OFF THE RAILS: Candace Owens goes rounds with Michael Eric Dyson on Trump and blacks on MSNBC!

Candace Owens was just on MSNBC a few minutes ago to debate Michael Eric Dyson on Trump and the black community. And as you might expect, the interview turns into essentially a shoutfest, where they are just yelling at each other.


Candace really made some great points about Trump, blacks, Chicago, etc. But the problem for me was she was very aggressive and antagonistic from the start and all her great points got lost in the madness of the segment.

And when she accused Dyson of being totally okay with the Antifa attack from yesterday morning, the interview went off the rails. I don’t know what Dyson has said outside of this segment, but I never heard him advocate or shrug off the Antifa attack during the segment.

Like I said, she made some great points early on. But in the end, I don’t think anyone that needed to hear it actually heard it. All they’ll remember is how she kept talking over the moderator and her liberal dufus counterpart.

So no, I wouldn’t call it a victory for Owens.

But maybe I’m wrong. Watch it and let me know what you think…

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