Ocasio-Cortez just can’t stop saying stupid CRAP – now on ‘death panels’!

It is such a wonder how Mao-xandria Ocasio-Commie continues to come up with more and more crazy crap to spew forth from her cakehole. It’s almost inspiring.

But not really:

Jim Hanson responded to her nuttiness.

Hanson is exactly right – I do think that we need to be sensitive to Americans’ struggles on healthcare. There are no healthcare panaceas, but we need to listen to Americans who are hurting and reach out with free market solutions.

I wanna say too that some people, even on the right, are whining that the right-wing media is paying Mao-xandria Ocasio-Commie too much attention and making her a star. That is absolutely absurd. It was the left-wing extreme and the mainstream media that fawned all over her, not us. We just make fun of her when she says stupid crap. How about we stop covering her when she stop saying stupid crap?

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