Obama and Hillary now apologizing for Muhammad video in ads running in Pakistan

Awesome. We are now apologizing for the Muhammad video in an ad running in Pakistan funded by the American people – instead of standing up for free speech. Just dandy.

Here’s the ad:

And here’s the lowdown:

660 NEWS – The television ads in Pakistan feature clips of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during press appearances in Washington in which they condemned the video. Their words were subtitled in Urdu.

“We absolutely reject its content and message,” said Clinton in the advertisement.

The advertisements end with the seal of the American Embassy in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the ad was produced by the embassy, which spent $70,000 to air the 30-second spot on seven Pakistani television stations. Pakistan is the only country where the ads are running. The embassy wanted to run the ads because it determined that the messages of Obama and Clinton were not reaching enough of the Pakistani public through regular news reporting, Nuland said.

“As you know, after the (anti-Islam) video came out, there was concern in lots of bodies politic, including Pakistan, as to whether this represented the views of the U.S. government. So, in order to be sure that we reached the largest number of Pakistanis, some 90 million as I understand it in this case with these spots, it was the judgment that this was the best way to do it,” Nuland said.

(via GatewayPundit, FoxNation)

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78 thoughts on “Obama and Hillary now apologizing for Muhammad video in ads running in Pakistan

  1. Both the President and Hillary condemn the violence and point out that the US has a history of religious tolerance. How is that apologizing to anyone exactly?

  2. I am proud of their responses, they both are being leaders and are being responsible by responding in a mature way while stating our core principles that makes America the great country that it is,, They DID NOT APOLOGIZE they affirmed a fundamental principle, religious freedom and tolerance. They did not say they tolerate the violence or attacks,,come on people, we have freedom of speech and at the same time we can be respectful of others.

  3. I am proud of their responses, they both are being leaders and are being responsible by responding in a mature way while stating our core principles that makes America the great country that it is,, They DID NOT APOLOGIZE they affirmed a fundamental principle, religious freedom and tolerance. They did not say they tolerate the violence or attacks,,come on people, we have freedom of speech and at the same time we can be respectful of others.

  4. You would think, rather than total groveling, one of them would have mentioned a valued principle in America….freedom of speech!

  5. T H A N K Y O U !!!!

    We need to be reminded EVERYDAY that hillary and bamaboy are tied to this arab spring.
    there is NO passing the buck with billary to obama, she is guilty as he. Let’s NOT forget that

  6. I think they are showing the movie on the sly in the middle east- most don’t get youtube- so the radicals can see how outraged they would have been had they seen it before the 9/11 anniversary. They think the whole world will swallow their BS……violence erupted and mass murder of Americans was the outcome of this movie….what a farce! The coverup puts Watergate and clinton’s escapades to shame- this is criminal misconduct by obama and clinton. Carter was a dufus and incompetent, oabama is a criminal and a crook.
    obama and his pals must go, raise your voices at the polls. After the election obama, holder and clinton will answer for the blood on their hands.

  7. 70.00 thousand dollars for 30 seconds do these people ever think what they could do for the American people with the money that they waste AND that’s for only one frickin country how many countrys are they going to apologize to??commies

  8. If insane Islamists weren’t aware of the stupid video before they are now thanks to Barry and Mrs Bubba promoting it by using it to cover up their disastrous foreign policy.

  9. I had the privilege of attending the Freedom Concert back in 2001at Madison Square Garden after the terrorist attack. The crowd booed Hillary! Why… because the Firefighters and Police couldn’t stand her!!! They were right! Hillary is an admitted progressive TRAITOR to America!

  10. Hillary proposes to appease Muslim outrage by replacing the US Marines at Middle East American embassies with trained, surviving members of the Afghan Police Force.

  11. Impeach them now! O’Bambi and Hitlary encourage persecution of Christians. They do not speak on my behalf, I say show a video of the beheading of Muhammad daily!

  12. I don’t have a problem with them having the opinion that the movie doesn’t reflect the US Government’s opinion of Islam. No problem there. What is most troublesome is that they actually believe that this ad somehow will affect reaction or quell these manufactured protests. I think it stands alone as a testimony to their complete and utter lack of understanding of who these people are, how they are predisposed to behave, and what they will or won’t respond to. It only reflects weakness and capitulation–and it is an invitation for these terrorists to press on in their madness. Lord help us if this regime stays in place 4 more years.

  13. Two mindless twits. Tweedle-dee and tweedle dumb. Two clueless, useless multiculturalist sugar-coated tards.

    1. Think how stupid America’s going to look when they win. Mitt’s campaign will take a serious miracle to beaat him, Im afraid. He’s not attacking Obama on anything. He just keeps talking numbers, like any good CEO would.

      1. I don’t believe any of the polls. They’re all skewed towards Dhimiratz. Qunipiac is a HUGE example of a polling org that deliberately skews their results. Here’s how I see it: Any poll that doesn’t include a plus or minus figure is immediately suspect. But you can use your own metrics to determine its accuracy by adding a plus or minus of 3%.

