Obama to Medvedev: I’ll have more flexibility to solve missile defense after my election

Obama was caught on a hot mic making post-election promises to the Russians to solve the so-called ‘missile defense issue’ after this election, given he’ll have more flexibility:

FOX NEWS – Obama, during a sit-down with Medvedev in Seoul, urged Moscow to give him “space” until after November. The conversation was relayed by a TV pool producer who listened to the recording from a Russian journalist.

“This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility,” Obama told Medvedev.

Obama appeared to be asking Medvedev to relay this point to Vladimir Putin, who recently won election to return to the Russian presidency.

“On all these issues, but particularly missile defense … this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama said.

Medvedev told the president he understood the “message about space. Space for you …”

After Obama noted he’d have more flexibility in the future, Medvedev told him: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Sounds like Obama is selling out the American people, making secret deals with the Russians to dismantle our missile defense and make America weaker.

November cannot get here fast enough.

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153 thoughts on “Obama to Medvedev: I’ll have more flexibility to solve missile defense after my election

    1. what are you talking about????
      the only reason he said it was because he inherited bush’s recession
      and there would have been a republican as president the comment would be much worst
      dumb republicans

  1. And so goes the Obama administrations way of doing business. Like he promised, open and transparent!

    Yeah, right.

  2. Obama’s excuse for his comment is hogwash. Nothing will get done in an election year? Wrong, buddy! President’s continue on with national defense issues even in election years. Bush didn’t ignore the world in his election year.

    The flexibility he is actually referring to is that he won’t have to cater to anyone any more. He had already stated he wants to destroy our missile defense systems…it’s on video. He just proved he is willing to do it. You don’t tell someone who wants you to do something bad for your national defense “just wait until after the elections”.

    1. Nah, as long as Russia and China agree to reduce their missiles by a substantial amount, also. Oh, wait. Russia has done that before, lol. But, hey…. don’t forget we have the miracle worker in Obama that world leaders bow to every time they meet him. Oh, wait. Obama is the one doing that to dictators. Give me a minute….I’ll think of something, lol.

        1. No, no. I understood you just fine. NYGino misunderstood, but I was joining you in being facetious. I understood you were joking and making the point that Russia WILL point their missiles at us and that we will hinge our safety on Russia’s choice on whether to launch missiles at us when we have no protection. Don’t worry, we are on the same page.

            1. Lol, no harm no foul. It is very difficult to pick up when someone is being facetious because we can’t see demeanor, attitude, or expression. I’ve been misunderstood before and I walked away feeling like a dope that supports radical liberalism. Which is why sometimes I make it a point to mention that I’m being facetious.

    2. And if Russia, Iran or N. Korea promises not to launch missiles at us or our allies you’re alright with that? We should unarm on their word alone?

      1. uhhhhhh………..I think you missed the point of my post. It was generally a “If you don’t plan to launch a missile at us than you don’t have a reason to fear missile defense.” It was slightly tic though, as it really isn’t true. If we build a missile defense shield than Russia’s nukes suddenly become useless, and that shifts the power decidedly towards us. Russia is countering by basically saying, “Hey, if you build that shield you better hope it works.” Its all bluff though. As bad as a missile defense shield would be to Russia, testing it would mean the end of Russia.

  3. A little too sure of himself, the president has made a huge blunder in assuming he would be president next year.

    What Obama has already done to shred the military is bad enough without allowing him another term to wealken us any further.

    1. what do you mean?!!!!!!!!
      he only said that because he inherited bush’s recession
      don’t you stupid republicans understand

  4. What else does thing this “president” need to do to be impeached? The LSM is complicit if it doesn’t report the heck out of this! Wow!

  5. Obama to Israel: ‘Don’t attack Iran till after my election’

    Obama to Russia: ‘We’ll cut a deal after my election’

    So what has he said to Iran? ‘Wait till after my election and I’ll give you a nuke’

    If people can’t see that this man is selling out our nation, then I don’t know what will ever convince them. Come on, America! Wake up and smell the Horse’s Petoot!

