Obama tapes recording for US Muslim Brotherhood group “my administration is proud to be your partner”

We just reported on Mohamed Magid, the president of ISNA, working directly with the White House as well as sitting on a Homeland Security group that deals with ‘extremism’. If you haven’t seen that report you should go there now. It explains, in part, how the leaders of the Holy Land Foundation were convicted of funding terrorism, specifically the Islamic terror group Hamas whose goal is to destroy Israel, and that this Holy Land Foundation was spun off of a US Muslim Brotherhood group called ISNA. Because the US government wanted to indict the leaders of the Holy Land Foundation, ISNA was put on a list of unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation to be prosecuted at a later time. And they would have been had that not come at the end of the Bush administration.

So considering all of that, you wouldn’t think an American president would be in bed with a group who is responsible for funding a terror group who wants to destroy Israel, our greatest ally and the only Western power in the Middle East. But he is. Here is a message he sent to ISNA just the other day:

He supports the Muslim Brotherhood abroad and supports them at home…and opens the doors of America’s White House to them.

(h/t: Front Page Mag)

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199 thoughts on “Obama tapes recording for US Muslim Brotherhood group “my administration is proud to be your partner”

    1. Because God said whoever blesses Israel he will bless them, and whoever curses them he will curse. Be careful pmc

  1. the illegal muslim would always support terrorism.  muslim never were part of the american history and the only way they are now is known as terrorists….  the illgal muslim obama is just what he is illegal and muslim and the stupid people that voted for him are the followers of a pipped pipper… thats it… it is their stupidity that is going to take this country down.  it is not the illegal muslim obama being stupid it is the stupid american people being stupid in wanting everything handed to them and take from those that earned it.  hitler did it, and now the illegal muslim obama is doing it and now most important is the idiots that voted for him are going to pay, and in reality their children will be under a socialist rule.  when women start getting raped by muslims tuff luck and start wearing burks…. you deserve what you asked for so go to bed with it and remember what you were told

  2. If these people were not born here! the may be citizens.on paper. but will never be AMERICANS! public or not their mission is to destroy AMERICAN! LIVES our country our way of life our freedoms. I for one do not want them here in my country!

  3. slamist have done nothing to progress the USA listening to the
    convention tapes from the 49th convention shows they are working to
    educate the “new” Islamist here by telling them to be civil, smile, show
    they care crap, they have no clue how to be civil and have to be taught
    this, no it’s unacceptable bullshit period.  They are working to
    present Islam as a wonderful addition to the USA when in fact it will be
    the death to our country, they right now are demanding and protesting
    and complaining how terrible they have it here in the USA well you know
    what get the heck out of the USA if you feel that way.  The country you
    came here from will take you back and if they will not take you back
    their are other places in the world that is Islamic and pray to the
    quran god allah and the prophet gets a big chunk of praise too.  Islam
    is nothing more then a totalitarian system of government do not bring it
    and try to turn the USA into another Arab Emirate no matter how much
    crap obama’s mouth speaks the truth is Islam is a way of life and it’s
    culture is one of death and has been for 1400 years and they
    have done anything to build this country up but they sure can’t wait to
    deceive us and take it down.  All countries that have welcomed them in
    like Sweden, Norway, UK, Syria,
    Egypt, Somalia and any other country they moved into they want to
    dominate they are creeping into our courts, building and bringing
    money to fund their projects like CAIR a foreign corporation their
    money comes
    primarily from Saudi Arabia. 

    Islamic Society of North America Abbreviation ISNA Formation 1963   
    This groups was about to be prosecuted at the end of Bush’s term but
    never happened when Obama took over… good muslim he is. “the
    government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of
    ISNA, NAIT, with the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas”.
    traces its origins to a meeting of several Muslim in 1963, at which the of the U.S. & Canada (“The MSA”) was
    formed in January 1963. ISNA regards the MSA’s 1963 convention as its first
    one, held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Present-day ISNA
    was founded in 1982 through a joint effort of four organizations: The Muslim
    Students Association of the US and Canada (The MSA), Islamic Medical
    Association (IMA), the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS), and the
    Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE) – to create a
    community-oriented organization due to the changing nature of the growing
    Muslim community. Many of the leaders of these four founding
    organizations took leadership roles in the newly-formed ISNA. In 1983, ISNA
    completed a $21 million ($48,405,947 today) headquarters complex in suburban using funds raised in part from international
    sources. In 2008, it claimed 4,000 members.  See
    the money ….   48 million headquarters and this is all recent  since
    9/11/01, and those millions rest assured came from Islamic countries
    like Saudi Arabia, ya think the 4,000 members raised 48 million by
    it from other muslims in the USA or it’s 4,000 members no, and the
    mosques they are building
    like wild fire are also being funded by Saudi Arabia, I hope we bomb
    Syria because I want to see Putin and his russia go into Saudi Arabia
    and do some real damage after all SA is the head of the snake.  Prince
    of Saudi Arabia asked Putin about a month ago to declare Syria defeated
    or the Prince would make sure “his” “people” in Chechnya would reap
    on the Winter games scheduled in Russia.  Putin is pissed at this Prince

