Obama’s enemy list targets private citizens

As if you needed yet another reminder why we must win this election, here’s a look at what the Obama administration is up to. The Wall Street Journal reports:

How would you feel if aides to the president of the United States singled you out by name for attack, and if you were featured prominently in the president’s re-election campaign as an enemy of the people?

What would you do if the White House engaged in derogatory speculative innuendo about the integrity of your tax returns? Suppose also that the president’s surrogates and allies in the media regularly attacked you, sullied your reputation and questioned your integrity. On top of all of that, what if a leading member of the president’s party in Congress demanded your appearance before a congressional committee this week so that you could be interrogated about the Keystone XL oil pipeline project in which you have repeatedly—and accurately—stated that you have no involvement?

Consider that all this is happening because you have been selected as an attractive political punching bag by the president’s re-election team. This is precisely what has happened to Charles and David Koch, even though they are private citizens, and neither is a candidate for the president’s or anyone else’s office.

What Messrs. Koch do, in fact, is manage businesses that provide employment to more than 50,000 people in North America in legitimate, productive industries. They also give millions of dollars to medical researchers, hospitals and cultural institutions. Their biggest offense, apparently, is that they also contribute generously to nonprofit organizations that promote personal liberty and free enterprise, and some of those organizations oppose policies advocated by the president.

Richard Nixon maintained an”enemies list” that singled out private citizens for investigation and abuse by agencies of government, including the Internal Revenue Service. When that was revealed, the press and public were outraged. That conduct will forever remain one of the indelible stains on Nixon’s presidency and legacy.

When Joseph McCarthy engaged in comparable bullying, oppression and slander from his powerful position in the Senate, he was censured by his colleagues and died in disgrace.”McCarthyism,” defined by Webster’s as the “use of unfair investigative and accusatory methods to suppress opposition,” will forever be synonymous with un-Americanism. Army counsel Joseph Welch’s “Have you no sense of decency?” are words that evoke the McCarthy era and diminish the reputations of his colleagues who did nothing to stand up to him.

In this country, we regard the use of official power to oppress or intimidate private citizens as a despicable abuse of authority and entirely alien to our system of a government of laws. The architects of our Constitution meticulously erected a system of separated powers, and checks and balances, precisely in order to inhibit the exercise of tyrannical power by governmental officials.

Our Constitution even explicitly prohibits bills of attainder so that Congress may not single out individual citizens or groups for disfavored treatment or unequal application of the force of government. Prosecutorial power is rigidly constrained and judicially supervised so that government may not accuse private citizens of crimes or investigate them without good cause.

Whoever may be the victim of such abuse of governmental authority, the press and public almost invariably unify with indignation against it. If a journalist, labor-union leader or community organizer on the left can be targeted today, an academic or business person on the right can be the target tomorrow. If we fail to stand up against oppression from one direction, we abdicate the moral authority to challenge it when it comes from another.

This is why it is exceedingly important for all Americans to respond with outrage to what the president and his allies are doing to demonize and stigmatize David and Charles Koch. They have been the targets of the multiyear, carefully orchestrated campaign of vituperation and assault described above—and much more. It has been choreographed from the very top. When the president personally takes leadership, his political surrogates and army of allies in the press and Congress quickly and surely follow the direction and tone he sets.

The misuse of government power to damage or demean one’s political enemies is abhorrent and the very antithesis of a free society and a government of laws, not men. It is time for the public to ask those engaged in these practices, “Have you no sense of decency?”

This is simply a reminder of why we must do anything and everything possible to win the election. The White House is not good enough. We need the Senate, the House and we must continue to take over at the local level. This administration will not hesitate to target individuals. And for those of you who still think Romney is the same as Obama, you must still be ignorant to how radical a second Obama term will be. Regardless of who the nominee is, we must band together to kick Obama out of the White House. It’s not about you or “your” candidate anymore, it’s about saving our country.


