Obama blames America for drug violence in Mexico, cites GUN SMUGGLING as part of the problem

After all the guns the Obama administration allowed to cross the border, you’d think he’d just apologize. But instead he makes it sound like someone else’s fault:

REUTERS – President Barack Obama told the Mexican people on Friday that he sees a “new Mexico” emerging, with a deepening democracy and growing economy, and that Mexico and the United States should be viewed as equal partners.

“I have come to Mexico because it is time to put old mindsets aside,” Obama said in a speech to university students. “It’s time to recognize new realities, including the impressive progress in today’s Mexico.”

Drug-fueled violence in Mexico is not entirely the fault of the Mexican people, he said. Instead, the United States shares the blame because much of the violence is centered around the Americans’ demand for illegal drugs and the fact that guns are smuggled into Mexico from the United States.

“In this relationship there is no senior partner or junior partner. We are two equal partners, two sovereign nations that must work together in mutual interest and mutual respect,” Obama said.


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173 thoughts on “Obama blames America for drug violence in Mexico, cites GUN SMUGGLING as part of the problem

  1. He’s right on a couple of things, he and Eric Holder are responsible for a lot of the Mexican deaths due to “Fast and Furious” which he failed to mention.   Move along sheeple, nothing happening here.

  2. (Excerpt)
    Here is another incredible tidbit Pavlich uncovered: When Mexican officials demanded that the U.S. come clean and answer questions about just who had allowed guns to fall into the hands of narco-terrorists, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns paid a little visit to Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, Patricia Espinoza. Message? Shut your yapper, or we will withhold a $500 million payment involving the Merida Initiative, a program that funds training to combat drug trafficking.

    1. AmericanborninCanada Questionman Darn, I just got here and wanted to enjoy some giggles

      1. AmericanborninCanada  Looking at an old post gives me a hint of the disgust that must have been posted.  I just laugh in libtards faces now.

  3. Thank you I loved your comment . You 51percenters are very funny . How’s your FREE phone working , you made my day thanks again .

  4. So Obama finally acknowledged that his Fast and Furious gun running operation was part of the ‘problem.’ Did he then address ‘reparations’ for  the loss of Mexican lives over his homicidal operation.

  5. Finally, the pot(us) agree with the kettle. Says Obama, ” Mexico, you’ve been faithful in your selfless toiling, hard labour in the field, great production of these troublesome drug products that me and my bathhouse partners enjoy in all happy after hours. I sent you weapons through my Fast and Furry gun run operation for your cartel drug wars and here we are, still working together for same goal, destroy all that are good and noble in this civilized region. There, I’ve patted your bottom, job well done. For now, I’ll stay focus in recruiting more illegal votes for our very next mid term election. We should be fine, most of the RINOs are in our side. Bohner take care of that. As  a homo, I can’t come out yet, the rest of your my fellow queers, lets go tie the naught ! As your principal pants-on-fire-in-chief, I did all that myself, my absolute approval of this message “

        1. crosshr Orangeone I do remember 🙂 And your post was well worth cleaning my laptop screen. LOL

  6. For that remark alone, and the disrespect it shows for the Border agents killed by his and Holder’s despicable policies, Obama should be impeached and prosecuted.
    He is despicable, corrupt, malevolent and worthy of every form of censure.

    1. Same goes for Biden and his inanities, such as:  “The Taliban are not our enemies.” and “Al Queda is defeated.”
      These people are certifiably insane, liars and/or malevolent traitors.

      1. Conniption Fitz And let’s not forget his recent reference to little 12-14 year old girls waking up to a “snake in the bed”.

  7. Maybe the Mexican people will get so ticked at us that they will build the fence ! See, there may be a silver lining in the idiocy of this ” Mexican, Indonesean, Palestinian President”

    1. Godisright I was crossing my fingers that the threats from North Korea would send the cockroaches scurrying back to their own country.

  8. If he wants to run for office in Mexico, we will release him of his obligations here. The congress needs to impeach this IDIOT for slander against the United States of America, the country he is supposed to hold in high regard, defend and respect. He does not hold these values and therefore needs to be removed – and not too soon!

