Obama jabs Bush and Iraq war while visiting troops – UPDATE: Full speech added

Obama attacks Bush every chance he gets, and this time he does it while making a surprise visit to Afghanistan:

Some of you may say that Obama didn’t mean Bush or Iraq in his statement. Then I ask you, why make the comparison of ‘America trying to spread it’s influence’ or ‘wanting to meddle in someone else’s business’? He could have simply avoided the comparison and just pointed out the attack on 9/11 is the reason we are fighting this war. But no, he had to take another jab at Bush, as he always does.

Stay classy Obama.

UPDATE: Here’s the full video of the speech. Not a bad speech overall, minus the jabs at Bush:

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13 thoughts on “Obama jabs Bush and Iraq war while visiting troops – UPDATE: Full speech added

  1. I think that as our commander in chief he supports the troops. Bush never served (meaningfully) and he wore the jacket, I'm sure without your objections.

    Attacks against Obama's patriotism are worn and weary.

  2. A lot of posters here are saying “He never used Bush's name so he couldn't have meant Bush”, etc. The fact that he didn't come right out and say it doesn't disprove the point, it only makes it harder (maybe impossible) to prove. If he was truly trying to “jab” Bush, then that is by design.

    To offer some “evidence”, I'd ask you to consider the following:
    – Why was he wearing a military style jacket? Did he serve? Does he generally support the troops (beyond lip service)?
    – Of course, most politicians, Rs and Ds alike, wrap themselves in the flag of whatever group they are speaking to. And when they do, it diminishes their credibility, it makes me think they are hiding something. Like a used car salesman.
    – So if you can accept that line of reasoning, at least for the sake of argument, then is it that hard to believe that he is only there, at the Front Lines, for anything other than another photo op? And if he is only there continuing his 36 month plus campaign, why should we expect anything different from him. He is relentless in his insistence that all of our countries woes are a result of the policies of the past, etc.

  3. I agree with TourOfRicky as well. It's just not there. I'm a little suspicious actually. I think therightscoop might be a closet Obama fan and this was all an elaborate plan to make us watch a decent speech by him.

    Obama tries to lay out our goals in this speech, which is appreciated, but they still sound as vague as they did when Bush began this “war on terror.” I know we're scheduled to have the vast majority of Iraqi troops come home this summer, but that's happening as more are going to Afghanistan, and with our metrics for measuring success still ill-defined. Sounds too 1984 for me.

  4. From Obama's speech” And our strategy includes a military effort that takes the fight to the Taliban while creating the conditions for greater security and a transition to the Afghans; but also a civilian effort that improves the daily lives of the Afghan people AND COMBATS CORRUPTION. ” Before he worries about corruption in other countries, he needs to clean up corruption in his own administration.

  5. I also didn't see anything said against Bush either by Obama, which is rare. That is my opinion though. I also believe that Right Scoop has the same right to express his opinions.

  6. I've gotta agree with Ricky on this one…though I would like to say that just looking at his facial expressions and his movements tell me that the sincerity isn't there at all. It was never really there with Bush either from what I saw both on TV and at the Baghdad speech I attended, but the point is still there.

    Ricky already said it with the last sentence. You're pretty much right most of the time, but this isn't one of them.

  7. I'm all for calling Obama out on his hypocrisies/flip-flopping. I just don't see him doing it here. You're making a hitpiece out of nothing, this is just wrong on your part.

    The headline is very misleading. Had Obama of mentioned the Bush administration and said something like “We're different”, then you could make the argument that Obama was trashing Bush…but he wasn't.

    Obama clearly knows that the U.S. troops are Republican/supported Bush, so for Obama to take a shot at Bush of all places in Afghanistan just doesn't work for me. I watched that clip twice and not once did Obama say anything to trash Bush or his policies. Obama only re-enforced the goal of the troops in Afghanistan (Would Bush say anything different!?!?!?)

    Stop posting hit-pieces when there isn't one to post.

  8. Yeah he didn't call Bush by name. I understand how you can argue the opposite point, however he always blames Bush or jabs Bush. Why would this be any different?

  9. Where is he slamming Bush?!?

    Bush could of given this exact same speech! Obama was re-iterating
    to the troops why they are still there! Nothing to do with Bush!

    I know this website is called “therightscoop”, but sometimes I wonder
    if you should bring a SHOVEL for what you're posting…

  10. Yeah, I think you're taking his statements here out of context.

    I don't dispute that he may very well believe what you're suggesting, but the fact that he's in Afghanistan talking about the war there, it's more likely that he was simply framing the situation as it is there.

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