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23 thoughts on “Obama Bows to the Chinese President

  1. That's pretty close. Actually he's a bootlicker.He acts in a servile manner to these people he bows down to because he wants to be liked. I would normally call someone that does that a brown noser, but I would be called a racist.

  2. This all seems to be shaping up like the British gvmnt in V for Vendetta control control control over your actions. Tea Parties take the role as the crowd in Guy Fawkes masks and get rid of them in '10 and '12

  3. obama is a communist , his parents were communist , his grand parents were communist , his mentors were communist . If it looks like a duck , quacks like a duck and bows to another commie like a duck , its a duck !

  4. pambas, You are correct about the Republicans not cutting the spending. I'm not on the side of either party. Margaret Thatcher was a great leader. This country needs someone like her. Someone that understands that socialism can't work. ” The problem with socialism is you run out of other people's money “

  5. ndes, It would be nice if we all could have health care in this country. It can't work in this country because not everyone has a job to pay for it. Our actual unemployment is approx 26 million. The problem with socialism is it takes away the incentive to work. When that happens, there will be no one to to pay taxes to support the people that choose not to work. We have so many people in this country that will never work even if a job was available. These same people get free medicaid and abuse it. I know families in Ohio that send their children to the emergency room to get dr excuses for being absent from school. The parents will be arrested because their children skip so much school, so they abuse medicaid. They don't care if it's costing the people that work. Also my understanding is under the health care bill, even after 4 years, there will still be 5% of the people not covered. That amounts to over 15 million people not covered under a HC bill that will put the grandchildren in debt for life. The figure checks out because they keep claiming 47 million people are uninsured and HC bill will cover 32 million

  6. What a waste … it is very similar situation in the US, were the Republican advocates tax cuts but forget about spending cut

    It should be the other way around and more complete narrative : Tax exist BECAUSE there is spending … get ride of the spending side and you fix the tax problme

    Lowering spending is indeed very difficult, but Margareth Tatcher survived a violent confrontation with Unions … why those free marktet type lack the spine ?

  7. The only way I can see out of this is if America leads by example. At least Europe will not change on its own. We had a slight upswing for free market proponents last election that put some of them into office but they screwed it up big time. They wanted to lower taxes but they refused to lower spending. So they intended to just pile it on the deficit. The news reported on that and now their numbers are plummeting.

  8. Sounds greatly depressive …. I feel sorry for you … but for your consolation I live in a worst hell hole : We have a dictator, abject poverty and idiotic socialist like you

    So there is no chance to save the world ?

  9. Drawing a comparison to Hitler is utterly unjustified. People here have left that era far behind.
    And the reason that Europe likes America going socialism isn't because they envy America. It's that the media and the cultural landscape around here just doesn't confront any of those big government beliefs.
    When Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty that would've centralized more power in Brussels every news agency and talking head I saw was jumping on the Irish voters for standing in the way of democracy, unity and progress.
    There is also no opposition to the increasingly louder cries for a minimum wage in Germany. The debate about freedom vs state is just dead here.
    And Americans standing up for old fashioned beliefs like 'right to bear arms' 'no government health care' etc. are generally displayed as stupid, fat, racist, christian fundamentalists living in trailers.

  10. ndes, The fact that Obama is popular in Germany doesn't mean much. They also loved Hitler. The only reason I can think of for many European countries wanting us to go socialized is the fact that misery loves company.

  11. Haha. Cap & Tax? I like that. I'm gonna start using that in my arguments to the idiots here. Also…I wish I could remember which newspaper did it. I think it starts with a “D,” but some newspaper over in Germany actually wrote an article about man-made global warming being a bunch of BS. If I find it again, I'll link you to it.

  12. Sure Danny, except the BS right wing over-reaction … sure the bowing is not that accentuate …. but See Hu Jintao Posture : Straight and Decisive !

    Obama is bowing (maybe not enough for Asian standard) but looks submitted and with a broken spin !

    Saying that this is diplomacy doesn't help much when Bibi Netaniyu is treated like a sick dog … it sends the wrong message

  13. That's just it though, were not socialist, not in the slightest! We don't agree with a socialized government and want to get back to American founding principals and the sooner the better to help our economy and create jobs and forget about global warming and cap and tax.

  14. Most of USA would be willing to give him to you. Fortunately Germany can't vote in our elections. He would fit right in with the socialized ideas over there. You can have Pelosi and Reid too. They'll be looking for work after November.

  15. Living in Germany I can tell you Obama is enormously popular here. So if you're concerned Obama is making America look bad, at least in Europe he isn't.

  16. That's actually a reasonable point to make – also, although I don't think this a huge deal, I do agree that Hu Jintao and the rest of the Chinese government are total scumbags and I wouldn't give them even the slightest gesture of courtesy, but diplomacy is diplomacy.

    As for the question, and I am no psychic, but my guesses would be

    1) Obama's tendency to bow is slightly off the beaten path when it comes to east-west diplomacy, which usually sees the former conforming to the norms of the latter; I don't think they're expecting it and so by the time it could be processed, it's too late.
    2) Bowing and shaking hands are generally not gestures that are combined – it would be nice if someone told this to the president, but it's not such a huge deal.

    Ultimately, though, I am of the personal opinion that this gesture was so slight that it is kind of a stretch to call it a bow. I suppose you can construe it from these pictures, but the entire thing lasted less than three seconds (usually one holds a bow for at least five) that it was more of a dip of the head – and, if it makes people feel better, it was immediately followed by Obama touching Hu Jintao on the back, which is a big big big no-no if you're dealing with someone who you regard as a superior.

    It really just seems like people are trying to make a big deal out of what was really nothing at all.

  17. I believe it is subservience since it wasn't a mutual bowing. Why didn't they bow to Obama since it's a courtesy gesture? Why are they ignoring their own culture?

  18. Guys, everybody needs to cool it here.

    1) Bowing is not a ceremonial greeting in Denmark or England, so it wouldn't make sense for him to do so.
    2) I don't know how much you know about East Asian culture, but this level of bow is a courtesy gesture and certainly doesn't show subservience. His bow to Akihito was a tad low, and is better charted up to an ignorance on behalf of President Obama regarding how to give proper signals when one is bowing – and yes, that one was a bit much, but nobody over here (in Japan) thought it was anything other than mildly endearing, and it certainly didn't have any bearing on their impression of the president other than, perhaps, a positive one.

    But his one here? Guys, my professors bow to me at this angle – do you think that they are subservient to me? Seriously, c'mon, chill out.

  19. I heads towards my bunker !

    The dude lacks SPINE … which explain the bowing …. or He just bow to who ever agree with his Socialist credo

  20. The Kenyan will bow to anybody that is not White. Did he bow to Royalty in Denmark and England? NO he did not. So therefore by definition he is a RACIST.

  21. Quit making us Americans look weak you communist coward! Put a boot to his face!

    We despise communism and its leaders!

    Its definitely obvious this guy holds more contempt for our allies than our enemies.

  22. ok, now the question is, what liberal spin will they put to this, checking his beltbuckle, making sure his laceless shoes are tied, he drop his brain, what will it be this time?????????

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