  9. Gun smuggling , is that like Fast and Furious . When the great one and holder let the guns walk , and our people died like in Benghazi , Fort Hood . This guy the 51percenters call they leader , would let you die in a heartbeat . Then tell us it was just a bump in the road . Don’t turn your back , you could be a bump in the road .

  10. Obama or shall I call him by his real name, Oliema, as I said before, the Mexican people have it hard enough, but are glad he’s our President and not theirs. And the Cartels as they go, if we could hunt down the Columbian cartels, how much easier here could we get the Mexican one. It’s just for looks. To much money is being made. And with the economy in Mexico as it is. Billions of money means to much to both sides of the border. No one here or there is really going to mess with them as long as the bucks go. Money means to much to them. Grab a couple runs coming here and there, then let the real giant one’s get thru. All in the same game.

  11. That was his plan all along with F&F however it came to light.  However he still thinks blaming smuggling will work.  The cartels have nothing to do either.  I mean lets just blame a bunch of inanimate objects.

    1. NCHokie02 And he figures with no opposition why not continue to follow through with the plan. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    2. NCHokie02 And witnesses came forward in Fast and Furious, hence my belief that Benghazi was F&F II to Syria through Turkey with direction that no witnesses be left behind.

  12. Is there any question that this man truly believes the majority of people are stupid idiots?

    1. temi227 I believe “useful idiots” was the term you were looking for.

      1. Dr. Strangelove temi227 And I’m afraid the majority are useless idiots.  Obama and Holder already blame Bush for Fast and Furious even though it was Obama’s plan.

  13. Holder and Obama sending guns to Mexicans is like terrorists handing guns over to monkeys- wouldn’t, couldn’t ever happen…. or could it?

  14. Obama is once piece of work is he not? Blames violence in Mexico on American Guns and He and Holder with the witch Clinton send Thousands of guns to Mexican Drug Cartels ! No mention of Fast and Furious ! The S O B has got to removed from office and expelled, he is an illegal anyway ! Better yet try him for Treason and execute him in a public square by military firing squad.  I fear a civil war is destined to happen and fairly soon.

    1. texaselect I agree with your fear…….this man blames everyone else seems not to like the good old USA..wow God help this great country

    2. texaselect this current potus is the pinnacle of evil and decietfulness. I won’t be surprise if Omama beat satan in being more evil.

  15. Is there a more despicable human being in this world than barry hussein nobama? A more hateful, a more racist, a more anti-American?

    1. clubgitmo He sure has done more than Osama ever did. Coddling to the ideology that attacked us is the greatest trespass. At least Osama, as evil as he was, told us the truth about himself!

  16. Correct, Mr. President.
     Most of these guns were smuggled in by the BATFE and Attorney-General Holder.

  17. I dream of the media turning on him and exposing him for the liar that he is, but I know it’ll never happen.

  18. That’s rich coming from him ans even better with someone who signed off on F&F straw purchasing scheme.
    Yet another Obamakovsky speech on foreign ground blaming America. His demise can’t come soon enough.

  19. BWAHAHAHAHAH… he is going to reduce gun violence in mexico while running guns to them …. thanks scoop I needed a laugh…. but I was waiting for the punch line to this joke

    1. davienne He’ll reduce violence in Mexico by bringing the cartels to American to go after law-abiding citizens before and after they receive their amnesty, public assistance and citizenship.

  20. obama blames America blah blah blah. obama lies blah blah. What else is new? These are daily occurances spewed out by our fab narcisstic commander of stupidity.

  21. …your President is a J O K E .”(period)

    Praise and Glory to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 04/28/13

  22. While his administration supplied guns to Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the murder of hundreds in Mexico and the US, including one of our own Border Patrol Agents, he has the audacity to turn around and blame the 2nd amendment right to bear arms for the violence in Mexico ???? Wake up America!!!! This President hates America! He hates the Constitution! He has continuously violated the Constitution and should be impeached!
    It’s time for the media to expose this clown President for the liar and cheat that he is. The most corrupt President EVER!!!!
    He wants us broke, defenseless and enslaved by government.

