Obama Threatens States, Tells Them They Have No Say On Taking In Syrian Refugees

The Obama administration is threatening the governments of States with Civil Rights action if they refuse to accept Syrian refugees.

In a letter this week from the Office of Refugee Resettlement informed States that they may not deny “benefits and services” to the Syrian refugrees, and that any state with a policy otherwise could “be subject to enforcement action.

In other words, take them in despite your security concerns, and provide the Office of Refugee Resettlement benefits, or face the wrath of the administration.

The letter further specifies that all federal benefits are subject to the same laws, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits denying those benefits. “Thus, it is not permissible to deny federally funded benefits such as Medicaid or TANF to refugees who otherwise meet the eligibility requirement,” it reads.

This letter was sent as a direct response to the pledges of 34 governors not to accept the Syrian refugees under the current screening process.

So the administration is willing to commit additional time and money to prosecuting states that want to protect their citizens, but NOT willing to commit additional time and money to the actual protection of those citizens.

Yep, sounds like Obama’s America to me.

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