    and I hope he gets a chance to do some real damage to Saudi Arabia, and
    perhaps Russia should remove all Chechnya Islamist from their country
    since this Prince admitted they are “his people”.   Look at the list
    above all those organizations here in the USA who do you think is the
    head of the snake for them.  Did you answer….   Saudi Arabia?  You
    would be a sure winner.    Resist all of these kind looking peaceful
    educated people because what comes after them is nothing but demands,
    protests and killing even if you try to appease them that is not their
    goal to get this or that, what they want is war and what they want is
    any country they go into, the Quran tells them to dominate the world
    it’s the only way to bring back their holy 13th Imam… like the
    christains wait for Jesus,, Islam is working to bring their Imam back as

    the quran says through jihad.  No more believing the deceit and it’s
    time to help tear down what Islam had built here in the USA before it
    grows faster and since Obama brought 1.2 million somalians here it will
    become harder if not removed soon.  Congress is the only part of
    government that can approve immigration numbers and congress is looking
    the other way to allow this invasion of Islam to take place.  I guess
    that all figure they will not live long enough to see the blood shed and
    don’t give one little shit about their ancestors who will be left to
    fight off the barbarians because unlike the Christians Islam has made
    sure to pass their culture and keep muslims in the faith by force and
    that is the only way they managed to grow so quickly forcing conversion
    and killing anyone that leaves the flock.     They all suck and deceive
    the infidel..  Stay in the countries where Islam is 100% why do you come
    here if
    you are in a 100% muslim country is it not suppose to be peaceful? Why
    come here if it isn’t to dominate the USA an it’s stupid uneducated

  4. Bloody Pig sleeping with the enemy and giving away the west to the moochers of Islam.How can any one in America or Canada approve of this bloody pig’s actions!!!

  5. judyavelsor or any pushing for any form of Sharia law in this land.  We already have the law of the land, the Constitution!

  6. Just listen to how much life is in this message.   Where is the life in his message for the Americans that die under his watch by the ones he speaks about.  He is an usurper, a Trojan Horse, in OUR White House.  We are a loving country that loves the diversity that is so much a part of OUR homeland but we will not live and be forced to live under any usurper.  We will “DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION”


  8. JIM737 sonny100 DarrellHughs stevobudin You are right.  I misspelled that word. I try never to do that, but it happens. I think faster than I type obviously and make mistakes.  Not calling EVERYONE out, only those who insist on SHOUTING, and dissing ANYONE’s religion, not just mine.  Do you not think that had he dissed Mohammed that people would not be slamming from left to right?  If you don’t believe in Jesus, fine, that’s your right, but at least be respectful enough not to make fun of what others do believe.  The idiot was in reference to his stupid shouting, using Jesus like that, and just being all around irritating.

  9. sonny100 DarrellHughs stevobudin Sonny, Also being one, I enjoy your red-neck status too.  However, having said that, you don’t need to call everybody out just because they don’t agree with you.  You sound like you have anointed yourself the self-proclaimed expert on EVERYTHING! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, as you are.  That doesn’t make them wrong!  BTW: To quote you, ” Lastly, your an idiot.”  In the context of the way you are using the word your….it’s possessive, use YOU’RE instead.  Emphasis add purposefully.

  10. WAIT I see some calling others a piece of chit.. because they gave. Wait we all gave money to the brotherhood. Your Tax dollars were given to the BROTHERHOOD. to destroy the US. Now stand up and say NO MORE!!

  11. Ok . You know the ISNA wants to chop your head off. They are part of the Muslim Brotherhood. But then again. I guess a bunch of Dems and Libs know that already. What you didn’t know that.. You have been supporting them all this time.. You didn’t know that… ASS HOLES actually do your home work. You will find a lot of crap you dems and libs support. Mostly Al Qaeda. Man you libs and dems and Reps are Morons.

