Ocasio-Cortez makes RIDICULOUS accusation against Fox News reporter – and she’s WRONG AGAIN!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has decided tonight to pick on Fox News via one of their reporters tonight.

Lawrence Jones III tweeted this morning from the border about a live shot he was about to do:


Just a normal tweet about a live shot. Nothing even remotely controversial.

Unless you’re the nitwit Ocasio-Cortez, who retweeted screenshots of the above tweet with the absurd accusation that this Fox News reporter is trying to make the border look more dangerous than it really is:

She then retweeted this douche-nozzle to further make her point:

AOC and the left just loves their conspiracies. Too bad they are wrong again:

Jones explains this more fully on Fox News, telling Hannity that what people don’t realize is that while we control this side of the border, the drug cartels control the other side and there are sometimes gun fights and bullets flying from the other side:

Ocasio-Cortez and the left suffer from a very bad case of TDS, and thus refuse to believe the reality of what’s really going on at the border – which leads them to making idiotic accusations like this that are so easily refuted.

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