd and people will be signing up to defend our country by the thousands. But don’t worry; once they join up and find out that they can’t accessorize their uniforms like Private Benjamin learned, they will quit. And once again, the real men and real women of this country will be left to defend us. Thank goodness!

  4. Hmmm, and their elected officials have done nothing . . . Manhattan City Council is ALL Democratic and a majority of women. Maybe they should have opted for more Conservative Testosterone.

    As any good Democrat would say – “Good for City Council, deciding what the locals should have to endure.”

    The bone-heads in Manhattan elected them, they can live with the outcome.

    We should seriously consider splitting this Country, or we will forever be paying for the stupid decisions of Democrats and liberals. My family and their future is most important to me. Those who perpetually make stupid decisions appear much further down the list.

    Liberals: Go ahead, tear me apart, but remember, it is those YOU SUPPORT that are shitting crapping in public and discouraging the reporting of rape. Baltimore, look it up. Nice job.

  5. This is the Obama campaign and our illustrious leaders can’t even establish the fact that this originated with the left, is supported by the left and is pandered to by the left. We know more than our representatives about what is important and what is right.
    And we are stuck with them. Best route for me is to write in my primary vote and support whoever runs against Obama – the Republican choices are ‘next in line #1, next in line #2, etc.” No Choice, just a whiter shade of pale. God help us.

    1. I was just about to post practically the same thought! Or a really windy cold front from the north that’s not quite cold enough to snow — a miserable 35 degree steady rain would be perfect.

  6. I spoke to my friend GUIDO who lives in Manhattan

    He’ll be waiting for one to poop on his stoop

    Ba Da Bing – If you know what I mean

  7. “I can’t calm down, I’ve been struggling for 30 years.” Aww, you poor baby. What happened to the Greatest Generation? The generation that dragged itself out of the Great Depression, conquered the Dust Bowl, and defeated Hitler. How did we get from their grit, determination, and work ethic to this whinny, me, me, me, instant gratification nonsense. I’m sorry, but people my age and younger in this country have no idea what it means to struggle. Join the military or hell, even the peace corps. Go to some of the really shitty places of the world. Find out what a struggle really is. Then come back to me and talk about how you’ve struggled, you whinny little maggot.

    1. They wanted their children to “have it better” than they had it. So, they bought them cars and gave them date money on Friday and hired someone to do the chores. They begot the “ME generation and the “GIMME” generations that are the parents of most of the adolescents in OWS that want to continue to git sumpin fer nuttin.


      1. Yea, they are spoiled brats that seem to think that the rest of us should pay for their lazy A’s.

  8. It’s interesting that these OWS people hate the rich but at the same time support the unions. Has anyone conveyed to them the amount of money the unions make by stealing their “dues” and using it in ways that don’t benefit them? Someone should print off the financial statements for the different unions and pass them out to the public!

    Let’s just review here real quick. We bailed out Chrysler and they get bought out by a foreign company. We bailed out GM and they continue to move new operations to foreign countries. Boeing tries to open a new plant in another state and gets shut down because their not union. Great job unions….. After stealing all this money from the American citizen to retain jobs… you force our manufacturing overseas or shut down opportunities for many others who don’t want you! When is America going to understand that we need jobs and we need them now!

    When you hear a democrat talk about their jobs plan, the only people they continue to talk about is the teachers, police, and firefighters. Hey they’re great people but what about everyone else that isn’t in a union? Infrastructure needs to be fixed? Union Jobs! Roads need to be fixed? Union Jobs! Need more federal and state employees? Union Jobs! Solyndra… Union Jobs! Green Jobs…. Union Jobs!

    What about the mother who is a waitress? The receptionist at the doctors office? How about the clerk at the clothes store? How about the other millions of jobs that are not unionized! Do they not count?

    This current administration (like many before them) only care about the people who pay into their coffers. Their messages is simple.. “Do you want my help America? Pay up!!!” This is crap!!

    This mentality of Union jobs vs regular jobs is nothing more than socialism vs capitalism.

    In closing, this is why we need to reform the tax code in a manner that will not allow the politicians, lobbyist, unions and every other special interest group from manipulating our government for their exclusive benefit.

