Occupiers Celebrate Commie Christmas, or Mayday with Protests, Arrests

Merry May Day, otherwise known as Communist Christmas, to all the degenerate lazy selfish occupiers! All throughout America the shiftless and stupid came out in idiotic spurts to splatter their ignorance on our populous cities.

Earlier yesterday, it was reported that some occupiers had been paid a visit of NYPD and FBI officials, and asked politely about their plans for May Day. Of course, this was reported by the liberal news media as “police raids”.

Was this overkill by the authorities as was claimed? Well today 5 persons identified as “anarchists” were arrested for planning to bomb a bridge in Cleveland. Maybe the authorities were right to be keeping an eye on these overtly anti-Capitalist and anti-American degenerates.

New York City, as always, is the epicenter, and many arrests have already been reported. Some occupiers have planned to shut down bridges, subways, and other public services.

Oakland came out with this beautiful tank of liberty, which spurred many whining responses from occupiers on twitter – because they’re not a threat right? Already pictures are streaming in from protesters attacking banks and smashing windows causing private property damage.

At Occupy Seattle:

Of course, the worst examples of their liberal commie lunacy is going to be at cities which are Democrat-controlled. In Seattle, lots of damage has been reported, and one occupier managed to yell a vulgarity at the news media on air. Blogger Foolish Reporter has been covering the morons there as well.. Here’s a pic he tweeted of the occupiers attack on the US Courthouse entrance:

UPDATE: The Mayor of Seattle has declared a Proclamation of Civil Emergency which authorizes the police to confiscate any weapons on people in an emergency area defined in the proclamation.

More shocking pics at TwitchyPolitics.

In Los Angeles, the issue swiveled to illegal immigration, and many showed up to protest the nation’s policy on those who break the law and sneak in. 10 people have been arrested, and many are on general strike, especially at LAX, although they haven’t reported any major delays.

Protesters carried signs that read “stop deportation” and “full rights for immigrants.”

Even in New York’s capital there appeared 3 dozen occupiers by the media count, but 150 by the occupier count, at Albany. While they screech about the protest being “What Democracy Looks Like”, 150 protesters in a city of 93,000 is not even a tenth of one percent. This is an unruly, violent mob with Marxist leadership.

Don’t be fooled America.

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