        So if a Quinipiac poll has Obama at 53% and Romney at 47%. Use that 3% margine of error and extrapolate that Obama has a 1 in 20 chance of being above 56% or a 1 in 20 chance of being below 50%; which means that Romney is likely tied or in the lead.

        The MSM polls (and that includes FOX) are just plain BS as far as I’m concerned.

  14. I haven’t noticed any ads to the American public by O apologizing for
    the 33 months of joblessness over 8%,
    the job participation rate being at an all time low,
    the crummy manufacturing index,
    the record rate of increase in the national debt,
    the EO hiding the docs for Fast and Furious,
    not being able to propose a workable budget since he has come to office
    the failure of most of his energy “investments”
    the fact his “investment” in GM stock will probably loose the country over $25M
    etc, etc, etc.

    Where are the apologies to the American people ???

  15. You can buy advertising on Pakistan tv? Sounds downright capitalistic! I bet a Pakistani version of the Mad Men tv series would be a hoot, with English subtitles, of course.

  16. Pathetic just pathetic…President Bend Over strikes again!! How weak these people look!! We have a man in the WH that is so ignorant of his perceived ability to persuade Islamic Haters! Get a clue moron! But in his heart Obama relates to the Islamists and not Americans! Again this weakness is becoming a dangerous cancer that is spreading…and no cure is available except losing on the 6th of Nov.

  17. They have given in to terrorist’s demands..they are useless, stupid and dangerous. If the American people vote this idiot and his posse back in….

    1. and they will…. dont you know? O. had it bought months ago. He can now ensure he wins by a larger margin by giving phones to the people of Cleveland who vote for him. Our freedom for a cell phone. What a trade.

  18. Any sane person with at least a double digit IQ that would believe one word these pathological liars are saying is not fit to vote. Obama, who appointed her, is a bigger liar than her and her husband put together. That was a fact that was impossible until Obama was elected. When you believe the Libyan president more than you do Obama, you know this deceptive lie is on the realm of insanity.

  19. How much internet access do the people of these countries have to see this video?

    How many even know it exists to even go looking for it?

    Is the President of France going to make a video apologizing for a cartoon recently published there that mocked Mohammed?

  20. “As you know, after the (anti-Islam) video came out, there was concern in lots of bodies politic, including Pakistan, as to whether this represented the views of the U.S. government.”

    You’re kidding, right? Does that mean we have to apologize for every anti-Islamic video on YouTube? If so, we’re going to have to be apologizing for the rest of our lives. The video came out months ago and we didn’t hear a peep from anybody. It was only after al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood decided to make an issue of it that we heard anything about this video. This is just terrible. I would have a president up there saying, “In America, we have something called free speech, a right that is always lacking in your pathetic little countries. So you’d better start dealing with it. If not and if you decide to kill any more American diplomats, we are going to rain down on you so much hurt it will make your turbanned heads spin.” I think THAT is the message we should be sending them, NOT this one.

  21. interesting comments from Husein and Billary. Appease religious zealots who respond to simple free speech shenangins by torching and killing via a b/s mesage of respecting “all religions”. Tell that to your DNC people who booed God and Israel, or to the liberals around America who consider Christians with differing views on abortion and gay rights as extremists and dangers to America? Time for Barack And Hil to go directly to Pakistan and address the people from a large podium with American flags draped around and calm them down. They’ll listen to you, right Barack Husein?

  22. The ads aren’t the ONLY thing “running”. These despots are running from the truth as fast as they can.

    I can’t wait to boot these lying bastages out of Washington. They are absolute monsters… and I’m being nice here.

  23. We care more about a video, that we had nothing to do with, than about those American’s killed in Libya.

    1. That is because their goal is the First Amendment. Apologizing and putting blasphemy laws above our freedom of speech serves that goal. Clinton and Obama would sacrifice millions of lives to curtail the First Amendment. This is the face of pure evil.

  24. Obama shorts debt by $6 trillion- crickets. Ryan shorts marathon time by one hour- mass hysteria. I’m embarrassed by my fellow countrymen.

    1. With Huma Abedin, who understands islam intimately, speaking into Hillary’s ear every day, and knowing that in islam an APOLOGY is seen as a sign of weakness, is it no wonder that the Obama administration is continuing to apologize?

      Huma Abedin is probably aiding and abetting our enemies.

      I can envision and scenario where Hillary confides in Abedin for advice on how to handle this strange culture surrounding islam: “How should I approach this mayhem in Cairo?” She asks.

      “Just apologize to them and all will be well,” Abedin replies.

      And this of course then signals an uprising like none other. A gesture of peace in the eyes of the West. A sign of weakness to the East.