    1. ConservativeFromHell Pssssst, ICE Agent Jamie Zapata was also murdered with F&F weapons….

  23. He does & says this nonsense on purpose.  This is payback for his failed gun bill.  He is mocking us!

  24. Yup, I was think about that this morning after talking with my tax accountant last night about our best options & when to retire.  So….I’m just waiting….. 🙂

    1. …ooops, just realized my fat-finger mistake while making a reply…meant for Orangeone, not the whole thread.  My apologies, I’ll learn this yet.

      1. GWShrub I’m here but don’t know which of my fantastic posts you were replying too 🙂

  25. The Mexican people are laughing their asses off at the crap coming from this guy. With all the problems they have. They’re happy he isn’t their president

  26. Obama blames America?  What a shock?!
    Is there something Obama doesn’t blame America for?  After all, if we weren’t so flawed, we wouldn’t be in such constant need of fundamental transformation.

  27. Again ? It’s our fault AGAIN?  All this idiot does is put the blame on US for everything. So sick of this traitor.

  28. So…I guess all those in his audience were the ones who only listen to the propaganda-spewing media, and have never heard about Fast and Furious (other than the movie by that name). Yeah, he probably made sure they were the only ones allowed in to hear him.

  29. What more can one expect from a pathological lying Marxist controlled by puppet masters, Valarie Jarrett and George Soros?

  30. You’ve got to admire the initiative of some African Americans  especially in a white society that, for the last 160 years,  has forced minorities to live in ghettos, take government jobs, attend universities where tiny Asian students out score them by 450 points, use cheap cell phones, obtain abortions in clinics were sanitation is less than standard, cross busy streets in the middle of city blocks, shop at Walmart and wear ill-fitting trousers. Yes, for some minorities, America is a hard row to ho.
    This has become an era of “FIRST’S.” the FIRST Black America President, Barrack Hussein Obama and the FIRST Black American  mass murderer. Carnell Marcus Moore.
    Each had shown real ability at their chosen avocation. And each have been brave advocates of gun control. The former talked passionately about how to reduce the number of murders in our large cities and neighboring countries; the latter demonstrated the method.

  31. Man is this guys ass on backwards or what. Obama loves to lie because he believes himself.

  32. “I see a Mexico that is deepening your democracy, citizens who are standing up and saying that violence and impunity is not acceptable, a courageous press working to hold leaders accountable,” he said.
    LOL! Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME????????

    1. Yes, he failed to mention all the headless bodies that have been littering the roads. Mexico had cleaned up nicely.

      1. DawgfanInFL I also love how he casually blames us for his gun running!

        1. He is a piece of work. I personally find his selective use of the pronouns ‘I’ and ‘we’ hilarious. If things are great we see him flinging the authoritative ‘I’ around. When there are problems or mistakes, look for the weighty ‘we’…like aren’t ‘we’ ashamed ‘we’ didn’t let him have his way. What a putz.

  33. Ah, Mr. President, you were apart of the demand for illegal drugs if I remember your autobiography correctly…2am Buzzfeed ring a bell? I won’t even mention the Fast and Furious disaster that left an American dead. See kids, this is your brain on drugs. You tend to forget some facts.

    1. DawgfanInFL 2 Americans dead please, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jamie Zapata.

        1. DawgfanInFL It’s okay, the murder of Jamie Zapata has received very little attention 🙁  wouldn’t you think the hispanic population would be screaming about it?  Yeah, me either.

        2. Orangeone, I agree every life has value. Wish our President aligned himself with this belief.

    2. DawgfanInFL Mexico probably gave Choom Boy a rebate because he’s been such a good coooostomer

  34. Looks as if for the POS ‘Fast and Furious’ is such a very long time ago, what difference does it now make, so some Americans died, bumps in the road … 
    A President who literally disses his own people in a foreign country is so utterly despicable, words fail me.
    But of course his lapdog MSM and the lefties everywhere will see nothing bad here, and will help him to bash his country and his people.

    1. colliemum Issa is dead silent on Fast and Furious and has let the Holder civil contempt for withholding Fast and Furious documents from Congress drop.  I guess only 2 murdered Americans is okay with Issa, Gowdy and the rest on the Oversight Committee.

