Ocasio-Cortez says surge in crime in NYC is because people are poor and they are stealing bread

Ocasio Cortez topped herself today with another incredibly stupid argument that people are committing crime because they are hungry and need to steal bread. She said this at the end of this video:

Now look to be fair to her, IF people are saying that there’s an uptick in crime because of defunding the police, and it hasn’t happened yet, then clearly, that is a poor argument. BUT she goes on to say a completely absurdly stupid argument that all the crime in NYC has to do with people stealing bread because they can’t afford rent. Huh?

Now look I’ll grant that some people will commit more crimes when they are out of work. That is a terrible consequence of the pandemic and the lockdown response. BUT, that does not take away the moral dimension of crime. And that does not excuse every crime by people that could have otherwise worked.

Of course, to morons like AOC, all crimes excusable because of the evils of capitalism and poverty, unless you’re white, then you are the most responsible person in the world…

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