  9. I’m surprised the “open-minded” New Yorkers don’t allow the disenfranchised individuals to sleep in their penthouses. That would be the liberal, compassionate thing to do.

    1. s, it is so frustrating and maddening for Christian, Conservative, Republicans living in liberal idiot NY. But, Conservatives must stay the fight and not give over the city to leftist radicals.

  10. NY is a liberal city

    BUT I see that even liberals have qa breaking point

    Only a matter of time before there is a confrontation

  11. Thanks for posting RS. Most Americans have no idea how disgusting and threatening the protesters are to the public. Bloomberg must put an end to this nonsense or we are going to have an Arab Winter…eh, maybe that’s what the left wants…

    1. If you read the guidelines that b.o. and the other marxists are trying to use, violence is next. That is where b.o. hopes the seiu and other unions will come in. This is Chicago style politics.

      They will not even let the 2012 elections stand in the way of them getting their way.


      1. I think you are right, A. Obama can’t get back into office any other way and he hasn’t completely destroyed America yet.

        1. We seem to have a few officials in Washington that are true Patriots (Paul Ryan comes immediately to mind – and there are others). I am not sure how they will counter if / when martial law is imposed.

          It does not seem to me that b.o. is generating quite enough energy to get the support he would need in that scenario. There was one OWS group that only attracted 6 dissidents. Most of the “crowds” are dozens strong. And I believe there are still enough patriots left on the left and in the unions that “the masses” will not be so massive.


  12. when you allow crap to sit long enough it will attract flies and then the flies will lay their eggs and more flies and more filth… either pick up the crap and throw it away or you live with it…..and DOMBERGER has decided to let you live with it…so looks like you have to get rid of two piles of crap………have fun

  13. It will be interesting to see what happens due to the upcoming Veterans Day parade in NYC. Will Bloomberg get rid of them then?? BO is going to be in town for that one as well so we’ll see what the protesters do or if they think of trying to get a message to dear leader at all.

    1. I am fearful for the Veterans. bloomidiot will support the soros protesters over the veterans right to have a parade in a heart beat.

      1. Members of the military take an oath to uphold the Constitution. They are also trained to follow all lawful orders. They are not required to follow orders from anyone (including the Comedian in Chief) if they are not lawful. I have faith that there are enough NCOs and Officers who know the Constitution well enough to distinguish between lawful and unlawful orders.

        Too, I am confident that enough of them have considered what might be coming.

        I heard that some security personnel who were prior military were approached about training to be in a “new federal service,” but the training did not go forward when their intended indoctrinators were told enough times, “that is illegal.”


  14. Give them enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.

    American’s are not dumb; if they get a chance to see the real side of these…erm… movements, they know who to trust and who they’ll agree with.

        1. Several very bad diseases can arise from the type of conditions there, cholera for one , see reports coming out of Haiti of late, it’d be very easy for that to break out in the park if an exposure element was to pop in.

  15. Every time I hear some fool compare the OWS crowd with the Tea Party I want to yell at the TV, “Ask them how many tea partiers have been arrested at Tea Party events?” but nobody will even ask that. *sigh*

    1. The TP people love America. They are respectful, hard-working and honorable people.

      The soros protesters are destructive, lazy, whiners that simply want to dig their hands ever deeper into the pockets of the tax payers.

      1. OWS people are lovers too…

        They love stench, and garbage and B.S. and B.O. and b.o. and themselves.


    1. Haha! Screw em. Let them deal with their own mess. I hope the OWS use their poodles as toilet paper.

      1. The unfortunate part is many NYorkers don’t deserve this mess and they are being forced to endure it.

      2. yea, the liberal idiot NY’ers do deserve it unfortunately NY’ers that don’t deserve are made to suffer, as well.

    2. It is maddening to live in NYC if you are a Christian Conservative Republican as Democrats aka leftist have infiltrated every part of government.

      NY has a huge illegals population and majority minority groups- all of which receive an array of free goods and services via middle class and business tax dollars.

      And being that the minority is the majority and they get freebies and pay no taxes, they vote Democrats so they can stay on the gravy train.

      However, as the taxes increase, crushing job defeating regulations set in and the economy tanks, many middle and lower economic class people and business owners are starting to wake up to the inequitable situation, and vote Conservative Republican.