      1. Orangeone
        Very disappointing indeed – but then, we did think late last year that a deal was being done behind closed doors about F & F.

        1. colliemum Orangeone Yup.  And Issa agreed to back off oversight of the Admin.  This is another example of treason.

  35. is he talking about the Mexico that is south of our Rio Grande River or the Mexico that is north of his eyebrows?

  36. oh yes, a great president we have here!
    Got to stay on the ball of those evil people who had smuggled guns into Mexico allowing free access for the drug cartels (hows that for a business??) calling it the “Fast and Furious”…….hold on, wasn’t that caused by the hands of Obama and Eric Holder themselves?!
    Funny for someone who is such an egotystical narcissist, the only thing he doesn’t like to take credit for is his own mistakes!

    1. SilentTexan But remember, he appointed a Univision chick to his cabinet so they’d stop asking questions about Fast and Furious and the dead Mexicans.  Have you heard a peep from them since?  Me either.

      1. Orangeone SilentTexan In Chicago it’s called ‘hush money.’ Check out the threat to withdraw US foreign aid (500 mil) (Merida Initiative), if the Mexican government didn’t stop making noise about their murdered citizens.

  37. The chutzpah in this is beyond the pale. How quickly and conveniently he forgets Fast and Furious and once again a dead American. The man makes me want to cuss something which I refrain from so I will praise the Lord instead. Glory, glory, glory, glory to God! Amen.

  38. I also see a trend where he lies to American citizen’s faces with a smirk on his face, just daring anyone to challenge his version of the facts.  He knows the media won’t do it.  While there are some of us posting our outrage on conservative websites, most of America doesn’t even pay attention.
    Obama is not only a sociopath….he is evil….I suspect the two go hand in hand.

    1. <<< Obama is not only a sociopath….he is evil….I suspect the two go hand in hand.   >>>
      Indeed!  I call him OUT!!

    2. Questionman Amjean  Your posting makes very little sense, if any.  You are either a low information, or more likely, a no information voter.  I will respond to any posting that asks a legitimate question or suggests a continuing dialogue of value.  Your posting does none of that.
      I more than likely will not be responding to any of your future replies.

  39. let’s see here,,F&F was his and his pitbull thing,,the drug’s come mexico  !! and it’s our fault ??

  40. So Preszzy Step and Fetch It, in Mexico, apologizing for the evil United States and sucking up to the wide-eyed survivors of Fist and Furry-us..A classic Uncle Tom performance by a black American on his knees.
    “I dint do it, Mexico.. I’m trying to stop those crazy white men.” He takes no responsibility for anything, even though he has killed more people of color than any man in the US military- mexican and arab.
     Instead of clapping, the Mexicans should have been throwing nickles. He’s is a disgrace to this country. If I were President Nieto, I’d count the silverware at the palace

    1. WordsFailMe If I were the pres of Mexico I’d put out paper plates and plastic knives and forks and feed him a taco. He deserves no more.

      1. Orangeone and WordsFailMe…Nailed it!
        Sorry my reply button doesn’t seem to work to well, operator problem-ha.

  41. He’s just an arrogant arse isn’t he? What a miserable piece of sh… work.

  42. This man is “tops” in my book  
    Ever since this bastard was put in charge 
    He has uncovered so many “misteaks” of the citizens of America
    I don’t know how we made it for over 200 years without him 
    He has pointed out the many errors of our ways – he is my idol
    Mea Culpa – El Preezy 
    ———————(sarc off)

      1. Why is it when I hit reply it won’t put in the person’s tag who my reply is to.? It used to work and now nothing. It’s a user problem I know, but any suggestions would be helpful.

        1. DawgfanInFL 
          I think you have to put a nickel in the computer slot!
          If that doesn’t work – Just copy and past the name in the reply box

  43. I’ve never ever thought I’d see the day where I feel ashamed of my government. This guy, Oliema takes the cake. I hope and pray that when they get the evidence against Hillary for Benghazi he also is found guilty of being the instigator of the fact. Fast and Furious was his baby as well. He’s guilty of the deaths he caused there and 100% guilty of those lives in Benghazi.