    Obama: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like this’


  6. Obama’s Little Mind

    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

    As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare, it’s fitting to consider the quality of the mind of the person who proposed and foisted that abominable legislation on the American people.

    Before, during, and following the last presidential campaign, Barack Hussein Obama was presented to the American people and the planet as a scholarly, articulate, and charismatic savior who would masterfully lead and transform the nation and restore respect for America in the collective eyes of the rest of the world.

    During his relatively brief tenure as the most powerful man in the universe, the president has indeed transformed the United States, although his version of change hasn’t been what most Americans expected.

    Obama has transformed the economy into a virtual basket case, has created deficits and national debts which our children and grandchildren will be repaying throughout their lives, has been a simpering apologist for America’s exceptionalism, and has turned America into an international joke.

    If upheld by SCOTUS, the Affordable Health Care for America Act will simply be the capstone of Obama’s socialistic policies, if not the gravestone for America’s economic viability.

    And, all because Obama was misrepresented as a brilliant mind, a “constitutional scholar,” who would lead the country into the future while he leads us into Third World oblivion and ignores the Constitution.

    Those millions of voters who saw through the charlatan candidate and resisted the urge to vote for him out of a sense of black pride or misplaced white guilt knew all along he was absurdly unqualified and inexperienced to serve as chief executive and commander-in-chief. We were more amazed that more foreigners seemed to be taken in by him than the 69,456,897 who cast their ballots for him in 2008.

    Barack Obama may yet be re-elected in November by the same sheeple who fell for his empty promises of change last time around but many foreigners have long since seen through his vacuousness, have noticed the gaffe-prone “scholar” is even dumber than George W. Bush was reputed to be, and have come to the realization that, absent his trusty teleprompters, Obama is a braindead dolt who can only repeat hollow words and phrases.

    Thomas Buch-Andersen, host of the Danish TV show Detektor, is one European who dared to buck the conventional wisdom that Obama can think on his own, devoid of scripted inanities dictated by his handlers

    Buch-Anderson recently pointed out that Obama consistently uses the same trite, meaningless terminology when speaking to leaders of every ally who visits the White House. . . (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=19101.)

    1. 69,456,897 voted for Obama. 59,934,814 voted for McCain. I cannot believe that anybody who voted against Obama in 2008 would change their view and vote for him in 2012. That leaves the number of people that voted for him and are now disillusioned by him. If 6.5%, only 6.5%, of those people change their minds, he loses.

      That is why Obama, the LSM, and all progressives are scared and will do anything to win. The Chicago way says to use voter fraud, distractions such as ‘women’s rights’, and promote such things as class/race warfare. These are his tools and these are what we must fight.

      1. Been thinking about this too and looked up those same numbers recently – 9.5 million. According to the phony March 9 2012 Employment Situation Summary*, there are 12.8 million people unemployed, or 8.3%, over 1.5 million per percentage point. Adjust for the probable actual umemployment rate of at least 10% (almost certainly higher) and that 12.8 million becomes 15 million. Add on a very lowball number of ‘disappeared jobs’, say 2 million, and that takes the number of un- or under-employed to roughly 17 million, minimum.

        Or, a plurality of 1.8X the number of votes by which 0bama won. Even allowing for those who are happy to collect money for not working, that’s a pretty hefty margin.

        Adding in the effects of the miscreant’s lawless policies and decisions, I have to ask myself: how can all this be anything but a landslide win for ABO??


  7. Yes, the media is worried that Santorum said Bullsh*t… Mean while the President is making promises to the Russians…thinking he was doing it on the down low.

  8. Erm … well, isn’t this a bit of a P.R. misstep for, presumably, the smartest man in the world?

    As despicable as this comment is by the Fuhrer-in-chief, I don’t wanna overreact here. He was speaking to Medvedev, after all, and that guy’s about as important as Anthony Weiner. However, why would you even remotely imply — in an election year, Mr. President — that you’re willing to compromise America’s integrity? Could it possibly be that you don’t have any integrity? That’s what I take away from this — despite the fact that appears as if the Commander-in-Chief is perfectly willing to gamble with America’s military superiority on the international stage.