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89 thoughts on “Obama’s enemy list targets private citizens


    The Old Testament has time-proven insights into professional vacationers like the Obamas:
    Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”
    Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under “a servant who becomes king.”
    And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: “let thy words be few…a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.”
    Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he’s destined to become a black-slavery avenger.
    Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!
    For some stunning info on Pres. Obama and his fellow traitors, Google “Imam Bloomberg’s Sharia Mosque,” “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day,” “Obama Supports Public Depravity,” “David Letterman’s Hate Etc.,” “Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham” and also “Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman.” Also Google “Islam will purify Jews and Christians” and “Prof. F. N. Lee’s ISLAM IN THE BIBLE [PDF].”
    Since Christians are commanded to ask God to send severe judgment on persons who commit and support the worst forms of evil (see I Cor. 5 and note “taken away”), Christians everywhere should constantly pray that the Lord will soon “take away” or at least overthrow all US leaders (including subversive, America-hating, Jesus-bashing Hollywood shmucks) who continue to sear their conscience, who dangle every unspeakably filthy vice before young people, and who arrogantly trample the God-given rights of the majority including the rights of the unborn. Do we need a second American Revolution?
    After the Obamas are kicked out of the White House, there will be no place on earth where they can escape from scowling folks who wish to belatedly express their gratitude, in tangible ways, to the Obamas who tried to destroy the greatest nation ever.
    For the record I’ll predict that after the Nov. 2012 election, Obama will try something so unthinkably insane that he will be physically restrained and locked up – and remember where you heard this first!

  2. I am declaring myself, a private citizen. I am declaring myself, a self-sovereign citizen. Next, I am replacing the word ‘citizen’, with the word ‘American’, because it was the word ‘citizen’, that became engrained to the revolutionaries in France, which is by no means, America. This boils down to: a private, self-sovereign American, whose elected representatives, by all the laws of the land, are answerable to ME, not the opposite.

    This administration has declared war upon ME, (and those that choose to define themselves in the same manner), by the following actions:

    1. Stating that -I- am a direct suspect of terrorism by default, through my previous military service to my country, in the defense of this land against Communism (“The State”).

    2. Stating that -I- am a direct suspect of terrorism by default, through my self-autonomous choice of religion, opposing it being “The State”, as President Caliphate Obama desires.

    3. Stating that -I- am a direct suspect of terrorism by default, by my self-autonomous decision and actions to prepare for future calamities, by storing more food and supplies, than the suggested 3-day list “approved” by FEMA (“The State”).

    4. Stating that -I- am a direct suspect of terrorism by default, by my self-autonomous decision to be able to provide for my own self-protection, opposite abiding on “The State” to protect me, (which the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled as a fallacy).

    5. Stating that -I- am a direct suspect of terrorism by default, through my self-autonomous decision to look to the U.S. Constitution, as the source document, for the means of which, those whom -I- have chosen and elected to represent ME, in both houses of Congress, shall perform their elected functions, opposite “The State”, which would function as it ‘deems’ best, in its own interest, and its decided direction of implementing my existence, to its furtherance.

    6. Stating that -I- am a direct suspect of terrorism by default, through this last act of self-autonomous rule. That is the very act of standing up as a self-sovereign American, NOT answerable to “The State”, and in fact, stating the one word that totalitariains, authoritarians, and Statists fear: “NO!”

    Long Live The Republic! May the Gods Bless America!

  3. Well said Scoop. Stop the back biting amongst ourselves and save the Union before its the western province of Europe or obam-America. His face on the dollar. If there will be a dollar anymore. I would appeal to those who say they won’t vote unless their candidate wins. Please don’t do that. I would like to have children someday and I won’t if Obama is elected for four more years. Let’s get our act together and implore that these two guys quit killing their own chances against the onset of Obamanation.

  4. Well, Red, your intent is pure, but your examples are dead wrong. So, I will rebut with the truth. Every one of McCarthy’s sharges were proved in court. There were many communists in FDR’s government, some were actors. Every president, has made a list of political opponents, and have tried to remove them from the process. ‘ Enemy’s list’ is a media coined phrase, you swalowed whole hog. Yes, wrong to use your power as president to persecute your political oppponents. Wrong also, to label Patriots as traitors, because the fought for America. Nixon stopped JFK’s war. The media destroyed Nixon with lies. Which is the more patriotic?