  25. I will re-paste what I speculate is going on here. This video convinces me even more.

    What might link Brian Terry and Chris Stevens? Have we all fallen for a grand distraction by Hussein Obama?

    We all know that Fast and Furious was aimed at the 2nd Amendment. So, before you consider the following think for a moment what would be happening today if Fast and Furious had not been exposed and Clinton had signed us up for the UN small arms treaty. Just think about the blood and death of innocent American citizens, the blame, the press, the coolness of Obama and Clinton, as it all unfolded.

    Is the real goal is the First Amendment?

    It is important to note that the United States did sign on for the UN Blasphemy Law (ICCPR), pushed through the UN by the OIC.

    john jay posted this question on his website and it got me thinking that we have all been distracted by Hussein with this Mohammed Movie.

    “”why does it make a difference if the obama administration is lying over whether the libyan compound was attacked by a spontaneous mob, or by a deliberate & planned al queda assault? what difference does it make within the context of american free speech legal analysis?“”

    Here is my guess. Anyone else have one?

    1) sign on to a UN law agreeing to punish blasphemy

    2) tweet an apology for your blasphemy, admitting guilt

    3) tie the death of four Americans to your act of blasphemy

    4) get taken to court and accept a settlement that says you cannot do squat about people killing your citizens if you fail to enforce the blasphemy law you signed up for.

    5) Line up your next Supreme Court appointment and whack the First Amendment

    ““A complaint could be filed with US courts against Obama for his violation of articles 18 and 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) calling for respect of faiths,” Javad Mohammadi, the deputy head of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR), said on Sunday.””

    1. International blasphemy laws was always the prize. Just after September 11th the Egyptian Government called on the Ban Ki Moon to get on it right away.

      Walid Shoebat says that Sharia compliant blasphemy laws was the motivation for the Embassy mobs in Egypt. The Libyan attack was a freebie from Obama. Hence Obama and Hillary’s groveling about the film.

    2. He had no right signing a law like that. Hey, Boehner, either you climb out from under your desk and act like a man, or get the hell out. You’ve been busy the past couple of days getting the accessory to murder, Holder off the hook, but you need to address this, you creep.

    3. Interesting, the anti blaspheme laws which muslim countries keep pushing in the UN never have anything related to Christian or Judaism.

      I agree sDee. Creeping sharia at it’s finest. Blaspheme the pedophile prophet, you die. Blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re excersizing your freedom of speech.

      1. ABiC …You want to get your head around this one?

        If these blasphemy laws go into effect, our Jesus will be targeted. In other words, if we Christians claim that Jesus is the Son of God, who died on the cross… then what we say will be considered blasphemy against their Muslim prophet Issa. I kid you not.

        It will go that far because the Muslim Jesus (Issa) is the one who comes back down from heaven to declare that the Christians got it all wrong, that Jesus is not the Son of God and he did not die on the cross. The Christians perverted the true message of Jesus… that Jesus (Issa) proclaimed allah as god.

        The mission of the Muslim Jesus (Issa) is to either kill the Christians or convert them to the one true god allah.

        The sinkhole of blasphemy laws is very wide and deep indeed.

        1. Our beliefs are already targeted, but yes, you’re absolutely right las- I’ve seen his stuff on the endtimes. While I see good points in a lot of it, because of his middle eastern roots of it, I have been talking about this stuff for years on my blog. Years ago, I posted the Iranian radio broadcast describing their 12th imam mahdi, and then did a detailed description of the AntiChrist as written in the Bible. The similarities are wildly similar. These days though, I’m not focused on who it will be- I’ll be keeping my eyes on Jesus no matter what happens. If the satanic islam worhipers and the pc crowd don’t like it, well, what can man do to me? To live is Christ, to die is gain.

          I won’t back down on my faith.

  26. sickening.. how about…. tough crap.. we have something called freedom here.. freedom of speech, freedom of religion and we will not be intimidated by animals… we will however respond by denying the foreign aid you animals have been taking and by dropping a couple of bombs on our own buildings should we find you climbing on them again….you think that smoke from a burning flag is deadly, try this bs again…and you will see what deadly is..

  27. Just give the antiAmerican jackwagons a one way ticket over there, so they can explain it to these murderous devil worshippers in person. It’s no wonder they hate freedom of speech, they hate the right of freedom of assembly, the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. I loathe these people.

    1. Headlines…American Embassy in Pakistan under Siege

      In further foreign policy news: It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day at the White House.

      Which is definitely more important than say… Constitution Day on the 17th.

      1. Yes, you are right, to fertilize the WH rose garden.

        AND STOP ALL AID TO THESE COUNTRIES WHO DISLIKE US!!! WE DON’T NEED THEIR SUPPORT. Under a conservative leadership in the WH we will become self dependent and not need foreign oil, and Obamacare will be repealed. Because of Obama our #1 status has been lowered to #7…..who can he blame for that, himself!!!!

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