Obama family’s tennis coach CAUGHT in scumbag college bribery scandal!

JUST AS I knew would happen, the Obama’s tennis coach was CAUGHT as one of the scumbags who bribed officials in order to CHEAT their kids’ way into privileged colleges.

Watch below:

From Fox News:

A tennis coach who worked with the family of former President Barack Obama was among the 50 people charged Tuesday in a college admissions scheme in which wealthy parents allegedly bribed coaches and others to get their children accepted to some of the top schools in the U.S.

Gordon Ernst, 52, was a former tennis coach at Georgetown University and the University of Rhode Island. He is accused of conspiracy to commit racketeering while he was at Georgetown.

Ernst was at Georgetown from 2012 to 2017 and was the personal instructor of former first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, according to the Providence Journal. None of the Obamas are implicated in the scandal in any way.

WHO DID THEY PAY OFF?!?! I bet it was Jeff Sessions, though that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, it certainly feeds my irrational need for partisan outrage dammit!!


Ernst allegedly accepted nearly $3 million in bribes and in return helped a dozen students get onto the Georgetown’s tennis team, including kids who didn’t actually play the sport in a competitive fashion, according to the New York Post.

The scam was run by William Singer, who helped parents get their children’s college admissions through bribes, according to court documents. Singer, an admissions consulting company founder, pleaded guilty in Boston federal court to charges including racketeering conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Ugh, what a piece of crap.

The college bribery scam outrages me so much because these are people who are already privileged trying to purchase their way into privilege for their lazy stupid kids. I really hope they get to face severe consequences, but I fear that they will use their privilege to escape that too.

WHAT kind of people would hire such a scumbag tennis coach??! Well, the Obamas did, and probably all sorts of people did, and we really can’t judge them through the scumbag behavior of their tennis coach. Though I bet some of you will… also, #MAGA!!

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50 thoughts on “Obama family’s tennis coach CAUGHT in scumbag college bribery scandal!

  1. PLEASE let the Obama clan be implicated in this fiasco.

    Oh, and other liberal Democrat pukes.


  2. Obamas entrust their daughter to that creepy rapist Hollywood producer for a summer intern. Their tennis coach is a lying, cheating scumbag. Nice role models, Mr and Mrs Soetoro. You know how to pick them.

    And Trump gets all the blame? Think again, Democrats.

  3. Ernst was just trying to cash in on the feeding frenzy.

    William Singer, an admissions consulting company founder,… I laughed when I read that because I imagined his consulting advise consisted of, “It’s going to take X amount of money to get your kid admitted. Obviously, cash is preferred.”

  4. Since the two-tiered judicial system has been verified, it isn’t likely these POS will face anything near what you or I would face under the same circumstances. Thank the libturds and the slimy Left.

  5. Lol, big deal, been happening forever.

    How about we examine how the majority in Congress become millionaires in just a few years. You know, the untouchables who NEVER suffer consequences, but continue to pizz away our money & freedoms.

  6. This guy should have gone into politics where this kind of behavior is perfectly acceptable and the norm.

  7. And we learn now that Michelle’s chief of staff Tchen was in contact with the Chicago D.A. Foxx on the Smollett matter, persuading Foxx to pressure the police chief to let the FBI handle it because Smollett’s family wasn’t satisfied. It seems the chief did not fully comply, though they worked with the FBI which is not a problem. Foxx was working with a suspect’s family! How is this not obstruction/collusion?!


  8. I guess I don’t understand why this is such a big surprise. The elites use their money/status/power for everything under the sun, why wouldn’t they use it for this, too? They gotta make them kidlets seem important somehow… to carry on the family traditions, ya know.

    1. They should have just done it the old fashion way and made a donation directly to the school or paid for a building. Then they wouldn’t have been arrested.

  9. Well I think it can be easily said of celebrities and the “other” unmentioned parents of these kids, raised some dumb as a rock children and the parents knew they were dumb as rocks needing to skirt the rules.

    The children should be at the minimum a little peeved their parents think so little of them. But then that’s me and from what I saw of that one video of whichever daughter, they are to dumb to realize what their parents did.

  10. Sounds like the Obama’s were ringleaders in the scam and their daughters benefited with a Harvard admission. . . Remember when the Obama’s loaned their daughter out to Harvey Weinstein for God knows what

    1. I don’t think the Obama’s bribed anybody for their daughters. Just having the name Obama opened up every admissions door in the country for them.

  11. All this went on and college heads amazingly knew nothing about it !!! Or did they blindly look the other way?!?! What’s the chances one of these coaches turn on the colleges and say the colleges were involved?

    1. @trapper I’m betting that the kids who got on the rowing team only had one oar in the water anyway.

      1. What’s the difference in this and then bringing in these football, basketball, and baseball players?! How many of these players can’t read or write? Nothing corrupt here! Not defending these rich elites, I’m pointing the finger at the real corruption, the colleges. Inflating cost every year, inflating debt on students that they may never be able to pay back. I’m hoping this boomerangs back at the colleges

          1. But we have the fraud just like the rich elites, which if it wasn’t for them being athletes, they would never get in college They fix the numbers and that’s what the rich elites were doing

    2. USC has had YUGE scandals of late, The Med School director was scum on earth but between cocaine, heroin and dead overdosed mistresses, he was a great fund-raiser. And no one “knew”.

  12. Are the little 0s in college yet? That would be sweet if the former president and the First Wookie were charged.

  13. None of the Obamas are implicated in the scandal in any way.

    Do you really think if they did help Sasha and Malia, you’d actually hear about it? Although I’m pretty sure they’d be able to get into any school just because of who they are anyway. They’re not daughters of a B-rated actress who needs to bribe someone.

  14. I’m honestly surprised that no one from the colleges checked on all of these applicants stating they had athletic prowess in some capacity (rowing, tennis, whatever), and then were never heard of by the athletic dept? DId no one check to see why a competitive tennis champ never showed up for the tennis team??

      1. @nygino But the news reports are saying the colleges are in no way implicated.. that Singer was the one to reap the $$$. I think there’s still an awful lot of holes in this story to come out yet, Gino

        1. Being the skeptic that I am, who knows who’s palms were greased
          to keep this scam going. I agree with you about more to come out yet.

          1. From what they said on Laura Ingraham’s show, it sounds like a massive, far-reaching scam, so who knows? It’s going to be interesting! I am somewhat shocked w/ Lori Loughlan, tho..thought of her as a more wholesome, upstanding sort. Ya just never know!

  15. Who’s really surprised these rich scumbags are buying their “dumber than blocks of wood” children into the Ivy Leagues & taking away spots that would have gone to kids that earned their way in through hard work?

  16. Jeff Sessions LMHO! 😆 😆 I’m not sure he couldn’t even find himself.

    This will be interesting as the facts come out. Us lowly worms have to rely on studying & hard work.

  17. I know this is serious but I can’t help but get a chuckle out of a tennis
    coach being accused of racketeering. Hope you guys have it in your
    hearts to forgive me. The things we run across on the net.

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