Ocasio-Cortez declares victory after Amazon announces offices in NYC, but there’s a YUGE problem with her story

Do you all remember when Ocasio-Cortez told Amazon to stay away from New York City because she opposed the tax subsidies they were offering? well now she’s saying that she won the debate:

I have to admit I have some sympathies here. Some cities give out tax discounts like candy and they end up screwing over the citizens. BUT, in this case, AOC is full of it. Here’s why:

However, the congresswoman’s critics were quick to point out that Amazon’s new plans differ significantly from the cancelled HQ2.

‘Another day, another viral misleading tweet from AOC. Amazon is leasing office space in Manhattan for 1,500 employees, which is 6% of the 25,000 jobs its HQ2 in Queens (her district) was supposed to add,’ tweeted Peter J. Hasson, a reporter for the Daily Caller.

‘Amazon is now going to create just 6% of the jobs they would’ve before AOC killed their deal with NYC (1,500 vs 25,000), but by all means take a victory lap for the 23,500 jobs that are never coming to NYC thanks to AOC,’ tweeted Josh Jordan, and marketing-research consultant in Chicago.

Sooooo yeah it’s not quite the same as what would have happened with the original deal. Now whether or not it was a good deal is debatable. But AOC declaring victory is complete BS.

AND one other thing people aren’t mentioning:

She says she hates Amazon because of the “exploitation” of the worker. But bringing them to NYC without tax subsidies doesn’t alleviate that at all. So does that mean she’s pro-exploitation of the worker? It’s all nonsense, but we’re used to that from AOC, aren’t we?

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