Obama’s enforcement of immigration law is SO LAX that illegals TAUNT Border Agents when caught!

One of the more annoying aspects of the immigration debate is how illegal alien advocates say that Obama has deported millions and call him the “deporter-in-chief,” when we know for a fact that the numbers are padded to provide him with political cover. A new report reinforces the counter-narrative that Obama is in fact lax on immigration law enforcement, and illegal aliens know it:

[The Director at the Center for Immigration Policy] said that officers are concerned that illegals with criminal records are being released under Obama’s policies, and that some immigrants taunt the officers, believing that the policies protect them.

“Some have told me that illegal alien criminals they have arrested have even taunted them, saying they know the ICE officers can’t do anything to them because of Obama administration policies,” Vaughan told Secrets.

The officers have raised the issues at “town hall” meetings with their superiors.

Now is anyone willing to believe that illegal aliens are being deterred from entering America if they are taunting our immigration officers? If you believe that, then Jonathan Gruber has a healthcare bill to sell you…

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