  6. we who read the Bible and know about the Antichrist are getting a glimpse of how he will work…Obama is a liar,deceiver,a usurper,takes power were the law and Constitution forbid him to…he smiles while destroying peoples lives and future and yet a large part of the sheepple still support this demon in human form…is he the Antichrist????….probably not other wise the church would not be here…but i think God has showed us what is in store for the people left behind after the Rapture…oh how easily people are deceived and follow evil for a few trinkets and shiny things while the web of their destruction raps tighter and tighter around them until life its self is nothing but terror and suffering and pain…..but they will still cling to their trinkets and shiny things……………..

    1. I heard on the Christian radio that the google search “Obama/anti Christ” has a few million hits a year.

      He may not be the AC, but he sure is applying for the JOB. When it comes down to punishing good with evil and calling good evil and evil good, you know could be living in the End Times. Watch and pray.

      I do know this, “I’m one mad American mom” because my kiddos are mortgaged and have no future as of right now!

      1. Right, I agree with that, I’m just astonished by all this false outrage when the right has their own private citizen boogeyman that they hold up at every available turn.

        One of the consequences of allowing tons of private money into politics is that private citizens with tons of money get brought into politics.

        1. You shouldn’t be astonished, the way the Liberals kick their version of “private citizen boogeyman”, although I have yet to see any evidence presented of the Koch brothers toppling a nation’s currency. Soros on the other hand is well documented on what he has done to several national currencies. It’s one thing to pump money into politics, I don’t have an issue with them supporting politicians or causes, but tampering with a currency like he has done is a serious issue. In all honesty I am just a bit surprised he (Soros) hasn’t been “black bagged” yet.

  7. If Romney makes the GOP nomination… then in 2016, it’s time for the Constitution Party.

    I’m sick of being forced to vote for paper tigers and posers.

  8. Well said. I despise Romney and to vote for him makes my blood boil. I pray that God will spare me the indignity of such a loathsome task. But I would vote for him, or Ron Paul if it meant defeating that monster. Someone in another post encouraged me to keep fighting… well, that’s what I’ll do in this case. I won’t like it… but Maobama cannot stay in office.

    I hope Santorum or Newt get the nomination… that would be better by far. And of course, Scoop is right… fight for the Senate, House, states, etc.

    1. Aside from Santorum I don’t like any of those left standing. At this point, I see me putting a gun to my own head to vote for the lesser of the evils that the GOP trots out (with the mandate of the lamestream media.)

      1. I’m with ya…

        If the world doesn’t end… there better be a “Constitution Party” made up of Tea Party folks and staunch conservatives in 2016. I’m sick to death of voting for horrible, compromising candidates that will likely do more bad for the country, than good.

        1. Could not agree more. There hasn’t been a GOP candidate that I’ve believed in since Reagan. I do admit having high hopes for GW and there were things he did very well.

  9. And it is going to get even worse when that list is correlated with our healthcare.

    If you were a doctor who spent half a million dollars an 8 years of grueling training would you let some dipshit bureaucrat telling you how much you will get paid and how to treat patients?

    The NY Slimes, of course, has just given us a preview of how the goverment will put private insurers out of business , and control doctors and patients – Federal HMO. They call it an ACO but it is nothing new except this time the Central Government writes the rules and restricts care. Doctors will be forced, measured and paid according to health maintenance metrics.

    Most importantly doctors will be paid per patient not by procedure or treatment. This will remove ALL incentives for doctors, as they get paid fixed salary based on how many patients they see not on being the best in their field.

    Mass is already moving to these because insurance cost are escalating under Romneycare. They have created another crisis they now have to “fix”.

    Of course the “beauty” in this is that the political elites can simply bypass the ACO process completely and go straight to the doctors.

    “The End of Health Insurance Companies”


    Read it and weep. This is going to get really ugly.

    1. I had my first major surgery this year at the age of 39 that was done by a half a million dollar robot which left only a one inch scar. Advances such as robotic surgery will go by the wayside when/if they health community collapses and the government swoops in and takes over.

      I am GLAD I got sick while I still had health insurance.

  10. Many years ago, I was talking to a gunsmith about gun control. I asked him (I was only seventeen at the time), “What happens when the government declares private ownership of guns illegal?”

    Through clenched teeth, with a red-eyed glare, he responded, “That’s when all the rules go out the window.”

    Better back off, alinskyites. You’re likely to hit a tripwire if you keep this snot up.

