Obligatory Rove bashes O’Donnell Video

I think many of you have probably seen this already as it has been going around a lot. I saw this live and was a bit shocked at how Rove was tearing O’Donnell apart right after she had just won the primary. And now, given this newly discovered ‘secret meeting‘ Rove had with the Tea Party to push for the Party, it puts these comments into a new light:

There wasn’t anything congratulatory in his remarks even though O’Donnell was the people’s choice in this election. He appears to have nothing but disdain for O’Donnell which is quite disappointing considering our real opponent is Obama’s radical agenda. He may not believe she can win, but I am very hopeful that she will run away with the state given that this is a year where conventional wisdom isn’t panning out. Americans are angry and they want true conservatives who will vote as conservatives – and they won’t put up with the likes of Karl Rove tearing down conservatives candidates just because he doesn’t think they can win.

It’s my hope that we can prove Karl Rove and all of the establishment elephants wrong. But even if she loses in November, we have sent a powerful message to the establishment and to RINOs around the nation that America is serious about taking their country back and won’t put up with their selfish and liberal agendas anymore. And that is what makes me smile today.

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