    You’re picking and choosing what you believe is important as accomplishments in an election year, Pres. Showbama, and methinks you chose poorly.

    1. He is also saying that he will be re-elected: “After my election, I have more flexibility.” He obviously knows something we don’t know. This guy is as sinister as they come! Can you imagine if anyone else, especially a Republican, said that? If this evil person is re-elected, God help us all.

      As much as I can’t stand Romney, if he is the Republican nominee for President, I will once again have to go into the voting booth and hold my nose. We all need to do that. If you think Obama is a dictator now (sidestepping Congress), you ain’t seen nothing yet. When he doesn’t have to face another election, he’ll go full throttle into dictator mode. Mark my words.

  9. We don’t need November to take control of the situation, we need citizens that desire to jail the usurper and we need them in a bad way. Hang’em high!

  10. And we need a statist to defeat this anti-American cretin? You cannot believe that and also believe that America is not finished, much less believe America is a center-right country.

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    1. At this point, yeah. I’ve puttered around the web, and, so far, I’m not finding anyone (other than folks like us) who’re sounding off on this. Granted, it’s early, but the Republicans gotta go on the offensive with [email protected] like this.

  12. I’ve watched this five or ten times now. Something is not right with this exchange… Is it just that feeling of good ole boys settling American policy behind our backs? Is it the language of “my election” versus a more traditional and respectful “the election”? Is it the feeling that he wants to get this pesky election out of the way? Is it all the touchy feely stuff between our president and the representative of a truly creepy Russian system?

    He’s got the election in the bag … and knows it. And the surprise for us is what comes after the election. IF whatever it is, is not a “surprise,” talk about it now. Right? Why not … unless it would turn enough voters against him and risk his election.

    1. These people believe in global governance while keep us occupied thinking we have a representative government and a sovereign country. Our lives, our liberty and our fortunes mean absolutely nothing to them.

      This is the same face of Obama and his elitist that was exposed in his comment about people clinging to our guns and our religion.

      Keep watching these creeps….whether republican, democrat, or internationalist, and ask yourself how you want to live.

  13. obama lived most of his life in Indonesia. Indonesia is at least 88% muslum. %http://www.nationmaster.com/country/id-indonesia/rel-religion.

    Why the Arab world hates America — time to myth-bust

    Why Barack Obama Hates America

    Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim

    Egypt now sides with Israel against Israel and America.
    Israel, Egypt, Russia and Christ’s Coming

    obama bows to Egyptian king
    In muslim world this is a sign of subservience

    So, I’m horrified but not surprised about obama’s comment to Russia.

  14. “Tell Vlad not to worry, the Party’s investment in me not in vain, I will still deliver for the Motherland.”
    Barry Obamov

  15. Conservatives cannot give up this fight. Obama has to be defeated or its all over.

    There isn’t anything that Obama won’t do.

    1. Is there anything the people who put hm there and protect him will not do to keep him there? Including getting an elephant to throw the fight?

      1. He knows precisely what he’s doing. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if he asked the mic to stay hot so that he could be caught in the act of saying something like this. He knows it’ll rattle our base, and then the WH can act all sanctimonious, like they do.

  16. well he just passed an exec order to declare martial law when he sees fit and predicts a clash w Iran. Do the math. He has no intention of being bounced out of the oval office.

  17. He’s actually discussing America’s future foreign policy with Russia behind America’s back. Think about that.

    1. That is what is so terrible. I don’t want to think about that or even believe it, yet it’s true. We have an anti-American president who is hell bent on bringing this country to its knees.

      1. I am sure he just trying to be nice to the misundesrtood Russians. McCain and Romney told me he is a really nice guy – just in over his head.

        Anyway who cares – I gotta get back to the Martin Zimmerman coverage. Chairman Hussein told me to do some soul searching

    2. Even more sobering is thinking about the reality that he is openly caught on international broadcasting and nothing will come of it.