  44. Bastard Muslim Fraud.  This is what happens when he’s allowed to commit crimes against America, and he just walks away.  I blame John Boehner for this and everything else that happens.  He’s supposed to impeach when a so called President commits high crimes and misdemeanors.  John Boehner is a Quisling.  I hope that guy gets his someday for looking the other way. 
    In case you missed it, he’s a miserable failure as a father too.
    Pictured: The Jamaican-born fiancé of John Boehner’s daughter – who has been arrested for possessing marijuana
    Hey, Soetoro, you coke head, we haven’t forgotten this, you stealth Jihadist.
    Obama’s been nothing but a lousy bum his entire life.  He’s an ugly, ugly, stain on America, and so are those that voted for that piece of trash.

    1. NJK  True but without a socialist lying press there would be no uninformed voters or Obama presidency. There would still be stupid voters but there would still be no Obama presidency. 
      The news media is the number 1 enemy of liberty in America. Even Boehner would never have gotten away with being an enabler.

      1. cabensg NJK I agree totally with your assessment of the media. They are complicit in his crimes.

    2. >>>>….and so are those that voted for that piece of trash <<<<<<<
      RIGHT!  And you know what is hard?   My wife comes from an all Dumbocrat family.  Except SHE is the only conservative one.  She’s like a ‘Zell Miller type democrat.  “If ya got rattlesnakes under your porch, ya take your garden hoe & KILL them.  Ya don’t form a committee or call for a quarum”.  
      Her 85 yr old mother, 2 brothers & 2 sisters ALL support the LIER-IN-CHIEF.   And younger sister married (2nd) a VERY liberal catholic from Rhode Island….only watches MSNBC & LOVES “TINGLES”.  
      I can’t even say ANYTHING about politics to ANY of them, without them blaming Bush…….STILL…gag.  Just once I’d like to ask one of them if they still agree with O’s policies & are they happy with the state of the union.   But I can’t, they get so radical.  Every family affair is tense & all have to make an effort NOT to mention ANY politics lest ‘mother-in-law’ gets upset.    It just sucks.

      1. GWShrub You will get the last laugh when the ObamaCare penalty shows up when they do their tax returns for 2014 and this year when the value of employer-paid health insurance shows up on their W-2.

    3. NJK Not just Boehner but Issa and the ENTIRE Oversight Committee.  I don’t care if Issa is the chair, Chaffetz & Gowdy have the ability to press Issa on the Holder contempt action, yet crickets.  I blame them all.

    1. TinaG123 Who actually believes he loves America?  Seriously, even he admits he is not a fan of ours.  Doesn’t like our history, doesn’t like our laws and doesn’t like our heritage.

  45. I was a regional sales manager in the 80’s. It was my job to get the district sales manager’s production up. From time to time a district sales manager would say, “But my salespeople are lousy!” I’d respond by asking them four simple questions:
    1. Who hired them?
    2. Who trained them?
    3. Who motivated them?
    4. Who’s lousy?

    1. Rshill7 It comes down from the top and I have no doubt your salespeople were very successful. I was in real estate for many years and the quality of the manager played a huge part in the production of the office.

  46. I see clearly now. He and Holder arranged for guns to be smuggled into Mexico and placed in the hands of the drug cartels and that is a primary cause for the border violence and drug running. Sounds like Obama logic.

  47. You know what, Boy-king: now that you’re down there in Mexico, just effing stay there.  We don’t need you back.  We don’t want you back.

    1. E Lee Zimmerman Why didn’t he load up AF1 with illegal aliens and drop them in Mexico as long as he was going. That would have reduced deportation costs :}

  48. It is someone else’s fault. It’s the fault of the idiots who elected the puppet. It’s the fault of his handlers, who want to destroy America. It’s his father’s fault – no, no, scratch that one. His father only abandoned him and his mother. No fault there.

    OK, I’ll try to make up for that lapse. It’s his mother’s and grandmother’s fault for being white. It’s bush’s fault … what? You don’t buy that any more? … OK, it’s … um … I’VE GOT IT! It’s the NRA’s fault! Yippeee! Home free!
    obama: thumbsucker, deluxe model.

