Obama campaign manager tweets out creepy photo of himself

Not sure what these guys are thinking, but Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, tweeted out a creepy photo with ObamaCare written on his hands:

Um, ok then.

Consider this your open thread for Wednesday.

UPDATE: Twitchy has the down low on why Messina tweeted it.

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179 thoughts on “Obama campaign manager tweets out creepy photo of himself

  1. What dynamic is it about the left that attracts all the freaks? Honestly, if you had told me this was a woman undergoing a sex-change operation, I would have believed it. He looks like Cindy Sheehan meets Danny Bonaduce.

  2. Eeeeew. So sick of seeing these pasty-faced girly-men. Go mow the yard! Get a tan & build a muscle all in the same effort. You’ll probably need less healthcare if you’d just treat yourself like a man, for goodness sake.

  3. I have an image for you——->this tool and DebbieDonut…in the same picture. This stooge must be Obamas BBF….just look at his smile! Gross!!!

    1. Just that this tool thinks he’s the face of the compassionate gov’t healthcare system. I think the point is that he’s looking so creepily at the camera, attempting to change hearts & minds. Just the condescending look in his eye tells the whole story. Blech…

  4. The look of a pedophile if I have ever seen one. This guy is disturbed and his being on the Obama team confirms as much.

  5. Here’s how uniformed I am, I didnt even “get it”

    I was saying, care obama? What?

    I have to admit tho I was distracted by his name- Jim Messina, I was thinking the musician (Your mama dont dance, and your daddy dont rock and roll)

    1. poljunkie, we were just talking about that on the “R.I. school bans father/daughter dances” topic. Check it out. Seems like nobody can dance anymore without offending the ACLU.

      1. Where was the precious ACLU when our feds trampled all over the anti-muslim movie creator’s 1st Amendment Rights??

        1. They must have been at the theater watching obumo’s stooge bill mahr’s anti-muslim movie. Oh I forgot if you contribute one million to the anointed one’s campaign everything goes.

    2. LOL…honest mistake. Only Jim Messina of Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and Loggins and Messina actually did something productive with his life.

  6. Geeze, another dimocrat loser. Where do they get that campaign manager??? That photo is freaky and weird!!!! Guess you’d have to be a gov’t groupie to appreciate it….I’m not and I don’t.

  7. Just another effeminate, liberal male. Chris Matthews is the poster boy for effeminate libs, but this guy is definitely in the running. Perhaps liberalism is a genetic disorder.

  8. ObamaCare is not for all. Congress, the WH administration, federal employees and many exempted unions and businesses are not subject to these taxes. This guy looks like he needs treatment for AIDS.

  9. Pure EVIL.

    In the Wizard Of Oz, the grand wizard was supposedly a “kindly old gentleman.” Or so it would seem… In actuality, he was a dictator that ruled his country with an iron fist. He even sent little Dorthy to battle with his enemy the witch.

    Behind that “I won’t ever hurt you” face, lurks someone that is willing to sell all of us out to the highest bidder. He is PURE EVIL. He, Obama, and all that are like him must be defeated.

  10. Actually, under his thumb is the word ‘dump’. Strange that this man would think something like that, but we all know that not all Democrats are for the Obama dictatorship.

    1. Just a little character assassination. Robin Williams and Don Rickles made a lot of money off of that. Also, it’s really bland compared to what they said about Sarah Palin’s hand after she wrote on it.

      I could do with less “gay” nonsense about it though.

      (All I was gonna write was “You don’t know where those hands have been.” But after seeing what’s already here, I decided to back away slowly.)

      1. Lol. I must have missed the reaction to Sarah Palin writing on her hand. I actually don’t remember her writing on her hand.

          1. Lol, she wasn’t the first person to use the word. So I’m assuming the media accused her of being an idiot and making up a new word….because she’s just too dumb to know the word doesn’t exist. Sorry, MSM, the word may not be in the dictionary but it has been used before by others. She didn’t make it up.

  11. Jim Messina looks like a bad taxidermy made from an old Michael Cera who died of consumption/tuberculosis. In a cave.

    1. Ha! Although I’d much rather prefer Laura Prepon on this occasion. I heard that she is actually a pretty cool gal. I don’t think Messina epitomizes “cool” in any sense of the term.

  12. No shi*! Check his desk drawers for evidence of child porn trafficking while you’re at it. Wow, that is a creepy picture. I feel he is watching me no matter where I move to in my office.