  12. stevobudin Steve, I agree with you about Obama. I’m not Jewish. I’m a Christian. I was dismayed and horrified when so many Jews voted for Obama the 2nd time around when it was so obvious that he favors Israel’s enemies.  There is another terrible time coming for Jews on this earth, maybe even worse that what happened under Hitler. Christians will suffer in this coming trouble as well.  This is according to Scripture.  But Israel will not be “exterminated for good” ever!  God promised Abraham that his seed would survive, and that David’s seed would always be on Israel’s thrown as King.  God always keeps His promises and always on time – His time not man’s.  So no matter how bad it may look for Israel, or how strong her enemies may be, God’s Israel will be saved.  But she will be saved by Him – not the number of her own forces or weapons, or any friends in this world. God is Israel’s defender and her only salvation. She has forgotten this many times, from the first time she asked God to “give us a king like the other nations” when God was to be her only King. But she will yet return to her source.  Behold, He is coming quickly!

  13. LarryMellette stevobudin I thought and said the same thing at the time “Dept of “Homeland” Security formed.  What is the purpose of the Department of Defense if not to defend the “homeland” and the American people? Why do we need the DHS?

  14. TDBRLVR Stehekin912 That’s true.  I’m pro-gay – it’s their life, their bedroom, none of my business.  HOWEVER, they are stupid to think they won’t be the first to be annhiliated…well, after Christians.

  15. thsensor banditsdad211 I’m not a Bush lover, but I do actually think IN HIS MIND he was doing the right thing.  I don’t think Obama cares about anyone but himself…well, his family and a few cronies.
     BTW:  I believe I was told a long time ago, have no proof,…..that when an economy is failing (aka we are), then a war brings it back from the brink of death – like WWII did.  So, maybe he is playing THAT game.

  16. DebbyX banditsdad211 I agree.  The language and the caps dispells his true message.  Well, it doesn’t, but it makes one not want to listen and gives the idiot libs the right to say …’see, redneck honkytonk illiterate’.  Which angers me, lol.  I’m a redneck, NOT illterate – MS in CJ, and I have been known to visit a honkytonk even though I don’t drink – I do like to dance, lol.   But I hate the F word and when my family uses it I throw it back at them like this guy is doing – every other word – and say ‘see, sounds lovely doesn’t it?’.

  17. BeverlyLevittAnitaGFlippoHitchcockwon’t happen, much as I would like it to. Read the definition of treason in this country.  His stupidity doesn’t pass muster for treason.  Sorry.
    Here it is:

    The Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments.
    Section 3: Treason
    , known as , and were two Japanese Americans who were tried for treason after World War II.
    Section 3 defines and its punishment.
    Treason against the United States, shall consist
    only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies,
    giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason
    unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on
    Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have Power to declare the
    Punishment of Treason, but no of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted

  18. DarrellHughs stevobudin OK, FIRST STOP SHOUTING!  OBVIOUSLY YOU NOT ONLY DIDN’T LEARN GRAMMER OR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BUT YOU ALSO DIDN’T LEARN INTERNET ETIQUETTE!!!!!   Now, see, what I mean?  How irritating is all caps!  Is yours broke?  Lastly, your an idiot.

  19. LarryMellette stevobudin Because they follow their ‘leader’ blindly.  And I’m called a conspiracy theorist. I’m assuming you are, too. ACTUALLY, I hope they are right.  I want to be WRONG

  20. DarrellHughs DavidTiffany Are you still in grade school or just didn’t pay attention in school.  Your grammar and English are atrocious.  Oh, that’s right, you don’t understand that word.  From your jibberish I get that you are an atheist….’nuf said.  Well, actually, no.  Most atheists are literate….you do not represent them well.

  21. Shadowx089 ,,,,”anti-muslim exaggerates”.   I am not anti muslim.  I am anti Islam.   What drives the extremists is islam.   Islam is a scourge on the world.   We need to stay out of the middle east, but support Israel.   The muslims, by the very nature of islam are silent about atrocities done by terrorists for fear of retaliation against them.    Sickening, evil religion.


  23. Shadowx089 MUSLIM in the name means they read and follow the quran !  that means they are scum ….. end of story there is NO reply needed ! muslims will destroy all to end up with nothing just so no-one else has anything !that IS the only ALLOWED train of thought for any and all muslim s!!  is there ANY other version of their indoctrination ! ..NO !

