Obama: Why should the federal government ever have to make tough choices on spending cuts?

Apparently, Barack Obama understands the concept of a cash-strapped individual agonizing over whether to pay the mortgage, make a car payment, or pay down a student loan. He just doesn’t get why the federal government should ever have to decide between spending money here or spending money there.

Even when the government is flat broke and running up almost hopelessly high record deficits.

Listen to how the Demagogue-in-Chief phrases the question. You don’t really expect the government to continue paying interest to bondholders in China, while slashing benefits to Social Security recipients and disabled veterans – do you?

He is so incredibly shameless and dishonest. Ironically, Obama later went on to browbeat the Republicans for employing scare tactics during the debt ceiling negotiations. Good grief.

UPDATE: It is hard to tell from C-SPAN’s video player, but I should point out this clip only runs about 90 seconds.

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