Obama administration walks back embassy apology, blames embassy

First the embassy was attacked by Islamists, and now it’s being thrown under the bus by the Obama administration. Man, being an embassy in Egypt sucks:

POLITICO – The Obama administration is disavowing a statement from its own Cairo embassy that seemed to apologize for anti-Muslim activity in the United States.

“The statement by Embassy Cairo was not cleared by Washington and does not reflect the views of the United States government,” an administration official told POLITICO.

The U.S. embassy in Cairo put out a statement early Tuesday that apologized for an anti-Muslim film being circulated by an Israeli-American real estate developer.

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions,” the embassy said in a statement published online.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the film depicts the Muslim prophet Muhammed as a “womanizer, pedophile and fraud” — a depiction bound to offend many Muslims.

The embassy came under widespread criticism for failing to defend free speech in the face of threats of violence. Egyptian protesters rioted anyway, breaching the embassy walls and tearing down the American flag.

(h/t: Breitbart)

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48 thoughts on “Obama administration walks back embassy apology, blames embassy

  1. As Romney clearly stated in his press conference – Obama is responsible for the statements issued by those in his administration, State Department, and embassies worldwide. The buck stops with old big ears, whether he wants it to or not.

  2. I call BS!!!! Caught telling THEIR truth! Everybody KNOWS that the statement IS HOW OBAMA FEELS! They DID check with the White House first! Want PROOF? Hillary doubled down WORD FOR WORD and she was is a different part of the world when she made it. THAT ladies and gentlemen means co-ordination. THAT means they were all on the same page. But now that Americans get to see how Anti-American Obama really is he and the LAP DOG MEDIA are in FULL RETREAT!


  3. How typical of this sorry administration! I know that there were people there that defend the United States and the American flag but they were told to not do anything and as good solders do, they followed orders. No matter HOW F**CKED UP they were! I know that the militarty will be so happy when the worthless, sorry-ass, socialist bastard is voted out in November!

  4. Politco is the propoganda arm of the left wing government currently usurping power in Washinton. It, along with Mike Allen, needs to be shut down. They are nothing more than a voice for the left.

  5. It’s not the embassy’s job to defend or condemn some stinking movie. And for these subhumans, this “response” is so unwarranted and wrong that they should fear military reprisal… because this is an act of war.

      1. They apparently fought back but it appears there were either no military or very little to help defend them. This regime’s incompetence is staggering.

  6. The administration was contacted by Harvey Wienstien that these types of statements against the film industry would jeopardize the next movie deal between 0 and Hollywood. To show his seriousness, Whinestien had Parker, Deniro and about 300 other actors (people playing roles) initial the warning. Boom, Out comes the finger pointing. Your administration appointed those in the embassy therefore your administration issued the statement you twofaced, triple talking country wrecking creep.

  7. Another example of the fact that you cannot show any weakness to Islam. They thrive on timidity and see it as a sign to attack. Bow down to them, give them money, apologize, turn NASA into a public relations firm for them, raise the political correctness flag, all these action simply give them the go ahead to increase their efforts towards our destruction.

    It also greatly helps their aims having people inside our government who are sympathetic to them, people at the very top of our government.

  8. 67 years ago, we would have just dropped the atomic bomb. There is no group more deserving to get blown off the planet than these savages.

  9. First of all, I’m not surprised Obama walked back their comments. After all, They have to take a poll before Obama can respond to anything.

    Secondly, we are at war. We should pull all our people out of these embassies, secure the American flag, and cease all funds going to these Middle Eastern countries that attack US soil.

    It shouldn’t take a lot of discussion to see where we stand here.

  10. “The statement by Embassy Cairo was not cleared by Washington and does not reflect the views of the United States government,” an administration official told POLITICO.

    So what are the views of the US Government about this situation???

  11. It has always been my opinion that the Middle East wants all western embassies ousted from their land. It is also my strong opinion that the reason for this is that the Middle East would love the ability to hide their murderous ways against any who demonstrate a freedom of thinking. Make no mistake on this, the radicals that hold power in the Middle East have no concerns about extinguishing any person who refuses to believe as they are told. Believing this causes me great discernment with an administration too ready to first apologize; then state the released statement was never authorized, and now proclaim disappointment with our own embassy. Talk about leading the lambs to the slaughter, this kind of leadership is a danger to its own people.

