Oh good grief. Comey really is the hero in his story…

I’ve tried not to pay too much attention to Comey interviews, but this story i couldn’t ignore.

Here he is on with NPR this morning, saying that if it weren’t for him the FBI’s reputation would be worse:

Inskeep: Do you think the FBI’s credibility is better or worse than it was a couple of years ago?

It’s worse. But again people can disagree about this. And people I respect will. But my judgment is it would be worse today had we not picked the least bad alternatives.

Inskeep: You’re saying it could have been worse, but that it’s nevertheless gone down.

I think the decisions that we had to make and lots of other follow-ons, sure, the Department of Justice’s and the FBI’s reputation has been hurt. It’s under daily siege from the current president — so, sure.

What a load of crap. It was Comey who changed the law and let Hillary off the hook in 2016 because he wanted her to win the election. If he’d done the right thing and referred Hillary to the DOJ for prosecution, the FBI would have had a far better reputation than it does now.

But he’d rather blame Trump for all of this, which is ridiculous. Yes, Trump takes things too far sometimes, but Comey is the one who is really responsible for the bad reputation at the FBI. Under his leadership things were politicized that never should have been, and we’re not just talking about Hillary’s email scandal anymore.

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