  49. You blame America?
    Uh, who’s the President of America? You are.
    Who ordered thousands of guns to be run across the border which were untraceable? You did.
    So, what you really should be saying is that it is your fault. 
    This economy is your fault too. These record debts and deficits are also yours. Oh, and that train wreck coming down the pike? Uh huh, it’s all YOU. 
    So, feel free to step down after taking a Louisville Slugger to your own reflection…pig.

    1. MeanGreenBeret Rshill7 Agreed. Wouldn’t want to get near Duckie if she has a bat. She’s tough enough with the computer. Our own ABC God bless her.

    2. MeanGreenBeret Rshill7 There’s a woman that posts as Michelle Malkin’s site that is wicked with a frying pan too!

      1. AmericanborninCanada Orangeone MeanGreenBeret Rshill7 I was thinking about the frying pan to slap the head back to you for another hit!  Hey join us on the NRA thread 🙂

      2. Orangeone AmericanborninCanada MeanGreenBeret Rshill7  lol there’s an idea!  
        I’ll try to pop in every now and then sis, but I’ve got a million things going on right now.  Just busy, I need more of me.

  50. “I have come to Mexico because it is time to put old mindsets aside,” Obama said in a speech to university students.  He’s talking to future demoncrat voters.  Of course he had to blame the US of A.

    1. Texas_Enforcer Hey, Texas can you stop him at the border and not let him cross back into the US?

    2. Texas_Enforcer Why do I feel he’s hinting Mexico will become a state of the US?

      1. Orangeone!!!   I was taking a sip of beer just as I read your post!  Now I have to find the windex.

        1. NYGino I’m soooo sorry. I had to do the same eating dinner last night reading someone’s post 🙁 Hey, beer at 2:30????

  51. Drug Smuggling? What? Like FAST AND F***ING FURIOUS?!! Someone charge this guy with treason already!

    1. Gun* Smuggling not Drug smuggling. Thats what this sodomite Islamist Manchurian bastard Obama is making me do: Mistype!

      1. pushtheredbutton You are actually correct on both counts, drug and gun smuggling. Where do you think the Choom gang gets its supplies from? LOL

  52. Argh!  I am so sick of this pathetic excuse for a president!!  How the hairy did he get re-elected!!  I want have some hope for our country, but – wow – this is beyond comprehension!

    1. Sometimes I just want to scream for the unmitigated gall this guy has to say the stuff he does.

      1. I know!  He has been given free license to say whatever the heck he wants to say by the MSM and not be questioned.  Boggles the freakin mind!

    2. Conservative_Hippie Only with his mouth. Someone confronts him he’ll whimper away.

  53. Correction, you and Eric Holder share the blame, not the United States. That blood is on your hands not ours.

    1. nosilasunny   The actual deeds are on the heads of Obama and Holder. The entities to blame for all of it is the news media. 
      Without the lying liberal media we wouldn’t have lost our education, higher and lower, our ability to be energy independent and most of all we wouldn’t have criminals running our government at all levels. That they to are victims of liberal brainwashing is no excuse for allowing them to continue in their complicity to ruin our country. 
      It’s time to put them at the top of the list of subversives and take them down.

  54. It’s going to take him quite a while to bend over and kiss 114,793,341 Mexican butts but I’m sure he’s up for the task.  Or should I say down for it?

  55. Wow.  I thought he was brazen before.  This guy’s “don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, believe what I say instead” shtick is unreal.

  56. What kind of brainwashing BS is this? No wonder Obama whats all of those illegals to vote who are from Mexico because they are so STUPID! Have they forgotten that it was the Obama administration who planned, implemented, and activated fast n’ furious! This is really insane!

  57. oh yay more blaming us for all the worlds problems.
    maybe he should bow while apologizing and threaten to sue more states also.

  58. Every day when I pray, I ask the Lord to remind me that hatred is evil. Every day, it’s harder and harder to remember.

  59. Politicians are woefully ignorant on guns. And I hate to tell Obama but the weaponry being used in Mexico cannot be purchased in this country. Those cartels either got it from Obama or another country.

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