  12. Ok, I have a few points and I have been known to ramble, so I will be as brief as possible.

    The embassies were attacked because of “their” remembrance and celebration of 9/11. Do not even THINK about masking it in an excuse about a movie.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, the film depicts the Muslim prophet Maohammed as a “womanizer, pedophile and fraud” – how can the truth upset anyone>
    I never heard of this film before today and now I HAVE GOT TO SEE IT! Looks like ticket sales may be going up for this film creator.

    1. In the “christian/jewish” bibles you can read about how Joshua wanted the land of Jericho. They launched an unprovoked attack and (with God’s help) breached the walls and killed every man, woman, and child. By the same standard you can say that Christians worship baby killers.

      1. Here’s the difference. If you burn the Bible because you hate that part of it, I won’t kill you, nor will ANY Christian. But if I burn the Koran in any Muslim country because I do not like the passage that condones rape of boys, I will be killed.

        You can disagree with any passage in the Bible and we can have a dialog. But if I even draw a picture of Maohammad, I can get killed, including my family.

        1. Sorry, we fought the second war in Iraq in part because of their religion. Slavery was justified with scripture. Lynchings (5000 documented in early 20th century) were performed by defenders of the cross. I could go on and on. A black man walking to his grandfathers could be killed because of his color because of racist and violent “stand your ground.” Those without sin should cast the first stone.

        2. Maybe you won’t, but then there’s Eric Rudolph. He blew up a meeting place for gay women because of his extreme religious beliefs. If you are going to generalize then so can the others. Islamic extremists, christian extremists (religious right) Same game, different teams.

  13. Well it just shows more incompetence of obama and his administration if this were even true. Who lets their US embassy overseas issue statements without prior approval.

    1. You are absolutely right. We’ll know shortly just how “unauthorized” this statement was simply by seeing if anybody is fired for making such an unauthorized statement, If somebody isn’t fired/demoted then we;ll know it’s all BS. November just can’t get here soon enough!

  14. What a joke–If Obama stays in office, he’ll have the US Ambassadors burning down the embassy and tearing up the American Flag themselves whenever there’s even a whisper the the US may have offended some pervert in the host country.

    It’s called the LA, Oakland, Detroit strategy and for many years burning down your own premises, then posing for the TV camera’s looking really pathetic and stupid has worked pretty well.

    Second, does anyone really believe that an embassy, who told it employees not to come to work today due a scheduled protest by the locals, did not also call Washington DC? What a stupid ambassador. He must be an Obama selectee. Or Obama didn’t answer because he was hiding out from the daily briefing.

    How do you like your first Black President now, you proud and stupid Obama supporters? I blame everyone of you.

  15. Two-faced liars! They speak out of both sides so they can always claim that they were not wrong. Obama has used this method forever, but the media never holds him to account. It’s the same reason with Jerusalem question…..they can’t give an official response because they are counting on both sides using whichever statement is better suited for their agenda.

  16. Well, they fooled me, because it sounded exactly like what Obama administration would say.
    Still an empty chair! Time to let him go!

  17. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the so called US Embassy didn’t have a thing to do with U.S. Diplomatic Relations at all. More tax dollars being pissed away! I wonder more often than not why we didn’t just use tactical nukes to win this war on terror. We are not in any nation to win any war so why act like we are trying to win? Bring our kids home!

    1. Ditto to the Obamanation in the White House! We need all the forces on our side so we can beat back this Socialist Bastard Obama!

      1. His priorities as usual:

        ‘hmmm…Letterman, big audience, mostly liberal,safe softballs,votes….meet with the Israeli Prime Minister ..’what’s his name?”..oh yeah. And we can discuss such mundane matters as WW111’..too risky, I’ll be forced to take a stand and you know that can’t happen without voter casualties so, OK, lets pretend everything is going to plan and we’re in great shape…..call Dave.

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