  24. Uhh, No this a complete lie. ISNA is not part of the Muslim brotherhood.  Just because Muslim is part of the name Muslim brotherhood doesn’t means every Muslim group is apart of the Brotherhood. Get your facts straight and stop spreading lies. 
    Now these people are extremeist thinkers, I should call you all “Anti-Muslims Exaggerate’s” Since you blinding believe anything you see on the internet.

  25. Stevobudin
    “No one does; but us” it’s not us..Americans don’t want to go to war with Syria…just Obama and his dogs in heat”

  26. “part of our history “? yeah they were there when Washington crossed the Delaware. They were there at Picketts charge, they were there at Normandy, they fought in Viet Nam and Korea.  uhhh, no Mr. Obama they have contributed very little to this country but have taken a lot.

  27. First you say you’re Christian…. and now you say you’re Muslim so what is it???? Please tell the truth Sir.

  28. banditsdad211   As long as you realize that this is not a “new” issue, Where were peoples voice’s while Bush was bringing the country to its knees? They ALL love to give wars, to maintain the rich. In this case, there is prejudice, and racism. He stepped on his meat big time, when he went to bat for Trevor Martin. And now The Muslims. We haven’t had a president “For the people” since JFK..  They took care of him!

  29. CharlesJetter1 But I like the building.  I still haven’t even been in the White House.  At least wait until I visit.

  30. LarryMellette stevobudin Lots of us out here see everything that is going on.  For all those who see, there appears to be no one to lead, and to lead where, to do what.  This man needs to be removed from office before it is really too late, before the military is totally infiltrated.

  31. BeverlyLevitt  Wake up?  Are you kidding me?  I know both parties are corrupt, but we have one man that openly supports our enemies and shuns our allies.  One man that wants the Muslim Brotherhood to dominate the Middle East.  One man that is completely treasonous.
    I cannot address every corrupt nature of both parties in a couple of paragraphs.  Just because I didn’t mention it doesn’t mean I don’t know it.  The Democrats are far more dangerous for this country than Republicans, however.

  32. hey jackass quit focusing on the Muslim Americans and pay closer attention to the American Americans you know the ones you are screwing over right now and pay attention to the military that you are causing to have such hardships due to cutbacks and extended deployments while raising your own salaries in DC. You are the biggest asshole to step foot in office.

  33. stevobudin  Steven, blessings from ADONAI to you. 
    I realize that this is completely out of left field, but your superb stand reminds me of the three Jews in the book of Daniel who refused to fall down and worship the image put up by King Nebuchadnezzar.

  34. BeverlyLevitt teddy6139 killer63 There’s an awakening happening world wide. I do believe it’s becoming apparent.  But as you said, corruption keeps the people we put in office from doing what is right.   But believe me, there are plenty of people working on just that.

  35. Once again, catering to those who would kill non-Muslims, and are preparing to do so in their so called Mosques all over the nation.   Be vigilant America, things are getting pretty ugly.

  36. kong1967  I am in total agreement with you until you only blame the democrats. BOTH parties are corrupt. Wake up…….all of those we pay are either remaining silent and through this condoning this evil or are actively supporting this evil. Either way it is inexcusable.

  37. FiresStone  It is not at all far fetched that Assad was set up. He does not follow the agenda that Obama seeks.

  38. pmyers1934 TDBRLVR  I would dare say he is on the take or in fear, either is inexcusable as he took an oath to protect our Republic and our Constitution. Spineless and repulsive come to mind, along with traitor. The two party system is a joke, created to cause division. Until folks wake up and unite, we are doomed.

  39. AnitaGFlippoHitchcock  Truly impeachment is not the answer. He, along with all those in the WH who have aided and abetted either through actions or silence should be tried for treason. All laws and rulings he has put in place would then be null and void. Our Constitution would be a little less shredded and our Bill of Rights intact, along with all treaties signed in the trash where they belong.

  40. teddy6139 killer63 I don’t believe for many it has become apparent. If that were so……..he would already be gone, don’t you think? We have a corrupt government that for whatever reasons, be it fear or payoffs, that is aiding and abetting him in the final destruction of our Republic and a 3rd world war 🙁

  41. stevobudin  I left the GOP after the DHS was brought to life. Homeland sounds like the Motherland or Fatherland not good in my view. If I can see it and you can see it. Why are others blind to it?