  11. I am hopeful Obama’s ‘coronation’ in 2008 was, in the end, the salvation of this magnificent American experiment….. Had the totalitarians been patient for another generation with the continuing deconstruction of the educational and cultural values systems, the American citizenry would have been far more vulnerable to the crazed atheistic ravings of the left’s feral vermin. Even now, roughly half the country doesn’t
    ‘get it’. But we still have a chance. 20 years from now, not so much….. And, with four more years of Big Odor, none at all. For, no less disturbing in my opinion, is that we are allowing the country to slide into ‘kingship’ territory. 2012 is more than just another election. It is the precipice upon which the world now hangs, a world much more threatening than the one that existed some 250 years ago. I do not believe we will have the wherewithall to engage in another revolution to ‘front’ the enemies within (in the face of this administration’s military budget and personnel cuts) and still be able to defend these Hallowed shores form the enemies without. And Obama believes it to. He will trepass against every law in the Articles of Constitution in 2012, thoroughly obfuscating the economic, cultural and political issues, hoping to bring the nation to a revolutionary meltdown with the help of his boot jacketed thugs (SEIU, OWS, etc.). This could be stopped right now with a true courageous leadership in the Halls of Congress….. but what are the odds?! Losing this election to the continuing rape and transformation of the laws of economic liberties of the Laws set forth in the Constitution of the Republic is, quite simply, not an option….. For the sake of all those who have gone before and died to preserve our heritage, and for all of those yet to come, please….. VOTE!!

  12. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation will be released soon. Will it be ignored? Zero is a fraud, and he needs to be removed, charged, and imprisoned. Those that aided him also.

  13. And yet, he’s allowed to stay where he is. Why? John Boehner belongs behind the counter of a local deli, not in the Speakers chair. He’s complicit in this.

  14. The Dems have been after Koch Bros for a long time but this sounds like what Mitt Romney and the GOP have done to Newt and to the Tea Party. Though before I thought this behavior was unique to the Dems I have come to learn the Republicans are no different. When it comes to power people will do and say anything whether true or otherwise to get or maintain what they have.

    Obama is a _________________ and as a lady I will allow you to fill in the blank but there are many others who are as well. This primary has taught me nothing is out of the way or out of bounds. When everyone stoops to these levels civilized behavior goes out the window and the only thing left is perhaps a shred of decency. In my mind it doesn’t matter who the dictator is because tyranny is the same whoever sits in the seat of power.

    1. Yet Americans allow fewer than a thousand of these _____________s to run our entire country, control our lives, steal the fruits of labor and enslave us in debt.

      We could remove them all in landslide.

  15. And it is going to get even worse when that list is correlated with our healthcare.

    The NY Slimes, of course, has just given us a preview of how the goverment will put private insurers out of business , and control doctors and patients – Federal HMO. They call it an ACO but it is nothing new except this time the Central Government writes the rules and restricts care. Doctors will be forced, measured and paid according to health maintenance metrics.

    Most importantly doctors will be paid per patient not by procedure or treatment. This will remove ALL ncentibes for doctors as they get paid fixed salary based how many patients they see not on being the best in their field.

    Mass is already moving to these because insurance cost are escalating under Romneycare. They have created another crisis they now have to “fix”.

    This is gong to get really really ugly.


    Read it and weep. This is going to get really ugly.

    1. If you listen to the globalists, they will tell you that they want to reduce populations severely. Wouldn’t this help?

    2. Please keep in mind that this could have been defunded by John Boehner and Eric Cantor. They chose not too. Ohio, remove Boehner. He has no business being where he is.

    1. Gee, it’s not like the Koch Brothers placed the Muslim Brotherhood into DHS and the State Department, like Zero has.

  16. “If a journalist, labor-union leader or community organizer on the left can be targeted today, an academic or business person on the right can be the target tomorrow.”

    Is there such a thing as “an academic …on the right” ?

  17. Thanks for posting this Red! Obama must be defeated soundly! Oops, I guess I’m now on his enemy list, lol!

  18. McCarthy was right. I would have asked the general if he ever read Sun Tzu and then asked him how it is he can’t find the enemy but Joe could. So screw that part.

    I used to like listening to his late wife, even though Mr Olson always impressed me as a liberal RHINO. A good lawyer, but an occasional dumbarse.

    The rest of his missive is spot on.

