Obama: Economy past crisis point – time to focus on jobs and growth. AGAIN!

Before I get to today’s press conference let’s go back almost a year in time:

In January of 2010, Obama claimed that after 2 years of recession the economy was growing again and it was time to focus on jobs!

Ok, now let’s jump to the present.


In today’s press conference Obama was asked about his infamous car analogy – if the car was still in the ditch and who would be driving the car over the next two years:

That was an interesting answer. Obama just said that we are now past the crisis point and it’s time to pivot and focus on jobs and growth. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it? So I guess that means that in January of this year when he thought we were done recessing, we were actually still in crisis. Maybe that’s why the unemployment graph below looks like it does:

Wow this year’s job growth kinda sucked. Unemployment is actually going up again, getting even closer to 10%. I guess that’s why God made more than one year, to give Obama another shot at fixing the economy and getting unemployment down.

Oh I almost forgot. Obama also said today that the American people are now driving the car. I’m a little confused because I thought only the Republicans and Democrats in DC could drive the car. If we are driving the car now, then maybe we were also driving it in the past too when he thought the Republicans were driving it. Dang, all that time he was accusing the Republicans of driving it in the ditch when it was our fault!

Or maybe, just maybe he really doesn’t want to admit that he’s been driving the car for the last two years and that he’s still driving it – except now he’s got a whole bunch of Republicans in the front seat too and they have their own brake pedal, you know, kinda like one of those Driver’s Ed. cars.

The point of this post is simply to show that Obama just says whatever the hell he wants to say and tends to get away with it, at least with the MSM and the drones. But the American people aren’t letting him get away with it. We made our voice known over the past two years and in November, and we are going to make it known again and again over the next two years and especially in Nov 2012 when we are going to boot this socialist ideologue and his cronies out of Washington once and for all.


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