  42. Orangeone The Sentinel  
    If Bonehead appropriately refers to Boehner… they’ve now lost two mining teams who were searching the depths of Obama’s butt to find him… butt no success so far. They may use recovery robots next…

  43. I know. But as a conservative, and a jew, its extra alarming to me that our voting block has been the deciding factor in both obama elections and we are the same knuckleheads we’ve been since the parting of the red sea. The answer is yes. Weve lost it. Mccain the manchurian candidate, lindsey the democrat is drag, and boehner the cry baby, that’s who’s running our party. All of this while the muslim brotherhood pulls all the strings. Its like a friggen episode of homeland or 24.

  44. stevobudin Steven it isn’t only the Jews. Has the world gone mad? We are going to arm more terrorist in Syria. I’m tired of picking what we think is the lesser of 2 evils and being wrong. Israel wants no part of this fight. No one does; but us. Have we lost our pea picking minds?

  45. Well said Steve, Hitler handed them a bar of soap and told them “you are just going to take a shower”!  In NYC the stupidity on this subject is unbelievable.

  46. Ooh and the IRS, Eric Holder, Pelosi, Reid and Andy Stearn, etc. Hopefully it will be our house again soon in the aftermath.

  47. Message to liberal jews from nyc. You are worse then the jews who built the golden calf while moses was receiving the 10 commandments. U put this radical in the white house and you all have blood on your hands. Ma nishtana?? Whats the difference? There is no difference… obama is the modern day golden calf… and my fellow jews whom he sincerely despises put him in the white house. These are the same jews who sang the german national anthem as they were walked into the gas chamber. Enough. Wake up. Your dreams of secular consideration have blinded you to the wolf in sheep’s clothing who has come to devour your sorry asses. Wake up before we are exterminated for good this time.

  48. poorhardworker Well said.  Lemme know when you start the New Revolution.  I’ll bring my gun.  😉

  49. killer63 I’ve been saying the very same thing for 6 years now.  I guess it’s finally becoming apparent to the rest of the country.

  50. Dr. Strangelove LarryMellette  I really don’t think that he was speaking about 9/11 as I think of it. If that you think their contribution was good. We can have a long conversation about it.

  51. AmericanDream12 ,  I also thought something weird was going on with his eyes, almost like whoever his puppet master is was there and had berated him or something

  52. This IS APPALLING!!!  Traitor in Chief in action, yet again!  I do NOT remember ONE MUSLIM fighting against Britain for our freedom!  You?  Please understand that I am not condemning all Muslims…but THIS IS AMERICA!  And there ARE Muslims that are ANTITHETICAL to our basic beliefs!  For Obama to say this…validates the ring he wears!

  53. i think those ships in syria, ought to send those missiles the obama’s house with all the rino’s and muslim brotherhood czars and eliminate the real threat..

  54. ”and most of all isna I commend you on your tireless efforts in creating crisp sharp videos with your western infidel I phones of all your ritualistic satanic beheadings…..””’so says the trusted brother planted firmly in the very heart of the united states govt.-obama

  55. This is a crock of crap! obozo can thank isna all he wants, but sorry, they do not get my thanks…..

  56. banditsdad211 I too understand your outrage at what is happening and at the Obama administration.  But please, less cursing.  You can express your anger and contempt without the “F” word and “C” word.  I share your opinion but don’t care for the language.

  57. TDBRLVR Because John Boehner is a coward and a wimp, and he agrees with Obama on many issues – including ObamaCare – which is why he will not support Ted Cruz to defund it.

  58. That’s why Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical jihadiis in Egypt and Libya, and now he want to help them in Syria.  And of course, John Boehner is more than willing to assist in this effort.

  59. Secure Freedom’s Muslim Brotherhood in America really needs to be required viewing at this point. Good stuff all around and they even talk about Magid and ISNA.

  60. I am sorry, my friends and foes….it is coming close to a time for another revolution!  I can only tell you that if Congress passes a reason to bomb Syria…I will be going on a rampage!  I will try to refrain from offending you all..but we will know that the people we elected NO LONGER REPRESENT “We The People”!!!!  Please do NOT think that this is an epiphany!!!!  I was watching Obama from the outskirts of Chicago!  I KNOW who he is.  I am only trying to say that I am DONE!  Done acquiescing  to the liberal/progressive/democratic thought process.  I am going to inundate everyone I know with links filled with substantiated facts~  NO ONE in Congress has asked the question about the “rebels” caught with 2kg of SARIN!!!  Explain that to me, you IDIOTS!  YOU DO  NOT KNOW WITH CERTAINTY THAT ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER..,OR BOTH SIDES USED THE GAS!!!  You go to war when you know the facts;…not when one (Barack Obama) finished painting HIMSELF into a corner!!!  So, Barack, it is interesting to watch you SQUIRM!!!  Finally something is DIRECTLY LINKED TO YOU!!!   And so now your have tarnished America’s reputation!!  WHAT A LEADER…NOT!!!  I know that the “honorable” president on lives feed his ego Bruised) and the George Soro’s mentality…DESTROY AMERICA!!  I am on the hunt…