  19. Aside from the swipes at McCarthy, this is spot on. Obama hates not only America, but he hates all of us too. He did the same thing to Rick Santelli and employees of Goldman Sachs (except for the ones who didn’t pay their taxes and went to work for him).

  20. This is nothing new in national, or local politics, but it becomes much more scarey as government takes more power, and our rights have been diminished. The power structure is in place to squelch political dissidents via secret detention without charge. We are seeing the end of what America was supposed to be. There are more and more reasons every year to fear government. I wish that I were more confident that Americans would rise up and put an end to government power grabs, and abuses. The longer it goes on, the worse off we are.

    1. People are sheep. They look to government for solutions to the problems government created. They are afraid to cut government even though it strangles them.

      The media and schools tell them want they want to hear.

      1. It would be nice if we could at least get some people to realize how most of our problems are government created. It bugs the heck out of me when I here “we need someone who can get things done”. That usually means getting new things, and more government. Ron Paul is the only guy willing to cut anything, and he is a freak to many. I looks like we are destined for internal destruction.

        That reminds me, I really need to get my dry foods sealed and stored.

        1. Libertarians are looking better to me all the time. The elephants are pathetic.

          Too bad Libertarians cannot see Islam as the self proclaimed mortal enemy of America, the West, Christians, Jews and anything else good in the world.

          1. Libertarians don’t ignore the Islamic desire to destroy the rest of the world. We just don’t think that they can do much harm to us if we truly protect ourselves at home. When government takes our rights, we are more susceptible to their terror, which is from within. When we extend ourselves around the world, we cannot have a strong America. Libertarian principles help reign in the problems, they don’t require all of society to change instantly.

            Personally I think that our public leaders need to openly proclaim that Islam is a threat to the world, and quit making the religion out to be peaceful, as Bush and Obama do.

    2. There arn’t even that many objections to the searches at airports and now proposed searches at other transportation facilities. I guess some people think that “security” is worth more than freedom, although they arn’t making us more secure either.

      1. I fear government much more than I fear terrorists. Terrorist just want to kill us, but government wants to control us, and will make us slaves.

  21. –“And for those of you who still think Romney is the same as Obama, you must still be ignorant to how radical a second Obama term will be. Regardless of who the nominee is, we must band together to kick Obama out of the White House. It’s not about you or “your” candidate anymore, it’s about saving our country.”–

    You can’t say that enough RS. I am no Romney fan, but he IS NOT Obama. Obama and his ilk in a lame duck term would make the last 4 years look like a warm up session. If Romney gets the nomination, I will happily go to the polls to pull the lever for him…Not because I agree with his stances, but that my vote went against Obama.
    As for the RNC jacking me over by nominating another mushy middle guy? I hope we take it to them in the House and Senate–thus making this moderate guy sign OUR bills.

    1. What I see happening in every election cycle is a building disdain for the current leadership that leads Americans into a strong desire to “change” the leadership. This is created by their policies, and the media. Two party minded people tend to give their party somewhat of a pass during their guy’s reign due to their party bias’. This gives these leaders enough support to do bad things. Meanwhile the other party people get really mad and the center moves toward them. The Washington establishment then puts up the next round of establishment candidates and the media goes along like clockwork.

      The party mentality is such that it allows for a certain level of power grabbing and corruption. As time goes by, the corruption grows. The establishment uses this tactic to maintain their power and push through their corporate and global agendas. The American people are taught to support the supposed lesser evil, out of fear of the existing evil. They buy into the talking points of the media, and the politicians such as “that guy is not electable”. This is a psych-op designed to entrap the voters in a perpetual cycle of lost hope. Politically, Americans are like addicts. They get addicted to the political ups and downs. The highs and the lows. They will either opt out of the process out of disgust for it, or they will emotionally crave the process and continue within the limited bounds of the process which is ultimately controlled by the parties and the media.

      There is another option, but fear keeps us from engaging in it. We are not comfortable with it, and dismiss it as unworkable and put false hope in saving the current system. Another false propaganda statement that Americans have bought into is “third parties can never win”. Many are waking up to this, and are ready to start supporting a third party guy. It may not work the first time around, but people might just catch on and seek to change that the second time around. It has to start somewhere.