  13. Yeah, there are some pretty creepy & weird people posting pics of themselves under the #ForAll hash tag on Twitter. Although, I have to say Messina’s is probably the most nightmare inducing…

      1. Yep – under Edit Profile/Full Name ~ There are a few poster’s with just ‘Amy’. I like to be unique. LOL

  14. Geez, I just ate lunch. That picture should have come with a warning.

    That picture reminds me of thing, Sucker.

  15. EEEWWWWW. That was my first reaction. My second reaction was fear. Fear that these are the type of people who literally worship a man who disdains their very existence. Obama would run the campaign bus over guys like this, back up, and make sure the job was finished, if it suited his best interests. Remember the politician in that movie who grabbed the baby and held it in front of him to protect himself from bullets? That is Obama. He’d do it in a minute, and guys like this campaign manager would lay down their lives for his political future. It’s scary stuff.

  16. Well the Obamagirl recently fell out of love with him, so I guess this guy want’s to be the Obamaboy-friend. And if certain rumors are true, he’d be welcome!

    This guy reminds me of the kind of creep that hangs around playgrounds driving a white panel beat up old van asking kids to help him look for his puppy.

    “if you see him coming, get away if you can, just keep on running, run as fast as you can, he’s a dangerous! DANGEROUS man, and he’s out tonight and he’s watching you, and he knows your house” – He’s back (Friday 13th theme) – Alice Cooper. That song springs into my mind when I see pictures like the one featured in this article.

    1. Lab results are in. 55% estrogen and 40% ethanol and 5% unknown elements.

      The ethanol has destroyed his seals and gaskets, which would account for the leaky trail he leaves behind.

    1. It’s his hormonal ambiguity. Too much estrogen. The guy is prolly bit sick, which is ironic. Serious about that btw.

  17. At this point, he’s probably coming down off of whatever it is he took that possessed him to tweet what may be the creepiest picture of the whole election cycle. Someone should probably go find him before he sees it.

  18. The pathetic thing about this

    Is that ——— He thinks


    Here comes another “heave” and another 1/2lb off my weight

    1. “Love is a many gendered thing.”

      This person reminds me of Pat the androgynous from Saturday Night Live.

      Joe, please throw up once more for me, as I’m already quite slim.

  19. I am so glad to see the poor judgement of his campaign staff. I hope this lack of awareness bleeds over into other campaign decisions.

  20. Bet this guy gets chewed out by Obama. What do you mean showing your face to the public? Don’t you EVER do that again! You trying to cost me the election?

        1. cousin cindy09, you have just undone all that i had been taught of art appriecation, in college. but of course in my case that was a long time past

  21. Well Scoop
    You are right. This guy is creepy. I didn’t realize adults wrote on themselves. I thought it was an elementary school thing. I bet “tingles” is nodding in approval. I heard Mooch made him do it…

    1. It’s okay to do that if you are part of the 0-parade. But remember the merciless press when Sarah jotted a couple reminders on her palm before giving a great speech?

  22. I think he is delusional. The Obama supporters really seem to have a personal love relationship with him. It is only in there own minds as Obama doesn’t care about them (as witnessed by how quickly he will toss them under the bus). It is almost like abject hero worship.

    1. oh yes indeed. i tried to have a conversation with a 40 something punk, who actually believes health care will be free under Obama. it is no use, facts are unimportant to these idolaters of Obama

        1. Libs are just so sensitive they desensitized their sense of humor. The only thing humorous to them is disabled babies.

          1. Ok, ABC, I hear ya and your right! Well I want to talk about Obamacare. I want that to be the next topic to highlight, I think.

    1. Now, now…shame on you. Remember, Wanda Sykes said it’s not nice to use the word “gay”, especially when talking about B.O. (to Pele Jr. whose comment is beneath me–perhaps in more ways than one–what is a typical Republican response?

      1. But, didn’t Newsweek call Obama ‘First Gay President’ on their cover? I thought they meant happy, right?

        1. LOL…I remembered watching the stupid show when I was a kid. I was trying to figure out who that clown Messina reminded me of with the red hair and goofy big smile…then it struck me: Puffy! I did a search of the Net and lo and behold, I found the perfect Puffy pic.

      1. How dewh you say that he wooks wike me. He wooks nothing wike me. Okay, maybe he wooks wike my companion, but he wooks nothing wike me, ahwight?


        Bawney Fwank

  23. Search his desk drawers. What’s the betting you’ll find an empty bottle of alcohol in there. That would explain the picture. The booze is needed to dull his conscience since he’s working for NObama and isn’t allowed to do any critical thinking.

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