  61. that’s because he is a Muslim and a member of the MB.  He wears the ring to prove it, and not a wedding ring.
    Its what we all got – the stupid voters did it to us, but we, as citizens, are not doing enough to stop it, its going on 5 years of this crap, and here we sit.

  62. The only effort to stop this government are the citizens of this country, certainly not the elected officials who we employed to speak for us; they are useless.  I regret having to think this and feel it, but it’s all I can say that appears to be the solution.

  63. he is a venomous piece of garbage. How dare he ask our military to aid and abet the same  people who attacked and bombed our world trade centers

  64. Stehekin912 I just wonder when the gay community is going to wake up and fully realize that they will be killed if the Mooselimbs ever take over.

  65. As He puts down CHRISTIANS everyday,He can NEVER do enough for the MUSLIMS.Exempting them from OBAMA CARE,but trying to FORCE the CATHLIC CHURCH pay for ABORTIONS????Now WHO is the RACIST???

  66. This is outrageous!!!! He’s a traitor – they
    are our sworn enemies through the war on terror!! If he is supporting
    them, by the definition of our great land, he’s a traitor! Why doesn’t
    our Congress grow a pair and go after him????

  67. stated yesterday that it is likely the Obama regime’s al-Qaeda rebels
    were the ones who gassed 1429 civilians on August 21, and not Syrian
    Dictator Bashar al-Assad.

  68. banditsdad211 We all understand your outrage!  I may even be thinking at times what you’ve written, perhaps not exactly in those flowery terms.  But we try to curb our language here on The Scoop.  It’s a rather family friendly site.

  69. AmericanDream12  Lol, something’s wrong with that guy all the time, but I know what you mean.
    He’s used to giving campaign speeches and taking off on vacation.  Never has to lead.  He doesn’t work or meet with Republicans or Democrats either one.  He’s not used to the world looking at him to decide something.  Everyone else is bailing out and he’s left hanging with his red line that he has to face the music of now….which is why he’s looking to Congress to drop the ball on.

  70. Is anybody else having trouble with the audio? I’ve checked everything on my end, and it’s working just fine, it just won’t work for this video.

  71. So when do we get to see Moo and the girls in their burkas or hijabs?  What about Patty Murray or Nancy Pelosi in such attire?

  72. kong1967 SilentTexan AmericanDream12 
    You are joking but I sure would believe that! And for the eys – never heard of eye drops? I mean..if I had to be on TV I would use eye drops if I know they are red. Weird… and again his right eye is all the way on the left. Never noticed that before. Something’s wrong with that guy lately.

  73. SilentTexan kong1967 AmericanDream12 To me, he always sounds like he just stepped outta’ the ‘hood! A true N…..

  74. SilentTexan AmericanDream12  Yeah, he didn’t lose any sleep over Benghazi but after Morsi lost power and was thrown in jail he can’t sleep a wink !!

  75. This Islamist in the WH opens the doors to MB, but closes the doors to Americans! If we send boots on the ground to Syria, can Obama be the first to go?

  76. AmericanDream12 Oh believe me, I noticed it too! Maybe he was overwelned with emotion of those hard working muslim homies destroying and infiltrating countries he adores so much…..or he could just be stone, just as you said! 😛

  77. AmericanDream12  Eh, it’s hard to say.  His speech isn’t altered so I’d imagine it’s just fatigue.  Stoned or not, he is bad news for not just this country but for the entire world.

  78. A disgrace.  A traitorous, pathetic, treasonous disgrace.  Impeach this bastard.
    This is all happening in broad daylight in front of the entire world, ruining our credibility and trust with our allies.  Yet nothing can be done about it because of the corrupt Democrat party and the blind base that licks his boots because he has given them so many freebies and they don’t comprehend how he is destroying the nation beneath their feet.
    I have never hated someone like this before.  I know Christians say to love your enemy, but I can’t.  Not this scumbag treasonous piece of trash.

