Ocasio-Cortez is in MELTDOWN mode because KellyAnne Conway CALLED HER OUT on Sri Lanka attack!!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is in full meltdown mode this morning after Kellyanne Conway called her out about the Sri Lanka attack on Christians.

Uh, right, tech issues. But she didn’t say anything about the attack afterward either. What a stupid excuse.

She was responding to this from Kellyanne Conway:

But then she does what every liar does – she deflects from the original point because she knows she’s lost on that one.

Pretty classic “whataboutism” here.

Then she defends using the phrase “Easter worshippers”:

WHAT the heck is she talking about?! That wasn’t even about you! LOL! You “highlight” how bad it was by just adding “on Easter” to “attack on Christians.” Idiot.

It is fitting that this vacuous moron is the intellectual giant of the left.


She took a deep breath and KEPT tweeting her meltdown:

Weird, because Democrats like Pete Buttigieg are celebrated for mocking the faith of people like Mike Pence.

Ironically, JUST BEFORE this freak out, Ocasio-Cortez had retweeted this:

Uhm, using gospel music written to bring glory to God, in order to “celebrate” the “spirit and the tenets of the Green New Deal”? WTF? LOL! She thinks her anti-cow-fart bill is some kind of Bible that needs to be worshipped. Not sure someone setting up global warming legislation as an idol to be worshipped can be classified as the greatest Christian….

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