Obama judge might reinstate 200k purged Georgia voters before run-off

This is not good. A federal judge, appointed by Obama, might reinstate 200k voters who were purged from the voter rolls in 2019 by Georgia state officials.

The short story is that several leftist groups are accusing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger of improperly purging 200k voters from the voter rolls in 2019. Those organizations would be the Black Voters Matter Fund, the Transformative Justice Coalition and the Rainbow Push Coalition.

But the Secretary of State’s attorney says they followed federal guidelines in removing voters from the voter rolls. Also, since that removal occurred in 2019, they argue that voters have had over a year to re-register to vote if any of them had been improperly removed.

Attorneys for the secretary of state’s office said the office followed all federal guidelines in updating voter registration rolls and, if there were issues with people being removed inappropriately, the plaintiffs had a year to bring their case.

“Voters have had almost a year to reregister,” said Bryan Tyson, an attorney for the secretary of state’s office. “The absentee ballots for Jan. 5 went out on Nov. 21. And so we are now at the point of, if we made these changes now, we interfere with an ongoing election.”

The Georgia SOS office wants the judge to drop the case because these groups don’t have standing. j

But I’m sure both you and I know how this Obama judge will rule, who says he’ll be making his decision quickly. I’d be shocked if he actually dismissed the case.

You can read more about this here or here.

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