  79. Nobody noticed his eyes??? All red and the right one is like totally on the left? The guy looks completely stone, or drunk. Look at the eyes and tell me.

  80. EFF OFF, Mr. President! Just please, fly over there and join them and don’t ever come back! I’m sure they’ll accept you, once they stop laughing hysterically at the way you tried to “act cool” with situations in the middle east. I am SO done with him, I shouldn’t have watched this, I am not a happy man right now! >:(

  81. Brings to mind Thomas Jefferson:  “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

  82. And McCain, Graham, and Boehner insist that we must defend this man’s credibility re Mideast policy.  The world is going mad.  Very bad stuff is on the horizon.

  83. Las1 
     Key catch there Las1

    No wonder the fascists, progressives, islamists and other totalitarian scum always end up in swimming happily together in the same cesspool. 

    This is America. No one “deserves” anything.  We all have the opportunity. What we make of it is up to us. 
    The only thing in our way now is an overbearing, rapidly  inflating government that thinks it’s role is to endure fairness so every one gets what they “deserve”.

  84. And THAT is one of the main reasons that he is unfit to lead. He consorts with evil and our enemies.
    Hard to believe that he’s not one of them… there’s more evidence to support the assertion that he’s a Muslim than there is that he’s a neat guy.

  85. Orangeone Las1 I was just thinking that myself. Oh noes, we can’t have anyone shed the light of truth on anything.

  86. Las1 Yes, wouldn’t you like to know the content of their prayers? This is beyond sickening. Please God protect us from the fools we have elected who are completely confounded in their stupidity and.desire to attain power..

  87. colliemum
    Twerly – think I heard Sam say that on Foyle’s War.  We had our own language where I grew up in Western PA ( aka North AL) when asking if someone had eaten yet.
    geetyet? No djew?

  88. hfaweva  
    Obama was born to a Muslim father, he had a Muslim step-father. Under the Muslim religion he IS a Muslim until he comes out and denounces the Muslim faith in public. Then he’s a ‘target’. 😉 😉

  89. Treason is in fashion this fall. The shamestream media will swoon, and tell us how clever he is to negotiate instead of … wait … he’s bombing Syria? Uh oh ….
    But they’ll still love him and be proud of him and book me on the next flight to Mars.

  90. Not true.  Muslims do not allow their adherents to be or to claim to be Christian, except when lying to gain an advantage over their enemies.   He let this “taqqijyah” slip in a TV interview with George Steppenalloverus of ABC as Barry spoke of his “Muslim faith.”  When Georgie quickly corrected him with “Christian faith”, Barry affirmed he meant “his Christian faith.”    Barry’s animus against Christian groups while favoring Muslims is  well know (e.g,. Hobby Lobby, Obamacare exemption for Muslims, WH dinners for Muslim groups while none for Christian, canceling National Days of Prayer, etc.)

  91. Las1 Just look at what the Congress Critters did to Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann when they raised these issues! They were right.

  92. Everyone deserves to make a mark on our American story, no matter who you are, or where you come from, or how you pray”   BHO

    In the revelations of the IRS criminal activity against targeted conservative groups under Lois Lerner it was learned that “the agency asked one religious pro-life group to detail the content of
    their prayers and asked clearly inappropriate questions about private
    religious activity.”  http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/irss-lerner-had-history-harassment-inappropriate-religious-inquiries-fec_725004.html 
    So we’ll be on the lookout to see the same vigilance from the IRS against Muslim groups, now won’t we, Mr. POS.
    Where the hell is Congress screaming for an investigation into MB influence in the White House and America’s institutions?

  93. And he wonders why people call him a Muslim. Of course to do so, you’re immediately branded a RACIST. then again, if you disagree with Obama on any political issue you’re a racist too.
    No to Obamacare = racist
    No to Frank Dodd = racist
    BTW, investigating any of the so-called phony scandals such as Fast & Furious, the Benghazi cover-up, NSA illegal spying on Americans,  ‘Rosengate’ and the bugging of the AP and the IRS targeting of conservative groups also makes you a racist.
    No wonder Americans no-longer believe their children will be more successful them – after Obama, there might not be a United States of America; just a fractured one on its death bed.

  94. americalsgt
    It’s twerly. *)
    Another hour to go …
    (In this part of the country, ‘tea time’ means dinner …)
    *) twerly – daily pronouncement to dogs who think barking and trotting to the kitchen 15 minutes early will make their dinner appear as if by magic: too early – twerly.

