OBSCENE Democrat SCUMBAG politician INTIMIDATES COP because he ruined her HOLIDAY…

I cannot tell you how angry I am about this obscene video from New Jersey where this scumbag politician tries to push around a cop because he pulled over a car that happened to have her daughter as a passenger.

Prepare to get outraged:

Now just imagine if you or I treated a cop that way. He would have us biting the asphalt in ten seconds and we’d be arrested. But this @#$ing @#[email protected]#$ gets away with it because she happens to know the mayor. What a complete effing travesty.

AND this scumbag is the former chairman of the Port Authority’s Governance and Ethics Committee – YES, ETHICS!!!

She seriously tells them that the kids they pulled over are Ph.D. students from M.I.T. and Yale, as if that means they can do whatever the hell they want while the rest of us lower animals get to face the law. Unbelievable.

The dumbass has resigned, but that’s not enough for me:

The Port Authority has zero tolerance for ethics violations. This is the basis of the tough, systematic integrity reforms the Port Authority has implemented over the past year. Immediately upon learning of allegations that Commissioner Turner violated the Board’s newly-enacted Code of Ethics, an Inspector General investigation was begun. The investigation revealed conduct that was profoundly disturbing. After Commissioner Turner became aware of the investigation, she resigned.

This scumbag needs to run out of her town on a rail for the disgusting manned in which she perverted the power given to her. What a foul wretch of a subhuman piece of garbage.

And what kind of idiot spells Karen with a “C”?!?!?

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