Obama using poor ISIS strategy is an excuse to help Erdogan take out Assad


He threatened to take out Assad in September, but that was based on Assad shooting down our planes over Syria. Since that hasn’t happened, Obama is now moving to plan B now to use his poor ISIS strategy as an excuse to take out Assad, because, you know, Assad keeps shooting at the terrorists he wants to fight ISIS:

CNN – President Barack Obama has asked his national security team for another review of the U.S. policy toward Syria after realizing that ISIS may not be defeated without a political transition in Syria and the removal of President Bashar al-Assad, senior U.S. officials and diplomats tell CNN.

The review is a tacit admission that the initial strategy of trying to confront ISIS first in Iraq and then take the group’s fighters on in Syria, without also focusing on the removal of al-Assad, was a miscalculation.

Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day” that he had also heard that the White House was shifting its strategy, in part because Turkey and other Gulf states — which are hosting refugees from Syria — were pushing for the removal of Assad.

The part I bolded is really the key. Turkey wants Assad gone and wants Obama to help get it done. Erdogan even promised ground troops over a month ago if Obama would add to his strategy taking out Assad.

So what we have here is Obama using his already failing strategy to combat ISIS as an excuse to help Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood help bring about their coming Ottoman caliphate by taking out Assad. And he’s doing it in a way to try and mislead the American people.

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