  95. How have these ISNA fanatics upheld the proud legacy of our country’s national fabric?
    By scheming to infiltrate the United States? Supporting foreign terrorists who seek to destroy us? By giving Obama enemas and sponge baths?

    “Some of you serve honorably (in the White House as pro-terrorist advisers) and in our armed forces (as militants who kill our country’s servicemen and women), as good parents (who honor kill their daughters), good neighbors (whose children are radicalized by foreign actors), and good citizens ( who place pressure cooker bombs along busy sidewalks and murder innocent people). 
    “You help build stronger families and communities by infiltrating local governments and imposing sharia upon the citizenry. You are committed to the vision that this country has always championed (war in exchange for democracy) and that everyone deserves to make their mark on our American story (like Al Qaeda did on 9/11). And it doesn’t matter how you pray, even if you do pray to satan the enemy of the One True God. 
    “That’s why I’m proud of the work ISNA has done to infiltrate the federal government here at home and the work it is doing to further the fanatical efforts of terrorist networks around the world. My administration is proud to be your partner in terrorism and our shared efforts to weaken American imperialism and destroy her from within, promoting economic destruction, unaffordable and inane healthcare and marxist and islamic re-education and indoctrination throughout our country. 
    “Because as I said at the White House iftar dinner last month right before I detonated a party popper: “ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR!” 
    “Muslim Americans are an integral part of my plan to fundamentally transform America into a fascist state, and my administration is relying on you to help us achieve those nefarious ends by helping us move this country FORWARD TO COMMUNISM!
    “So thank you ISNA for your tireless advocacy for islamic infiltration of the West and your commitment to an America free from liberty and one committed to oppression and fanatical marxist domination.
    “May the next 50 years bring about our shared goals: the end to America as we know it, and may satan’s evil inflict us all.”

    This traitor is just giddy with excitement making this pro-terrorist propaganda video.

  96. TREASON:  n. the crime of betraying one’s country, defined in Article III, section 3 of the U. S. Constitution: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” Treason requires overt acts and includes the giving of government security secrets to other countries, even if friendly, when the information could harm American security. Treason can include revealing to an antagonistic country secrets such as the design of a bomber being built by a private company for the Defense Department.
    SO, is it time yet to IMPEACH THIS JOKE???  Why is everyone’s eye’s closed to this problem, and why is no one acting on his lies and deciet??

  97. tavadesigns E Lee Zimmerman  He claimed he was a christian.  But thgen again, in Obama’s mind he’s everybody!  He is the World!

  98. His continuing support for the MB can only be understood if one accepts the rumours coming out from Egypt that he’s a secret member of their international branch.
    He wants to gift Syria to the MB, because they did so well in Egypt that te people there rose up against them and trhew Mursi into prison.
    As for Libya – here’s a telling report:
    If you go back in time to before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and imagine a President who is a secret member of the communist party who does everything he can to give succour to communist countries everywhere – what an outcry!
    But because conservatives are so scared of being called McCarthyists, they do nothing about this enabler of radical islam …

  99. Geesh, America – open your eyes!  Can this Joker-in-Chief be any more obvious?!  He claims to be a christian, yeah right!  He’s about as Christian as Hare Krishna!

  100. And this is why he wants Assad ousted so he can give his fellow Muslims the throne!   Oops did I say “fellow”?

  101. Will we get a speech for the Christians in America tomorrow, then the Buddhists, Hindus, etc…? No, we won”t. Why would Muslims deserve special recognition apart from all the others? Because he is sensitive to their needs and supports what they are doing. BO is very much aware that this organization is connected to terrorists groups, yet he takes the time to praise it. What can this act be other than one of treason? Something horrible is going on behind the scenes. This is not good!

  102. Its what I’m not seeing .  We have always known this to a degree.  Why does the Muslim B take favor in this speech.  Muslims live in this country like we do.  Why now does O make this point.  I would say there is a starting point being made.  A given  go without saying it.

  103. Scoop –  I’d really appreciate it if you could eliminate putting his image on your posts.  I know he exists, you know he exists, and everyone here know he exists.  Maybe you could insert one of those silhouette avatars with the letter O or 0 there.  We will get the message.  All in favor say  Aye,

  104. He always looks more energized and more interested when speaking about islam or speaking to muslims.  I’m still convinced he is a muslim through and through, and that he and the Dimocrats pulled fraud over on the United States.

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