      I would encourage, NYorkers to stand your ground and fight back, educate the people around you ( as difficult as that is) about what the Dem party has actually done to them-show them in dollars and sense. Get active in promoting Conservative Republicans in local as well as state and federal government. Consider running for office your-self, we need every day people and not career politicians-especially in NY.

      Outside of NY, I know that money is tight but if you could send $5.00 or $10.00 dollars to Conservative Republicans or offer to make phone calls or do work to promote Conservative Republicans, you could be part of the solution.

      We must not let our cities fall to the radical left.

      When our forefathers decided to create a new nation, they represented less than 20% of the population. So let’s learn from our forefathers and push on….

    3. New Yorkers are SO shy. sarc. That video makes you want to ask when those BO supporters will come out to mop up after their own filthy offspring. I just feel a bit sad that the cons that live there have to put up with such depravities.

  16. All the OWS mess and the protest going on throughout the USA can be stopped by a simple “go home” from the mayor of each city. But of course they won’t say that because they are obama supporters. They don’t want it to stop, but are stoking it to fuel it further… With this said, remember that mayors are elected.

  17. I’m glad to hear hear it,I salute you NEW YORKERS for rising up and doing what cowardly,sympathizing,politicians and cops won’t do!!! That is RISE UP AND KICK THEIR FILTHY,BRAIN-DEAD ASSES OUT OF OUR CITIES!!!! I said this morning it would eventually happen!!! Drive them OUT,ALL THE WAY OUT,MAKE THEIR LIVES MISERABLE ENOUGH SO HAVE TO FLEE!!! BECAUSE AS I SAID, THIS MOVEMENT ISN’T GOING AWAY BY IGNORING IT,THEY ARE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL!!!

    1. Many New Yorkers are fighting hard to regain control of their city and state. They are working on grassroots stuff to elect Conservative Republicans.

      1. Hey, 12. Tell ’em to round up all the Archie Bunkers in their neighborhoods as councilmen to start with…


  18. News Flash: OWS (“Occupy Wall Street”) is granted the ticker symbol OWS on the New York Exchange. Al Gore Gloats to his buddies at the club on his successful IPO. In other news, 6 protesters die of drug overdose in Washington State.

  19. News Flash: OWS (“Occupy Wall Street”) is granted the ticker symbol OWS on the New York Exchange. Al Gore Gloats to his buddies at the club on his successful IPO. In other news, 6 protesters die of drug overdose in Washington State.

  20. They need to turn fire hoses on these filthy hippies. The only problem is the politicians in their great stupidity have all but validated and sent out invitations to these mockery of a protest. I hope the rest of America, or atleast the majority see this and the other events in our world and decide to take a right turn at the voting booth come 2012. Ive been praying like a whore in church that this joker will be tossed out on his pompous ass SOON. And then charged for all his criminal acts and investigations into all his so called “czars”. We need to get this mofo and start making changes to our system while we are at it. Starting with term limits for ALL politicians, just like the POTUS. No more career Pelosi or Reids or lisping Franks.

    1. I wonder how long Bloomberg is going to play partisan politics. At one point, the businessman in him will come out and do the right thing for the city or the politician that he is will seal the city’s fate. He certainly can’t have it both ways! How long is he gonna hold on! Let the countdown begin: 100…. 99…. 98….!

      1. Bloomberg has one party one-the party of himself! That little Napoleon is so confused. His priorities are stroking liberals, stroking Muslims, stroking immigrants, slamming Christians, especially Catholics, and micromanaging the real important issues of the day-salt and cigarettes! I miss Guiliani. I was safer, the city was cleaner, my money went further and I didn’t get harassed by panhandler after panhandler on the subways. The criminal element were afraid of him. No one is afraid of Bloomingidiot. Unless they use a little too much salt on their potatoes.

    1. Oh, Yeah. Check the old maritime laws. They may be able to keep the property if they are not driven off soon…


    2. I’m sure there are 70 or so committees or so devoted to looking into that question in New York. But, then they have to send the committees squatter decision to the subcommittees. It could take a while to get your answer.

      1. Good point, s.

        Maybe by the time, the committee decides, the rodent problem due to the filth from the soros fool protesters, will be as big as horses and running wild all over the city. Say, isn’t this how bubonic plague started? smile.