      1. mathematically impossible. uncomfortable fact, because it doesn’t swing our way, but it is mathematically impossible. My point above was that there is a lot of establishment power money in a presidential election. The sheer scale of it requires serious donations for the war chest, which invites all kinds of wild cards and unfortunately shuts out others. However, congressional elections are by design more local, and make up the power of our representative government. Power in Congress can be equal to executive power. We need to concentrate on both the presidential election and the congressional balance. If we can win 1 or both, it will be a significant swing in the right direction. I personally would LOVE to see the RNC throw another fit about the new freshmen like they did in 2010. It was great. Only let down was that we didn’t take the Senate and we put up a weakling for House Leader.
        A fantastic example of what I am explaining was the Republican takeover in the 1990’s under Clinton. Anybody who is being intellectually honest knows that Clinton would have preferred to take us a different direction but couldn’t.

        1. Do you deny that the established parties have a serious stronghold on the political process? Do you believe that the media is truly liberal, or unbiased? For what I was saying to be possible, you have to believe that there is a consorted effort between dems, pubs, and the media. If you discount this idea, then all you are left with is that the status quo is the only option we will ever have, because nobody is really controlling anything. You cannot have a large enough effect on hundreds of factors to change the direction that a society is going. In this case, you must believe that human nature is simply playing itself out, and there is no conscious control to the whole thing. If this is the case, then history dooms this country, and so does God. Human nature is obviously involved in everything, but we as a society will either create an environment where the best traits of human nature will prosper, or the worst will. I believe that the worst has been prevailing for a long time. This is evident in the obvious condition of our county’s financial state, foreign policy state, cultural state, and political system.

          Our systems have been consciously created. The effects of the Federal Reserve system were known upon creation. The social systems were debated and theoretically created well before they came to fruition. So was the two party system of political control. Prior knowledge requires that there was and is conscious and deliberate control. To think that this control has evaporated, and we are simply left with the effects of it, is naive, in my opinion.

          In this case, we must recognize that the system is corrupt to the point of inevitable destruction. Corruption does not go unchecked forever. Eventually it will collapse upon itself. This is a blessing, but it will also cause pain to many.

          My original point was that we do not have to choose the lesser of the evils. Romney is not what we have to accept as the only anti-Obama candidate, and the people can decide to make a radical change to the system, but they must be willing to get behind another person who is the antithesis of Obama, and even Romney. We will never get perfection, but we can choose to support a person who doesn’t believe that the system can be tweaked and work, but must be fundamentally changed to support the aspects of human nature that can positively effect our society. We have one such candidate right now, but we may not the next time around.

          1. No denial here. Just mathematically impossible given the national demographic. Go look into the numbers. 20% liberal, 30% moderate, 50% conservative (these numbers are a ballpark percentage based on various studies). If you were to go 3rd party, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt that you pull 2/3 of the conservative base and 1/2 of the moderate base (that is generous). From purely a popular vote perspective (not electoral), you would now have a 55/45 split leveraged to the democrats. That’s generous math, and it still doesn’t work out. The jack holes at the RNC know this. They are unfortunately correct. That’s why I advocate that it can be accomplished in a Senate or Congressional District, but not nationally at this time. A 3rd party is a win for the democrats. Just ask Clinton.

            For the record, I absolutely agree with you on the politicians, their party leaders, the media, and everything else. I’m just suggesting we don’t let our emotions overcome our pragmatism. It would be too costly to have Obama in there with nothing to lose for 4 more years. I’d like to keep my job.

            1. I hear you. I see what you are saying with the math. I believe that the party in power always destroys their support before their term is up. If we didn’t change out the party and let it go longer than usual, we could be looking at political revolution type conditions. I think that this might be what is required at this point. If Romney or Newt get in, we have little to no change in the financial system, foreign policy, or even domestic policy. The thing that I have come to realize is that the republicans never really turn things back. Then they add the bad things that they can get away with.

              Ron Paul is gaining support due to his differentiation from all of the others. The movement that he is leading, will not go away with him. People support him, but based on a cause. That is what starts political revolutions. Most of his supporters don’t see much difference between Obama and the establishment republicans. Ether the revolution begins, or people fall out of the process. I would rather see the first come to fruition.

