Obama’s TWO BOOKS have almost no mention of Mandela or Apartheid

Yossi Gestetner did a Google books search of Obama’s two books (Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father). Yet between the 880 sides of content, between the two of them, Obama mentions the word Apartheid only ONCE; and the word Mandela only THREE times!

This is very strange because Obama said of himself in recent days that “the first thing that I ever did that involved an issue, policy or politics was to join a protest against Apartheid.” The AP ran a story Monday saying “as a Student Obama drew inspiration from Mandela.” Over the weekend the NYT wrote Obama’s Path Was Shaped by Mandela’s Story.

Hmmm. Why is none of it in Obama’s books?

Either Google Books search is broken or Obama and his backers in the Media are shamelessly creating history out of thin air.

Here is a link to Audacity of Hope at Google Books and here is a link to Dreams From my Father. Enter either of the two words (Apartheid or Mandela) in the “Search Inside” section and tell us what you find!

After you see the results for yourself, how does one explain the following PR job in the NYT on behalf of Obama:

It was the fight for racial justice in South Africa by Mr. Mandela that first inspired a young Barack Obama to public service, the American president recalled on Thursday evening after hearing that Mr. Mandela, the 95-year-old world icon, had died. Mr. Obama delivered his first public speech, in 1979, at an anti-apartheid rally.

The White House is creating history in front of our eyes but the “lap-dog Media” follows inline without asking a simple question: If all this is true why didn’t we see it in either of Obama’s own TWO books?
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28 thoughts on “Obama’s TWO BOOKS have almost no mention of Mandela or Apartheid

  1. BO/BS is enabling gender apartheid right here, in the USA, through Muslim practitioners of the ideology of Islam. He is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood both here and in the Middle East. The pResident says it is his job to protect Islam in America.

  2. “Either Google Books search is broken or Obama and his backers in the Media are shamelessly creating history out of thin air.”
    I’ll go with the latter. 😉 😉

  3. The only thing Obama has in common with Mandela is similar skin tone and communism. Obama has never ever faced anything like the hardship of Mandela.

  4. I guess obama’s funeral philosophy is “Never let a funeral go to waste.” It gives him a chance to mingle with communists, dictators, depots, and others that are “heroes” to him.

  5. RE: “as a Student Obama drew inspiration from Mandela.”

    In Soetoro’s speech at Mandela’s “sainthood ordination” yesterday, Soetoro claimed he had been inspired by Mandela for “30 years.” This would have placed Soetoro’s love for Mandela to about 1983…. the year that Mandela was responsible for planning and executing the Church Street bombing in Pretoria.

    And then, Mr. Soetoro made a global appeal for MORE SODOMY. He stated “Around the world today, men and women are still imprisoned for their political beliefs; and are still persecuted for what they look like, or how they worship, OR WHO THEY LOVE.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/dec/10/obama-eulogizes-mandela-calls-him-last-great-liber/?page=1#ixzz2n5ruaDx4

  6. That is weird, especially considering Mandela was a Communist sympathizer who ordered the torture and murder of his political opponents from prison. Seems like President Obama would have been all over that.

  7. His books are about class stuff, social justice marxism. His identity is not rooted in American black identity struggle, but ideology. Hence, the passages about playing their music loud in college, grinding out their cigarettes to defy the bourgeoisie. This is very different language than what you would expect from racial politicians, but he expediently co-opted that, too.

  8. As warpmine posted earlier, “Bill Ayers forgot that aspect of Obama’s life.”

    The similarities in writing style and on specific places Obama theoretical wrote about, can also be found in books authored by Bill Ayers, an American the terrorist. He’s the true author of “Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams from My Father.”

  9. Everyone and everything with Obama is used as either political pawns or as a way to make himself look good. If they cannot serve him or his agenda he disses them.

  10. We all know Obama is a pathological liar. We all know he is a self-promoter first and foremost. We know he’s arrogant, shameless, and a monster. We also know the media is ridiculously corrupt. That it has deified Obama for their own ends. We know that the media lies, spins, distorts, omits, deceives… and I could go on.
    Despite how much I hate Obama and the media… and I do hate them both (wish I didn’t ‘hate’ but that’s the best word to describe my feelings towards them)… there’s an interesting thought that comes to mind for me. Obama had every chance to be like a Nelson Mandela here in America. Hear me out please. Okay, there’s still a degree of racism – almost entirely perpetuated by the corrupt Demoncraps for their own ends. There was some degree of division before he was pResident (see where I’m going here?). There were problems and issues that still needed some attention and work. Obama had an opportunity to be a unifier, a peace-maker… a man who could unite this nation in a way it hasn’t been before. He could have been benevolent, fair, a real leader like Mandela became. But Obama chose the low road and decided to highjack others’ accomplishments and legacies as his own – as this post describes.
    Obama has done more to destroy this nation than Germany, Japan, Russia or any terrorist has ever done. He’s been much more successful than all of these combined. For him to parasitically associate himself with the accomplishments of Mandela is beyond pathetic. It’s sick and evil. But of course, that perfectly describes Obama (sick and evil). He’s a monster… not a great man by any measure. In fact, he’s a very very small man.

    1. Obama is despicable. it will take a generation to undue all the harm he has done to America. Nelson Mandela was a historic figure that accomplished great things. Obama has only destroyed our nation at home and abroad.

    2. You are right… Sick and evil describes Obama AND the new democrat party. The only chance we have of ending his sick and evil DEMOCRAT OBAMACARE law is to fire the democrats in the house and senate in 2014 and again in 2016

  11. It’s interesting that Ted Cruz has been saying some pretty positive stuff about Mandela recently. Makes you wonder where his priorities are. Plus, he’s going to the memorial service… pretty quiet about this stuff

    1. I think he’s just playing the game – positioning himself for President perhaps. He may not agree with it but politically, it makes sense.

      1. There’s an old saying” Say what you mean and mean what you say.”
        That applies to Cruz or anyone else in public or private life. Frankly, I would rather stand alone in my beliefs than acquiesce, all for the greater good.

        Cruz’s motivations for going to the memorial service are only known to him. If, as you speculate, Cruz is doing this “to play the game,” for political gain then,he is no better than the politicians you are trying to oust from office for the very same reasons.

        1. I think that’s a valid point. I don’t know what his intentions were for this trip… but in my gut it kind of bothers me that he went.

  12. if anyone with a right mind had read these books we maybe in a better place. of course it doesn’t excuse the wrong minded or does it? oh for gods sake!!! would someone please help me?????!!!!!ofuc

  13. His books mention hardly anything. Mr. Narcissistic Personality Disorder was too busy talking about himself.

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