  21. Yet they share the same political ideals as the protestors. NYC=liberal obama supporters. They’re just having to deal with the more rough element of their philosophy. Best advice is to be tolerant of the noise and filth. It’s for a shared cause.

        1. No, Conservatives need to dig their heels in, and give the libs a run for their money. let the Libs get out of NYC!

            1. It seems to me when the liberal idiots get tired and hungry enough they will either re-think their political views or get violent. I am hoping we can bring at least some of them over to the side of reason.

          1. If leaving NY was good enough for Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, it would be good enough for me. But then I don’t even intend to visit again.

            I did the math for a woman living there, who thought she could not afford to move to Florida for the wages offered, and when we got part way through showing her that over 40% of her gross pay was going to taxes (we did not include alcohol, tobacco, gasoline or other add-ons) she started seeing that real dollars are more important than stated amount.


      1. My deepest compassion to you, I understand that it is a never ending battle and very frustrating for conservatives to be surrounded by liberal idiots that bring down everything around them.

        You need support, PA, join a 9/12 or Tea Party group.

        1. Thanks 12grace. My support is my close group of friends…all conservative and passionately so. There are conservatives here, but yes, we are outnumbered. I used to get into debates with liberals, then I realized, “you can’t argue with stupid”. My 4 smart conservative friends more than make up for 20 liberal acquaintances. And guess what? They are women. So when anyone tells you all NYC women are liberals, don’t fall for it. We just keep it under the radar. It’s easy not to be noticed-all liberals in NYC think everyone else is a liberal just like themselves. They couldn’t imagine it being otherwise. Arrogance on top of stupidity…you couldn’t create a more dangerous combination!

  22. I hope they keep complaining because they are a nuisance and should not be allowed to crap all over the place. Time for the Mayor to do something or resign.

    1. Where in the heck is the Health Dept. and why aren’t they doing their job????
      Isn’t it their job to provide sound health standards for public places?????

    2. It seems the mayor welcomes” illegals” and “leftist idiots”….as usual “blooby” has little to no concerns for the legal residents of NYC.

      Interesting to note that the protest have become increasingly antisemitic and “blooby” is Jewish. “blooby” also supported the “9/11 Victory” mosque.

      Go figure.

      posted on alipac
      Unmasked! ‘Occupy’ protests sending sharp anti-Jewish message

      The dark scourge of anti-Semitism has reared up at many “Occupy” protests across the country, and the subject could well become a campaign 2012 issue as Republicans have been quick to point out to voters that many Democrats, including the president, are aligning themselves with the protests.

      The protesters generally are expressing a viewpoint that rich people need to pay much more in taxes and they, the protesters, need more from government; big banks need the heavy hand of Washington to help spread their wealth and make things “fair” and they have a “message” or want to “make a point” for the wealthy.

      But there’s also a current of targeting Jews.

      Protesters have proclaimed that “Zionist Jews” still “need to be run out of the country,” and they condemn “Nazi Bankers Wall Street.” And Barack Obama’s perspective?

      “I think that it [the movement] expresses the frustrations that the American people feel,” he said.

      And the ranking Democrat in the U.S. House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said “I support the message.”

      Statements such as those opened the door for Republicans to launch their criticism of the Democrats’ endorsement of the encompassing message of the “Occupy” protests – going on across the country now – that includes anti-Semitism.

      According to a statement from the Republican National Committee, to all “interested parties,” the Democrats have been “silent” in the face of “protesters’ extreme anti-Semitic, anti-Israel comments.”

      “Where’s the outrage?” asked the statement from Sean Spicer. “While protesters are seen spewing hate against Jewish Americans, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz have declared their support for the demonstrations. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Steve Israel even circulated a petition saying he’s ‘standing with’ Occupy Wall Street.”

      Spicer continued, “Is Steve Israel standing with those calling for the killing of Jews. Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz agree with the various calls for Jews to be ‘run out of this country’ and to oppose and ‘destroy’ the state of Israel?”

      It was released by the SteveIsraelStandsWithThem website and has angered Democrats.

      Israel told supporters the attack was “outrageous” and intended to “distract” from “their reckless economic policies.”