    1. Yes, its terribly scary and he’s laid the foundation to do God knows only what “after the election”. There will be no boundaries.

      I pray people will come out in mass and vote this evil man out of office while we still have a country that’s fixable.

    2. He is and always has been a dangerous subversive operating inside the government. The more we learn, the scarier he seems.

      What should terrify Americans is not Hussein Obama but the cabal that put him there, and how they are able to hide and protect the subversion and treason which goes far beyond this Marxist puppet.

  18. I’m pretty sure Mr. Putin knows this is your last election. Mr Putin knows the meaning of that phrase very well, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Putin was aiming for his most recent election to be his last, if you know what I mean, wink, wink. Barry is getting schooled by the KGB at our expense and you would think he would at least try with the facade of caring.

    But, hey, what’s a college paper defending the commies and arguing for American unilateral disarmament amongst friends?

    1. The transition plan from Putin to Medvedev and then back again was widely reported on the internet before Medvedev was “elected”.

      It is how the Progressives operate in America. It is what the globalist demand. Think just a bit about our trajectory, the hand offs, and our current flight path since Ronald Reagan.

      Now will we, the people, stop it before the Constitution has been obliterated?

      1. We’ve gone from mutually assured destruction to globally-agreed-upon-American destruction.

        The peace through strength (need that patch with a B-52 on it–if anyone knows where to find one, that would be sweet) mantra has been ditched after Reagan because the United States has been convicted in the progressive/communist/totalitarian court of opinion as guilty of what ails the world. These same people, who brought on contrived mass starvation, the Great Leap Forward!, and other ‘modes of progress’ are the same people lecturing us and aggressively prosecuting us in the court of public opinion.

        It’s F***** up, and you’re right. We need to step up, and stop it. Now.

  19. And again, someone explain to me why this Ahole is still in office. How many incriminating and impeachable infractions of the Constitution and lies to the American people does it take to fire this poser? It is criminal what he’s getting away with. And America sleeps.

    1. Amen! If you take any one of the dozens of scandalous incidents in the Obama administration, any other President would have been eviscerated by the media and run out of office.
      Make no mistake here. The mainstream media has betrayed the people when they are charged by the Journalist Creed to protect us and look out for our best interests.
      Manipulating public opinion for political purposes is exactly counter to their responsibilities. They have taken it upon themselves to look at us as an enemy.

  20. This must be played over and over in the general campaign. He is setting us up to be attacked.

    1. There is only one Republican that will take the fight to LIAR Obama and she is not running at this point. Sarah Palin

    2. I can see Newt using this in a speech.

      But can you see Romney using it? Not me. I would suspect he would say, ‘Well, Obama meant well. He was taken out of context. I’m sure Obama just wants to focus on American issues first, and then on to the world’.


    1. NOPE! never ever would or could ever happen. my brain pops up an error message “504” or something to that effect

    1. Absolutely!
      I saw O in an interview last year where he said that America could absorb another terrorist attack!
      What kind of attitude is that?….a traitor that is who. Of course, since he is a citizen of Indonesia I’m not sure what to call him.

    1. Great take away there AbiC. You’re pretty good at interpreting… and you didn’t even need a translator. And I understand some Russian, yet I would have totally missed what you understood immediately. Hats off to you … fair lady. Awesome

  21. This is standard operating procedure for the Democrat party. Remember how Ted Kennedy worked behind the scenes with the Soviets to undermine Reagan?

    1. Exactly. The problem is a lot bigger than Barack Obama.

      The R’s friends across the aisle are COMMUNISTS.

    2. Also remember that 0bama sold out Britain’s nuclear secrets to get the Russians to sign the Start Treaty at the end of 2010.

      What is the point of having an opposition party that apparently can’t even act in its own defence, still less in the country’s? There are so many grounds for treason that one loses count.

