Obama suggests Republican Party is racist, doesn’t want too many “people of darker shades” in America

The disgusting former socialist President Barack Obama suggested at a Latino conference that the Republican Party is racist over their rhetoric on the border, claiming they don’t want too many “people of darker shades” in America.

Via Newsmax:

Former President Barack Obama recently criticized the Republican Party for using “toxic” and “dangerous rhetoric” when talking about immigration and border security.

“Right now, the biggest fuel behind the Republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow America’s character is going to be changed if, people of darker shades, there are too many of them here,” Obama said during the L’Attitude conference in San Diego, California, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“I wish I could be more euphemistic about it except [they’re] not that subtle about it — they’re just kind of saying it,” he continued. “You hear it on hard-right media, you hear it from candidates and politicians, you hear things like ‘great replacement theory’ — I mean, this is not subtle. Unless we’re able to return to a more inclusive vision inside the Republican Party, it’s going to be hard to get a bill done.”

Obama said that this kind of language is “dangerous,” saying, “A lot of toxic rhetoric in the atmosphere that characterizes ‘those people’ as ‘different’ and wanting to ‘tear down America’ as opposed to build it up.”

He added: “When you have that kind of rhetoric floating around out there, we’ve seen in history that is dangerous rhetoric. It’s dangerous wherever it appears and it’s dangerous here in the United States. It’s not part of what’s best in us; it’s not part of what makes this country exceptional.”

Obama cites the ‘great replacement theory’ as the over the top rhetoric from Republicans that prove they are racist. But as we’ve said before, that’s complete and utter garbage. The ‘great replacement theory’ isn’t about race at all, but about party and power.

Democrats want the border open to import more illegals, who they can then bribe to vote for them with taxpayer money, benefits and the promise of citizenship, in hopes of turning red states like Texas and Florida into blue states.

It’s their biggest long-term strategy of trying to defeat Republicans and keep themselves in power and Obama played his part when he was president. Biden has now put that on steroids and is importing even more illegals into the country.

This is why the left hates President Trump so much because Trump was not only building the wall, but he was winning over Latinos all over the country and turning them into Republicans. That’s why they worked overtime to cheat in 2020 and why they oppose the new state election laws that make it harder for them to cheat. Trump is a huge threat to their future Latino voting base and that could undo everything they have planned for the future.

That’s what this is really all about, which is why Obama is still doing his part to try and paint Republicans as racists over the border issue, even though it has nothing to do with race at all. Just more lies from the former liar-in-chief.

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