      The Republicans didn’t back down, wondering just exactly why Democrats would be upset over revelations of “their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and the extreme anti-Semitic and incendiary rhetoric” involved, said a statement from the Republican congressional committee.

      The Committee for Israel posted another video blasting Democrats for their support for the movement over its anti-Semitic componen

      One teacher from Los Angeles appeared on and said, “These Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government, they need to be run out of this country.”

      There were reports she was dismissed from her position in the school district after taking such a public stand on anti-Semitism.

      The controversy grabbed the attention of columnist Charlie Wolf in the United Kingdom.

      “The movement is anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic. There has been no shortage of vile anti-Semitic slogans at the occupy Wall Street protest. These are more than just insinuations, but signs equating Jews with banks and the rich, protesting U.S. foreign relations with Israel (especially defense funding), mention of the Rothschild family and asking people to Google ‘Jewish Billionaires,'” he wrote.

      “Many Jews should be shocked to join any movement that has received endorsement from both the Communist Party and the Nazis,” he said.

      In addition to the support from Communists and Nazis, WND reported this week that one of the key organizers behind the Occupy protests in Orlando is a Muslim activist linked through the Council on American Islamic Relations to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Added Wolf, “The Jewish community around the world – and all successful assimilated ethnic minority communities in Britain – should watch this ‘Occupy’ movement carefully and prepare for the worst. With the financial crisis as deep and long lasting as it has been, an environment of fear is spreading and these anarchists are using that fear and steering it towards their own ends. The feeling is not too dissimilar to the thirties and the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism.”

      The Anti-Defamation League listed a number of anti-Semitic statements that have appeared already, including:
      ” In America, a small ethnic group consists of almost all the bankers and hedge fund managers on Wall Street are Jewish. There is a conspiracy in this country in which Jews control the media, finances. If you Google ‘Wall Street Jews,’ Google ‘Jewish Billionaires,’ if you Google ‘Jews and the Federal Reserve bank.’ The Jews who represent two percent of the population… a small ethnic minority, they have pooled their money together, amassed their money to take control of America’s finances…. Jews dominate American politics.…Jewish billionaires in Russia are already attempting to take over Russia like they’ve taken over America. America is dominated by one group. Almost all the federal judges in America on the East Coast and the West Coast, almost all the federal judges are Jewish, almost all the city judges are Jewish, all the state judges are Jewish. There’s a Jewish group in this country and it’s a conspiracy that everyone’s afraid to talk about.”

      In one video, a demonstrator arguing with an older man wearing a yarmulke says, “You got the money, that’s why you’re fighting, Jewish man….You can’t even speak English? You Israeli? Go back to Israel.”

      “While there is no evidence that these incidents are widespread, history reveals how economic downturns can embolden anti-Semites to spread malicious conspiracy theories about Jews and money,” the group said.

      In an opinion piece on al Jazeera, M.J. Rosenberg of the Media Matters Action Network, defended the movement.

      “Exploiting anti-Semitism to break the backs of popular movements that threaten the power of the wealthiest one per cent of our population,” Rosenberg wrote. “It is being used to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has conservatives in a state of near panic.”

      The al Jazeera commentary also blasted the work of the Committee for Israel.

      “The Emergency Committee for Isreal is not concerned about anti-Semitism or Israel. It is, rather, dedicated to defeating Democrats and promoting its billionaire donors’ economic interests. … It used Israel and Jews as devices to direct money and votes toward the Republicans.”

      1. …and when the islamist facist terrorist parked the van with all the intended explosives in Time Square mayor booberg immediately tried to hang it on the Tea Party.


      2. Pelosi now has a net worth of over $35.5 million. Doesn’t that mean that OWS is protesting her corporate cronyism and greed?

        If Princess Nancy REALLY supported the OWS peeps she would redistribute some of her personal money stash.

        Nancy has already proven that she can get by without a Gulfstream V. I’m sure she can spare $10 million for her peaceful protesters;-)

      3. Using claims of anti-semitism to avoid the subject is getting old. I have no beef with Jews, except the ones who put out crap movies like “save the last dance”. Funny how they go to such extents to promote black/ white mixing, yet when it comes to their own race they put up billboards to promote “jews marrying jews”. So my question is.. what do the jews have against the arayn race that they want them to mix so bad?? I worked the streets of Atlanta and New Orleans, and i know how worthless black culture is. Its a shame so many niave white women fall into the trap and ruin their lives! After all, black men kill their women at such a high rate that its the 2nd leading cause of death for young black women in the US (AIDS #1). But youd never hear the mainstream media or movies admit that!

