NYT scoop: Trump told Russkies he fired ‘CRAZY NUTJOB’ Comey to ease Russian investigation

MORE anonymous sources from New York Times cowards who just want to take down President Trump because they’re jealous losers!!!

Here’s what they said:

President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, had relieved “great pressure” on him, according to a document summarizing the meeting.

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

Mr. Trump added, “I’m not under investigation.”

The conversation, during a May 10 meeting — the day after he fired Mr. Comey — reinforces the notion that Mr. Trump dismissed him primarily because of the bureau’s investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives. Mr. Trump said as much in one televised interview, but the White House has offered changing justifications for the firing.

So. Just because he said firing Comey took pressure off from the Russian investigation, that doesn’t *necessarily* mean that he did for the sake of taking pressure from the meeting. Right? BUT… it’s just another piece of a circumstantial case against Trump. Especially when he blithely gave out top secret information to the Russians like candy at that same meeting.

But this won’t do it, fellas. You need much more evidence than this to prove Trump did something wrong and impeachable.


And it looks like they’re not denying the report. Sheesh.

And they released a weird non-statement:

Wha? Top notch work, people. Top. Notch.

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