OK, what the heck is wrong with Mike Huckabee?

Ron Radosh over at PJ Media takes Huckabee to task for singing the praises of none other than Oliver Stone. Yesterday Mike Huckabee had on his radio show both Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick to promote their new TV series “The Untold History of the United States“. If you aren’t familiar with it, just know that Roger Simon from PJ Media has dubbed it “Stalin Porn“, as Radosh points out.

But what transpires from there forward is something Radosh calls “one of the most disgraceful interviews by a conservative that you will ever hear” as he proceeds to explain what happened.

Here are a few highlights from Radosh’s article, but I highly recommend you read the whole article (it’s not that long).

Instead of asking them any tough questions at all, Huckabee allowed them to use their assigned time to spout leftist propaganda without any objection or disagreement. Indeed, at one point, historian Kuznick praised Joseph Stalin and chastised the United States during World War II for not doing Stalin’s bidding, arguing that the U.S. could have come to their aid earlier and not refused a second front in Europe when Stalin wanted it. After all, Kuznick said, Stalin was “anti-fascist” when no other powers were.

Did Huckabee challenge this statement? Not once. Nor did he object when the two repeated their argument about the unnecessary A-bombs dropped on Japan and the United States’ true purpose as a permanent militaristic power based on hegemonic domination of the world on behalf of American corporations.

Indeed, Huckabee went on to agree with them when he argued that Republicans were captives of Wall Street interests, and praised the two for revealing the evils of the American system to viewers of the series. I happen to agree with those who argue that conservatives have foolishly ignored the concerns of the middle class and working class and have failed to address their fears with alternative programs that address their just concerns. But making this point is quite a different one than that the governor made, as you can hear for yourself.

So I must ask: Why does a well-known conservative and former presidential candidate, who supposedly knows something about foreign policy, give over his air time to two far leftist propagandists, and never argue with them? Why does he, in fact, seem to praise the two for their efforts, and indeed go on to agree with them for being anti-capitalist?

As I said, there is more. But that gives you a quick idea of how distasteful this interview must have been to conservatives who were actually tuned in. Why is it that he would give credence to such garbage? Is he that hard up for ratings? Or is it that he believes that entertaining this crap is what people want, that it makes him look more ‘bipartisan’ that he can ‘cross the aisle’ and mingle with the leftists in the room?

If that’s what he thinks Americans truly want, his radio show is doomed. Well, it’s on during Rush so it doesn’t really stand a chance anyway. I’d much prefer to listen to Rush take down leftists than hear Huckabee sing their praises.

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