Oh goodie, ANOTHER ‘autonomous zone’ goes up. Bets on the words ‘mostly maskless’ being used by press?

In Portland, where Antifa and BLM essentially have license to do whatever they want, and use that license without ceasing, another so-called “autonomous” zone is being built as we speak.

A local reporter was on the scene to capture these amazing photos and videos of the effort, which the media won’t in any way complain about even while telling people in Florida and Texas and California they aren’t allowed to leave their houses.

Not too impressive though, is it?

There’s more reaction at Twitchy.

The hypocrisy of the press on things like this has been astounding all year long. I can’t just not bring that part up. It’s central to why things like this happen.

But leaving the media part aside a second, it’s also ridiculous what Portland has let itself become. How can people continue to live and work there? And how soon does this get exported to places like Texas and Florida and Georgia and so on?

Because when the autonomous zone, looting and rioting types are allowed out and about while the rest of us are subject to fines or arrest for violating Covid curfews, it’s not hard to predict what’s going to happen.

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