              I think that we are in for huge changes in this country, either way. Many more will lose their jobs, either way. We are too deep in the hole to avoid the pain associated with the correction.

      2. Yes, I agree with the third party idea. If we get Romney in the White House, we might last another four years , but then will Right wingers be energized enough to overcome a yet more entrenched repub “leadership”?

        What then, in 2016?

        But first we have to deal with 2012, and I think it’s too late now for a 3rd party.

        Listening to Newt’s speech after Florida, I’m more impressed with him than ever. Who knows what the other 46 states may bring?

        1. I’m voting republican this time, and for the last time in over twenty years. The only reason I am voting republican this time is because we have a real constitutional candidate on the stage. After the primary, I am going independent. I will not vote in the general, unless a miracle happens. I hope that conservatives start abandoning the republican party en mass, and go somewhere else. If it happened fast enough, it might gain enough momentum to become something. The states need to quit catering to the two parties as well. I will support RP as a third party candidate, but I don’t think that he will do it.

          Newt isn’t radical enough to change anything. Too much of a big government guy. Its crunch time economically, and if we don’t have a radical shift, the dollar will fall. Lots of bad things will happen then.

    2. A re-elected Obama will still be powerful UNLESS we have a much stronger congress, which is doubtful because of the establishment, even if the GOP wins congress this year. They have virtually castrated the tea party members from 2010.

      O has made so many unconstitutional moves that isn’t even addressed by congress, and a new GOP president would not care to reverse them unless he cared about our freedoms, because that is also more power for them. I can imagine the GOP is quite alright that Obama has won more dictatorial power for the presidency.

      For instance, I just came across this:
      “Months before the debate about Internet censorship raged as SOPA and PIPA dominated the concerns of web users, President Obama signed an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever.”

      The internet is the only place these days to get any truth. But now we have an unconstitutional treaty censoring the web because CHINA might want it that way?

      The SCOTUS is a right leaning court right now but will not be with another 4 years of Obama. We are screwed if it comes to that.

      Obamacare MUST be repealed if we arn’t to ruin our health care system permantly, and Romney won’t do it, whatever he says now.

      1. Think of it as a police car. Oh wait, you’re probably not one of “them”… sorry man. I got carried away. “Mic Check!”

  22. Romney may not be Obama lite, but it is not yet the time to anoint him. And if he IS the nominee and he IS elected, he will need to be watched like a hawk and kept in line, as I suspect he will sprint past the center more towards the left faster than a prom dress comes off after midnight.

        1. We might have to go further than that. Such as electing strict limited government constitutional advocates. (libertarian types) When things get bad enough, you have to go extreme to get out.

            1. If this is what our time is supposed to be like, then I would have preferred to live 200 years ago. My life span may have been short, but I could have done things that I could only dream about today.

  23. I wouldn’t put it past him to sic the IRS on his political enemies.
    The sad thing is that the MSM and elites would defend it.

    1. Well, he has siced the unions on the Koch brothers. You should see the libs up here FREAK out when they hear the name Koch. You see, Scott Walker is a Koch brothers plant and does their bidding… 😉

      Never mind that Georgia Pacific (which they own) is union and is a major employer in this area…

      1. The other matter is that they have exposure in many regulated industries:
        1. Refining – EPA/OSHA
        2. Commodity trading – CFTC/SEC
        3. Minerals – EPA/OSHA
        4. Forest products – Labor/EPA/Dept. of Interior

        Hussein could put the screws to these guys although they can take care of themselves pretty well. They can be nasty if they want to be. The libs fear them in fact.

    2. Obama “The ends justifies the means” = I will do anything to get what I want.

      Obama “They bring a knife, we bring a gun” = I will win even if I have to cheat, lie or steal.

      What do you expect from a Chicago Way Mobster? Obama (and his posse) is as dirty and corrupt as it gets. As RS already stated, this is why we have to remove him from power in any way we can. Obama will be the death of freedom and prosperity if we don’t reverse course in this coming election. Romney will not reverse course, Gingrich will, as he said in his speech last night. Wake up people!

  24. Isn’t this Barbara Olson’s husband…she was killed on 9/11 at the Pentagon?

    I just watched a fantastic video on Fox Nation of the crowd lining up in DC to have Mark Levin sign his book for them…Obama is likely to add the Great One to his list.

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