Ocasio-Cortez goes on Twitter TIRADE because SEXIST Dems won’t take her SERIOUSLY!

Mao-Xandria Ocommie-Cortez flipped out today because of some comments from Aaron Sorking the popular liberal entertainment writer.

All he said was that he likes the young Dems just voted in, but that they have to stop acting like young people:

Seriously, that is not that bad a comment, but, just like children, they have to flip out:

This guy/chick is trying to show SUPPORT for AOC, but she instead accuses everyone of SEXISM.

Uh, yeah except we mock EVERYONE who wants to tax people at an insane 70% rate, not just crazy latinas. You cretin.

This girl barely qualifies to be an extra in a Gillette commercial, much less Congress. And didn’t she prove Sorkin’s point? Instead of ignoring the criticism or accepting it, she goes on a rant about how she can’t be questioned, even by democrats, who are clearly animated by sexism! LOL! Love it.

AND, ironically, she ended her rant by defending trans people after she was accusing a trans person of sexism when she tried to show her support!!! Amazing.

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