  22. Just an indication of what he’s intending to do to this country if re-elected. He’ll have no restraints on him not having to worry about another election and with no regards for the restraints of checks and balances, which he has shown to criminally ignore.

    There are only two possible outcomes after November, the survival of The United States of America or Obama’s second term. Can’t be both.

  23. The latitude Obama plans to exercise after elected extends well beyond foriegn relations.
    Think about all of the unpopular policies he has had difficulty with driving through. Think about the expansion of oppressive government. Think about the tax revenues he desires.
    Think about G.W. Bush and his last term.
    Obama may well preside as the last American President.

    1. That is what I have been saying. If o gets back in, I’m afraid there will never be another presidential election.

      1. Well, I wouldn’t go quite that far but certainly the country that embodies the ideals of our founding fathers called America would be merely a fond memory.

  24. Anybody that says they will not vote for the Republican nominee, whomever it is, for whatever reason is not a patriot! This pos has got to go!

      1. Like passing Romenycare? Did he know that he was essential and crucial to laying the groundwork for nationalized socialized medicine, attacking the Constitution, and establishing unprecedented power of the Federal Government over the People?

        The answer is, it does not matter. He did it and he will do it again. Unwittingly, under orders, or deceptively. It is Romney.

        1. Don’t misunderstand me, I detest Romney, but I will vote for him over o. I am praying it’s Rick though.

        2. i may have to vote for the Morman, but i will never vote for the markist muslim, who OWS our White House. ask not what your candidate can do for you, but what you can do for your candidate” Andrew

    1. These are two globalists making the deals they must. How would Romney be any different when his fortune and campaign are funded directly by the same globalist patrons as Obama?

      1. Romney is an American who at times has been misguided, misled or just plain wrong on some issues. Obama’s whole life, what we know of it , has been dedicated to the fall of our country. There is a big difference.

        1. Agreed… but it’s too serious to give Romney a nomination. It’s irrelevant if Romney’s a patriot. He’s a huge fail campaigning against Obama. If Romney is nominated, he will NOT become president and conservatives need to wake up to this fact.

          That leaves only two options. Obama and disaster, or a conservative who can turn this ship away from the iceberg.

          1. las1, who would that true Conservative be that could get elected? Newt? Palin?
            The MSM deck is stacked against either of them.

            1. Give me a minute.. I’ll get my crystal ball from the drawer. You got me there NY.

              Rubio (but you’ll have the opposite phenomenon of liberal birthers), Mitch Daniels, (Krispy, oh help us No! Coulter would be all over this one) Palin possibly, but can you just imagine the non-stop hate fest of the libs… or Allen West even… a very good choice to be the anti-Obama… he’s already indicated willingness for a VP pick… Paul Ryan… but I don’t see him as other than a fiscal policy wonk…. maybe Mike Pence… (a long shot, but presidential)…

              1. Rubio does not have natural born status. Either the Constitution matters or it doesn’t.

                Our Founding Fathers were the original birthers.

                1. Yeah, but Rubio is being put out there as a possibility. The Constitution matters, but what really matters is the definition of “natural born” in the Constitution… and there is fierce debate about this. But if this “natural born” issue were not settled with certainty, and if Rubio was nominated, it would mean that Obama’s status would simply and irrevocably disappear down the memory hole and his slate wiped clean and that would be the real crime. Rubio’s parents were naturalized, but naturalized after Marco was born… Senior Obama was not an American at all.

                2. Rubios is great. I supported his election. However this is the true test of his character.

                  Rubio could stand up, restate his commitment to this great nation, and confirm his pledge to defend the Constitution by honoring the letter and intent of Article 2 Section 1.

                  The next move is yours Marco. Your Country or Your Political Career?

                3. Precisely. He needs to say that he is not eligible. I also don’t trust him on amnesty. Too many folks with Spanish surnames put that ahead of country.

                4. Cuban immigrants are MUCH different than the ones who scurry over the Southern border. They are some of the most fiercely loyal Americans in the world!

