Obama’s TWO BOOKS have almost no mention of Mandela or Apartheid

Yossi Gestetner did a Google books search of Obama’s two books (Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father). Yet between the 880 sides of content, between the two of them, Obama mentions the word Apartheid only ONCE; and the word Mandela only THREE times!

This is very strange because Obama said of himself in recent days that “the first thing that I ever did that involved an issue, policy or politics was to join a protest against Apartheid.” The AP ran a story Monday saying “as a Student Obama drew inspiration from Mandela.” Over the weekend the NYT wrote Obama’s Path Was Shaped by Mandela’s Story.

Hmmm. Why is none of it in Obama’s books?

Either Google Books search is broken or Obama and his backers in the Media are shamelessly creating history out of thin air.

Here is a link to Audacity of Hope at Google Books and here is a link to Dreams From my Father. Enter either of the two words (Apartheid or Mandela) in the “Search Inside” section and tell us what you find!

After you see the results for yourself, how does one explain the following PR job in the NYT on behalf of Obama:

It was the fight for racial justice in South Africa by Mr. Mandela that first inspired a young Barack Obama to public service, the American president recalled on Thursday evening after hearing that Mr. Mandela, the 95-year-old world icon, had died. Mr. Obama delivered his first public speech, in 1979, at an anti-apartheid rally.

The White House is creating history in front of our eyes but the “lap-dog Media” follows inline without asking a simple question: If all this is true why didn’t we see it in either of Obama’s own TWO books?
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