    3. The mayor’s answering machine is full, he is not responding to emails, faxes or letters ( momentarily, I’m sure/ sarcasm) and he is not receiving anyone at his office.

      Guess NYorkers will have to catch up with him at the polls.

  23. Looks like it is time to call the mayor… HUH? What? Oh he was called? Maybe contact the potus? Oh, he is on the side of the Obamavillagers? They’ve named it Obamaville? Well Martin Luther King had a lot of roads named after him, so it is only fair that B.O. have lots of tent cities as his legacy.


    1. What it’s really like…

      It is so distressing for businesses in NYC as the protesters aka “soros fools” are blocking deliveries of goods and services businesses need to do business. And the protesters come into the businesses demanding to use the bathrooms so they can bathe.

      If the businesses do as the police instruct, that is, they tell the protesters they have to buy something to use the bathroom, the request is often met with dirty words, threats and destruction of property.

      It seems The soros fools want to show their disdain for businesses so often when they use the bathrooms, they leave behind disgusting, smelly messes, intentionally.

      And the police don’t help in these matters as they are inundated with the soros fools trying to instigate conflicts with the police at every turn. The Soros fools have camera’s facing police as all times…to bad the protesters only show the police reacting to their provocation and not the protesters provocations against Police.

      The “soros fools” also make scenes in the businesses demanding freebies and then screaming about the dirty capitalists. And many of the soros fools, threaten patrons, as well.

      Many NYorkers are afraid to go out of their apartments or take public transpiration. The soros fools are handing out full-color brochures of their so-called plight. Interesting to note that their brochures are very costly, and professionally done, which indicates this is no random group of protesters.

      The protesters also infringe on passengers on public transportation, they are in people’s faces proselytizing about the damn capitalist and an array of societal left-leaning concerns they have or the soros fools are demanding money. They are bullies.

      Most of these soros fools, have a lingering odor about their person.

      I have seen (and smelled) all of this first-hand. It’s like being in the middle of a Fellini film or imprisoned in an insane asylum with open garbage dumps strewn about….

      Several stupid things…

      1. If the protesters end up putting these businesses out of business, the owners will relocate. That’s fewer jobs, less money for the city, fewer goods and services for the soros fools in the long run.

      2. If “blooby” doesn’t stop the protests now, the cost of cleaning up after the fools, destruction to public property, over time for police, will rise exponentially. The city complains it is bankrupt now.

      3. The productive people are leaving NY because it is NOT a business-friendly location anymore. And many others are leaving NY because they are tired of their tax dollars going to illegals, people like the protesters and other favored groups, it is blatantly unfair.

      4. The crowd is scapegoating Jews, people that look like businessmen and millionaires. They have a “brown shirt” mentality. it is frightening and ugly to hear the protesters chant nasty things about these groups of people.

      5. NY is notorious for their rat problem and soros fools, eating, cooking and sleeping in the park, increase the rodent problem. This presents a major health risk.

      blooby needs to step up to the plate, do his job, protect the legal citizens of NY and put an end to the soros fools protests. This could set a healthy precedent for NY and all of the other cities where the soros fool trouble-makers are protesting in our country.

      1. The OWS gangs are pollution.
        Noise pollution.
        Garbage pollution.
        Stench pollution
        Feces and Urine pollution.
        Liberal pollution.
        I smell a class action lawsuit by businesses and homeowners
        The city & police have failed the law abiding TAX payers by allowing this to continue.

    1. Thanks for the link Bosan.

      Scary scenario building in Ohio. This is how thugs work using the fog of “the devil’s in the details” when everyone’s too busy or lazy to read the details and connect the dots.

    2. Thank you for the info. A. I pray that we can dump this unconstitutional piece of trash legislation.

    3. I pleaded with the Politicians in Penna to do the same thing 2 years ago.

      I got the default answer . . . “it is not our issue, it is a federal issue.”

      Perhaps Ohioans can overcome the stupidity of Penna Politicians.

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