Ocasio-Cortez tosses a teen ANGST temper tantrum over terrible poll numbers!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tossed herself to the ground and banged on the floor with her hands and feet in a terrible teenage tantrum because people just don’t like her all that much.

NumbersMuncher, who is a pretty good twitter follow for conservatives, was merely pointing out that AOC was doing terribly among most demographics. AOC is flipping out and screaming every “ism” she can find.

And she’s blaming Fox News:

BUT, as NumbersMuncher points out, the poll is way worse than what she describes:

And he specifically addresses AOC’s objection:

Oops!! Unfortunately socialism is pretty popular among the American yutes. But even Ocasio-Cortez is too stupid for their liking. And I don’t think you can blame all of that on Fox News…

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65 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez tosses a teen ANGST temper tantrum over terrible poll numbers!

  1. As usual, AOC is so stupid to blame this on Fox when it is a Gallup Poll. Gallup is one of the most liberal progressive polls around, so in reality, her numbers are probably even worse. But what can we expect of an actress who flubs her lines written for her by anarchists of the group “Justice Democrats?”

  2. This wee strumpet reminds me o’ some o’ th’ sirens o’ th’ seas that I ‘n me crew ‘ave run across.

  3. My reply to AOC’s tweet:
    Wait. So you’re mad that now everyone is realizing that you’re just an ignorant, foolish blowhard, but it’s FOXNEWS fault for reporting it? Just wow. The irony is you’re too ignorant to realize how galacticly STUPID this tweet really is.

  4. As Americans become more familiar with AOC, the more unfavorably they view her.

    That’s true for progressivism/socialism in general. That’s why they don’t pitch it to thinking people.

  5. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tossed herself to the ground and banged on the floor with her hands and feet in a terrible teenage tantrum because people just don’t like her all that much. ”

    I was hoping there’d be a video!

  6. 41% is bothersome of Democrats a growth of 8% That means their nutball base has grown and that only -68 of republicans disapprove. But at least her disapproval is increasing. I would like to see her numbers in her district

  7. The guy with the highest IQ in the United States is (was) a bartender.

    AOC is not that guy.

  8. 😆 Blaming Fox News doesn’t hide the fact that AOC is a blithering moron and uber hypocrite.

  9. ‪AOC auditioned as CONGRESS PUPPET! Ilhan, AOC, Tlaib, & Beto all auditioned for Congress-Justice Democrats, Young Turks, and nasty thugs plan to fill Congress with Soros Socialist, AntiSemetic, AntiAmerican PUPPETS!! NO MORE SWAMP! Arrogant, disrespectful, Pitiful, Stupids with no life experience is not a desirable candidate for Congress!! ‬
    Brains Behind AOC https://youtu.be/1h5iv6sECGU via @YouTube

  10. Thankfully, a lot of 18 to 34 year olds don’t vote. Most will eventually mature. However, I don’t think AOC ever will.

    1. @SJMom

      I just must be an anomaly. I voted the first time in the early ’70s for a Republican, and have never missed an election since then. AOC is indoctrinated and stupid. You are correct SJMom, most people will mature, but then I think of Bernie and then there’s Plugs, Bernie’s twin, I don’t know if donkeycrats ever grow a thinking brain.

      1. Bernie has no reason to change. Even if he is a capitalist at heart, his socialism schtick has made him millions. Why would he change that? He has no principles.

        1. Excellent point.

          Bernie is a capitalist who sells socialist ideas to idiots who hate capitalism.

    2. No. Even if she somehow in the future sees the light, she will have been so far entrenched in the leftist ideology that she will never get out. She will have to admit that what she previously said and what she previously adhered to was a bunch of misguided, ill informed, “Aunt Ester’s snake oil potion” brain spatter.

      (Sorry, just watched the last episode of Dexter last week. Couldn’t help it.)

  11. Why don’t they ever poll us? I am white. I am female. I am collage educated. I am 50 – 65 age group. What else do they want to know in a poll?
    I will tell you exactly how I feel about AOC. I do not, will not ever give a rats behind about her. ❗

    1. That reminds me of the last local election cycle here. Some democrat knocked on my door pushing some local democrat for some local position here. Yeah, that’s vague because he had a democrat label on his shirt so I automagically stopped listening to anything he had to say.

      When he was done I said: you could hold a gun to my head and my families and I still would not vote for a democrat.

      You should have seen his face.

  12. The 55+ crowd nearly all vote, and she is -22 with them. And the Repubs are going to make 2020 a referendum on AOC and her Green No-Planes No-Cars No-Farts Deal. Awful news for the Dims.

  13. She got in because Crowley was careless. But helping scuttle the Amazon deal was probably her biggest unforced error. She will be a one termer, and then have a rewarding career on a news channel till the rest of the freeloaders get tired of her.

    Unfortunately for me, that means Scoop/Soop will make me suffer thru her every idiotic statement for the foreseeable future

  14. The more Democrats hear, the more they like. They are +8 since September. She is speaking to Democrats. So the socialist transformation of the Demmunist Party is well underway.

  15. She’s blaming FOX for telling people the TRUTH about who and what she is… and she has a problem with that? Why? Because they’re exposing her evil scheme or because she doesn’t like it when people stop kissing her arse? She’s a complete jackass.

    1. She’s a typical sociopathic lib. It’s everyone’s fault but hers. Her buddy Maduro in Venezuela is the same way. It’s why they never learn anything even when everything they touch or have charge of lies in ruins.

  16. If only she knew the real approval numbers she has among every person. She would really lose it…

    1. I think she was more along the lines of a one night stand. She was too awful to marry let alone have a honeymoon with.

  17. Liberals ALWAYS play the “victim” card. She/they won’t admit that their ideas are just awful and wrong. Their arrogance or intellect doesn’t let them make that connection. She’s a 1st class dumbass and it’s absolutely criminal that she ever got elected.

    1. She’s calling the poll racist. Probably will come up with a proposal that white people shouldn’t be allowed to answer opinion polls or vote.

  18. Any time Leftists are corrected for their painfully idiotic thinking, they point toward racism and biases and “-isms” – then they are right and you are wrong no matter how idiotic they are.

  19. AOC is:
    +5 among 18-34 year olds
    -9 among 35-54 year olds
    -22 among 55+ year olds
    That proves that SOME people do get smarter with age, but the fact she is even +5 with the 18-34 demographic is troubling to me.

      1. Heck Sentinel, I grew up blue collar and public schools were our only option. But even at 18 years old, I would have figured out Cortez is full of it. Even though I earned a bachelor’s degree, I will take ‘common sense‘ over some people with a PhD any day.

    1. Have you seen how American born 18-34 year olds waste away their youth at bars and other useless pursuits. I can hardly get them to stay back late after work or put in some extra effort than the bare minimum. Contrast that with others from another continent to the east … well, you get the picture.

    2. Considering that many young people don’t become financially independent until 34 these days, that’s not surprising. Also, if I recall correctly, from 18-25 they don’t hardly vote at all.

  20. It’s ok. As long as she continues to live in her delusional bubble she won’t self-examine, won’t change. And her numbers will continue to sink, no matter who she blames.

  21. As I said elsewhere, whiny brat becomes known for being a whiny brat, doubles down on being whinier and brattier.

  22. The brownshirt got 17K votes. She was hand picked and they are laughing their heads off watching how many brainwashed mush brains they have indoctrinated. Not counting the MS13 and all the other illegals that they register to vote…
    Mock away but if we just leave her be with no response, that will drive her nuts…more nuts…

  23. Just for the record, Ocasio, it’s nothing personal that we don’t like about you. It’s just your crazy ideas and the way you think you’re “the boss”.

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