                5. Oh I agree. I am friends with a Cuban immigrant (two of his cousins were executed by Che). My friend was VERY instrumental in getting our illegal immigration bill passed here in SC. He used to work in the Reagan administration and understands how a bill should be written. After we got the bill out of committee, the first thing he said was, “Now we have to end mass legal immigration.”. He’s right on that one too.

                6. I have a brother in law and many friends, including author Humberto Fontova, who were in the middle of all that mess in Cuba when Castro came into power. Humberto has fantastic books out about Che and Castro.

                  Yes, we need to stop the mass illegal AND legal immigration, particularly with so many Americans out of work.

                7. It’s not just the out of work issue, it is the sovereignty issue. Islamic immigration must be ended and reversed.

                  It makes me sick that ppl actually wear Che t-shirts like he’s some kind of hero. I’ve read that he personally executed 800-1500 males. Many were boys.

                  My friend’s cousins were 13 and 15. Che executed them and they had a “trial” three weeks AFTER they were executed. Makes me want to cry.

                8. Ppl get confused and think the 14th amendment deals with natural born and it does not.

                  Natural born was settled at the time of the original writing of the Consitution. Our Founders looked to the book, “The Law of Nations”. Natural born has to do with the law of nature. Your citizenship is passed to you thru your father.

                9. Keys… I’ve never seen it that citizenship being passed on through the father has ever been at issue in this debate. Natural law provides that citizenship follows from blood.. but British common law (hence American law) passes through birth in the country. It’s hinged around naturalized and not-naturalized parents. It’s hinged definitely on the child being born in the US… but never on the father alone.

                  The least I think that we can say is that the Constitution is NOT clear as to what “natural born’ really means. And historically the issue has come up particularly under Lincoln’s Attorney General, Edward Bates when asked about Black citizenship. He made it clear where he stood. Everyone born here, can be eligible.

                  All I can say, is from what little I have read, is that there is much varied opinion on this… and because of Obama… the rancor on this issue is even worse. I’m just a layman on this, but I think it unfortunate that a Supreme Court exists to interpret the Constitution in some things which should be more clear. Then you get a guy like Obama to come along… and voila! More confusion.

                10. There’s a huge difference between being a ‘citizen’ and a ‘natural born citizen’. That’s why the Constitution made the requirement for President to be a natural born citizen and those for Congress, for example, only citizens. Anyone born in this country is a citizen, even the anchor babies. It’s imperative that the Supreme Court rule on the definition of ‘natural born citizen’ so that we all stop making our own individual definitions to suit our own purposes.

                  There’s a reason Obama and his people fight so hard to keep any case from going to the Supreme Court, as the Supremes are the only ones that can make that determination. Once that happens, the debate is over.

                11. It’s imperative that the Supreme Court rule on the definition of ‘natural born citizen’

                  Couldn’t agree more.

                  The phrase “natural born” is there for a reason.

                12. See my comment above regarding the Congressional Globe of 1866. Babies born to foreigners on our soil are not US citizens. We have just been letting them get away with it.

                13. I agree with you. But then we have to repeal the 14th amendment for that. There is no repeal necessary as to the definition of ‘natural born citizen’. It must be understood to be born in this country of naturalized parents (mother AND father).

                14. There is no need to repeal the 14th amendment. It does not give babies born to foreigners on our soil citizenship.
                  Jacob Howard wrote “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. It is he that is recorded in the Congressional Globe of 1866 as saying, “this will NOT include children born to foreigners, aliens….” . I don’t remember the rest of the quote, but he is very clear that babies born to foreigners on our soil are not US citizens.

                15. No argument here about that. I’m just saying that if we abide by the 1st amendment or 2nd amendment, as we should, then we must abide by all the amendments, unless they are repealed.

                  Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside

                  I guess you could say, and with good reason, that anchor babies are not ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’.

                16. Precisely, they are NOT subject to our jurisdiction. It’s like when you are visiting another country, you are in their jurisdiction, but you are not subject to it.

