Of Importance

In Iraq, the know the place where we spent over a trillion dollars and lost 4,487+ troops…yeah that place! Well that place just saw fit to slaughter 52 Iranians. I know you are thinking…So? Bear with me. Those Iranians were Iraqi friendly but more importantly pro-American Iranians that are/were opposed to the Ayatollah and wanted democracy in Iran. These Iranians fought with Saddam and were protected by America right up until Obama decided to just abruptly end it. I know you are still thinking so? Well the so is basically you have Malik president of Iraq, who is Shia, capitulating to Iran, also Shia. Remember Bush was warned repeatedly about Malik. Who is running Iraq? Is it the Ayatollah? Is American influence gone already after all we have done there? Iraq accepted responsibility for these Iranians why were they butchered? The noose is tightening in the ME and it isn’t looking good. We have Shia formulating and cementing their numbers culminating in Syria backed by Russia and China. This may seem insignificant but on a broader scale it’s implications are not minor by any means. A massive fight is about to take place between Sunni and Shia and if the West isn’t careful it will be the pawns in the chess game.


H/T Fox

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