OBLIGATORY: Senate Republicans kill Democrat voting bill ‘Screw the People Act’, so what’s next?

As expected, the Democrat federal election takeover bill didn’t get any Republican support and failed in the Senate 50-50:

FOX NEWS – Senate Republicans Tuesday blocked sweeping legislation on election and campaign finance reforms that Democrats said is crucial to ensuring voting rights and saving democracy but the GOP blasted as a partisan power grab.

The “For the People Act” needed 60 votes to clear a procedural vote in the Senate Tuesday, but Republicans filibustered and killed the legislation from advancing to debate. No Republicans joined with the 50 Democrats on the motion to proceed.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Republicans won’t stand for Democrats’ attempt to impose new voting standards on states that would “rig” elections in their favor. He called the substance of the nearly 900-page bill “rotten” to its core.

Republicans took issue with imposing federal standards on state elections that they said would weaken state ID requirements. They also oppose starting a new public financing system for congressional elections and politicizing the Federal Elections Commission that enforces campaign finance laws.

Even the RINO from Alaska…

Even GOP moderate Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said she couldn’t support the “partisan federal takeover of the election system.” In a floor speech, she said she’d back elements of the bill and will co-sponsor the separate John Lewis Voting Rights Act, but can’t back Democrats’ “one-size-fits-all” reforms.

I was talking with someone today who said the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” is really what all of this is about. The argument is that Democrats knew this partisan power grab would never fly and are really hoping that once this bill is dead, they can bring up this ‘compromise’ bill in the name of the late John Lewis and get it passed. And any Republican that doesn’t vote for it will be labeled a racist, of course.

So as you can see Murkowski is already falling for this plan, like the good RINO she is, and is ready to co-sponsor the ‘compromise’ legislation, giving Democrats a little more padding if they can ever get rid of the filibuster. Or maybe they’ll find a way to jam it through via reconciliation. Either way, they’ve already got her vote and they’ll call the bill bipartisan even if she’s the only Republican they can get.

And she might be the only one they get. McConnell already said this month that he’s not supporting the bill:

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