                  That was also recorded in the Congressional Globe of 1866. Forget the man’s name, but he was recorded as saying, “What does subject to the jurisdiction thereof mean? It means owing loyalty to, that is what it means.” Not a direct quote, but that is the gist of it. “Subject to” has to do with where your allegiance lies. Your allegiance lies with your country.

                17. Actually, I read a quote by Jefferson and he said something along the lines that the Supreme Court is not the final arbiter(sp) of the Constitution. They are not supposed to interpret the Constitution, they are supposed to uphold it.

                  Babies born to illegals are not US citizens. We have just been letting them get away with it. I did some research on the 14th amendment and the gentleman that wrote “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” was recorded in the CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE of 1866 as saying that “this does NOT include babies born to foreigners, aliens…”.

                  The Congressional Globe of 1866 is where the proceedings for the writing of the 14th amendment was recorded.

                  Remember, Eisenhower deported “anchor” babies in 1953 with their parents because they are not US citizens.

                18. They are not supposed to interpret the Constitution, they are supposed to uphold it.

                  Thanks for that reminder. So true.

                19. Then how come O’bummer got through. The alleged baby daddy was a Kenyan, therefore a British subject at that point in time.

                20. but from what i have heard Romney has the same issue. i refer to the Romneys moving to Mexico

                21. Yeah, I have wondered about that. I was hoping Romney’s dad was a Mexican citizen at the time of his birth. That would disqualify him.

                22. Didn’t matter for the POS in there now and it won’t matter for the first anchor baby plopped on our soil.

            2. Eveything is stacked against us and them. But The People is who they fear most. They fear us getting a leader. They fear us getting organized like the Left is.

              The fight has just begun. The truth lie on our side. We have to take back the Party. That is where I see Palin and Newt providing leadership. I hope I am not wrong about that. We shall soon see.

            3. unfortunate because I feel they are the two most qualified. All of this un American nonsense would stop abruptly.

          2. That is THE problem with our Republician “party”, if the nominee is seen as too conservative, the moderates don’t show up to vote. If the nominee is seen as not conservative enough, the conservatives stay home. That is exactly how we end up with a socialist like BHO.

            Fed-up in Ohio

        2. Obama was groomed for this. The image of him as a president was wholly concocted by his campaign and given credence by the media. The same is true for Romney. We are ignoring his past, rationalizing it all away with an image of him as president created by his campaign and the media.

          We are all too hasty to trust someone who puts an (R) after their name. I can find nothing in Romney’s history, other than is rhetoric, that tells me he is not Progressive and will not continue to be misguided, misleading and just plain wrong.

          I am under no pretense that we have much say in these election. But I am not going to pretend that Romney is anything but part of the next script.

          I have shared here before an question I got from a politically astute cousin in Europe before the 2008 election. He wanted to know if Americans knew we had a Marxist running against a Socialist. We did not then and we have, it seems, learned nothing.

            1. Yes of course there is an alternative!

              For me it starts by reminding myself that the battle is not Republican or Democrat. That is Kabuki theater. The front line fight is the People vs the Government, as the Founders knew it would be. So, we keep fighting and never give in.

              Knowing and remembering always that the government is our enemy, means not ever resigning ourselves to a big government Progressive like Romney. That will only further strengthen them and weaken the Republic.

              There are 2 other candidates in this race who seem like they would at least put up a fight. Then there is the Senate, the House, the Judiciary and most important of all – educate and recruit fellow citizens. The media will never ever help us.

              1. Very true sDee. It does get down to the People and education. I’ll agree on the Senate and House but I’m not so sure about the Judiciary at this point, they have become too activist towards liberal goals. Our attack should be intensified against the MSM, that being the main tool of progressive manipulation.

                1. I agree that Federal judiciary seems to be nothing but a long pipeline of appointed subversives. But much can be done if we pay close attention to local and state judges’ elections. It is a “farm system”.

                2. Pamela Geller calls it the “enemedia” and that’s certainly what Breitbart felt as well. It’s a perfect storm.

                3. Our war against the Lame Stream Media is actually winning, even though it takes forever. It used to be said that you shouldn’t argue with someone who buys their ink by the barrel. Well, we have fought them and it’s slowly turning on them.

