Obama dances while the world burns

While the Democrats are beating up John Boehner for playing a game of golf, their own fearful leader was living it up in the White House last night while the Middle East is on fire and much of America is unemployed. That’s the real rub here, that while Americans are struggling to find work at levels we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, Obama is flying all over the world whether it be to beg for the Olympics or to put up all his friends at the Taj Mahal Hotel. He claims that he identifies with the poor, yet he lives as lavish a lifestyle as he can with little to no criticism from the MSM.

Last night he held a big Motown party at the White House. Now while I am still fortunate enough to have a job, I must wonder how I’d feel if I were one of those who had run out of unemployment insurance, to see my President living it up like this especially when the prices of food and oil are going up due to many of his own policies. I imagine that I’d probably just turn the TV off in disgust.

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