                  We must remember that the bottom line for the media is money. Many newspapers are feeling the pinch and the rest of the media are starting to come around as their ratings fall further and further into the sinkhole. If they want to survive, they will have to change. Their own survival is far more important to them than Obama’s and the progressives.

      2. well we know Romney was born here. He hasn’t hidden any of his personal records, school records or work records (that I know of). Even though I don’t personally like him, he’s stiff as a board and one of those blue blood elitists that think they are better than others, he would STILL be better than Obama. He sure can’t be any worse.

            1. But his father was a Progressive Republican who consulted with Alinsky in the Detroit riots, help destroy Barry Goldwater and tried to destroy Ronald Reagan.

              Communist, Progressive. Different peas in the same pod.

          1. Hate takes many forms. Romney and his father are elitists. He believes government is the solution and that he can govern us better than we can govern ourselves.

            I view RomenyCare as a direct and intentional assault on citizens’ Constitutional rights and an egregious overstep in the power of government. At best that is disdain for the Constitution, America and the liberty of her citizens.

            1. Oh, I agree with you there. Also, his view on states is alarming. He thinks state gov’ts can do whatever they want. He calls them test kitchens of democracy. Um, no they are sovereign republics, Mitt.

    2. I will not vote for Romney unless that is he promises to investigate the treason that’s in DC, otherwise it’s the same old excrement.

  25. Medvedev to Putin– Comrade, it is as we thought. We shall get everything we need from this weak man as soon as he is done appeasing his masses with an “election”.

    1. Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, said that “It’s Unclear What the President has Offered up to the Russians as Bargaining Chips.” Additionally, a part of the much hated NDAA which essentially eliminates the bill of rights for American citizens who are suspected of terrorist activity, Congress specifically targeted missile information sharing with Russia.
      “Congress has included in the FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, Congress, which the president has signed into law, a provision constraining his ability to share classified U.S. missile defense information with the Russian Federation. Congress took this step because it was clear based on official testimony and Administration comments in the press that classified information about U.S. missile defenses, including hit-to-kill technology and velocity at burnout information, may be on the table as negotiating leverage for the president’s reset with Russia.”
      So to be clear – Obama signs the NDAA, with supposed reservations because he is well aware it is unconstitutional, and yet when it comes to its plain vanilla provisions, he violates them? Has anyone figured out yet what follows a banana republic in the escalation to pure centrally-planned lunacy, because America is there now.

      From Mike Turner:

      Turner: “Obama’s Plans for Missile Defense Won’t Stand Up to Electoral Scrutiny”
      It’s Unclear What the President has Offered up to the Russians as Bargaining Chips

      Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, wrote to the president today, requesting an “urgent explanation of [his] comments to President Medvedev in Seoul this morning.” The president had stated that “this is my last election, and after my election I’ll have more flexibility,” in regards to missile defense in Europe.

      “Congress has made exquisitely clear to your Administration and to other nations that it will block all attempts to weaken U.S. missile defenses. As the Chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, which authorizes U.S. missile defense and nuclear weapons policy, I want to make perfectly clear that my colleagues and I will not allow any attempts to trade missile defense of the United States to Russia or any other country,” wrote Turner.

      Congress has included in the FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, Congress, which the president has signed into law, a provision constraining his ability to share classified U.S. missile defense information with the Russian Federation. Congress took this step because it was clear based on official testimony and Administration comments in the press that classified information about U.S. missile defenses, including hit-to-kill technology and velocity at burnout information, may be on the table as negotiating leverage for the president’s reset with Russia.

      “Despite signing the FY12 defense authorization legislation into law, you then issued a signing statement signaling that you may treat that provision protecting U.S. missile defense information as non-binding. This morning’s comments, on top of that action, suggests that you and your administration have plans for U.S. missile defenses that you believe will not stand up to electoral scrutiny,” added Turner.

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