Olbermann calls out Palin, Beck, more over Giffords shooting

In his special comment tonight on the shooting spree that included Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Olbermann called out Sarah Palin, Allen West, Sharron Angle, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and the Tea Party for contributing ever how ‘tangential’ to the atmosphere the causes violence and said that each of them should repudiate their fear based/violent rhetoric:

It’s important to note now, as it’s been important to note all day long, that THERE IS NO KNOWN MOTIVE YET for the shooting today. Yet imbeciles like Olbermann want to go ahead and blame this on the Right because they hate the Right and want to silence the Right. Sure, he gave his little pathetic speech about himself, but they only do that to try and look fair. But if he was so fair, then why didn’t have name 5 or 6 from the Left who have ‘contributed’ the violent atmosphere in America? Because it’s not about the Left, but about the Right. And it’s ridiculous.

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64 thoughts on “Olbermann calls out Palin, Beck, more over Giffords shooting

  1. What you don’t get (or refuse to get) is that, just as Keith says, those in positions of power who suggest violence incite it in others. Regardless of the extent to which it applies in this case, it is wrong in general.

  2. Well anyone who thinks its ok to foster violence and hate as a political option should just move in with the Taliban. You sound just like them.. Olbermann is right. Fostering this type of divisiveness is madness and anyone who thinks its ok to shoot the messenger instead of addressing the issue is as dumb as a bag of hammers.. sort of like Palin, Bachmann, Beck, Angle and O’Reilly. He forgot Rush who rushes to hate too.

  3. Keith Olbermann is a disreputable, hateful, small-minded troll, who has no business being in anyone’s attention. For all of the disdain that Fox News receives from the left, only THEY managed to handle this terrible tragedy with integrity and fairly. The rest (MSNBC in particular) took every opportunity to lay blame for it upon the “right-wing” because of THEIR perception that its dialog and discourse is filled with violence and anti-government rhetoric (which they NEVER back up with even a shred of evidence).

    Olbermann is a buzzard. He circled the dead and dying resulting from this monstrous act, and pounced, feeding upon their corpses as though he hadn’t had a meal in months. This was a happy occurrence for the left in general, because it was an opportunity for them to declare that opposition to their destructive regime was a “crisis,” and that such opposition (which they termed as “violent rhetoric”) had to be “toned down,” because the murderer had been “driven to it.”

    I am incensed by the left’s handling of this horrendous act, by using it to further their smear campaign against anyone who doesn’t walk in lock-step with the feudal policies that rule our federal government. Those victimized by it have been cheapened by disgusting creatures like Keith Olbermann, and his profession is also cheapened by his very existence.

    1. Like being tired of seeing our great country being torn down; the Constitution being ignored (at best) and/or mocked ISN’T something to be upset about. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

      The tragedy in AZ is sad, very sad and all the victims should be in the thoughts and prayers of everybody.

  4. This moron’s dismal ratings is sufficient to repudiate his pathetic rhetoric as having no place in the national political debate. How about his vitriol and that of his wimpy cohorts at this “never-will be-quite-ready-for-primetime” funny farm that promotes itself as a “news” organization?
    This is the result of giving a network platform to some loser who was stuffed into too many lockers in high school.

  5. It’s worth noticing, according to Jared Lee Loughner youtube site, a lot of his favorite books are written by socialist, communist, hippies, beats, and even Hitler. The only Rand book to make the list was “We the living” he probably missed the point, if he read it (because it featured communist). So it’s worth noting, anyone who list the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf on their favorite book list probably confused about the two ideologies, but knows that they involve the word socialism. A little quality fox journalism will show that this guy was a left wing socialist.

    Additionally. Almost every Beck episode I’ve watched on here has a recurring message of leaving the violence to the other side. Also strange how muslim terrorist are always extremist and someone that shoots a democrat must be the average fox news viewer. Olberman is a moron.

  6. Mr Olberman! Remember the time you said that someone should take Hillary in a back room and only HE come out??? You said that while demanding she drop out of the primaries.. I was campaigning for her and I stopped watching you after that. Supposing your”suggestion” would have been followed. YOU would have been responsible. Right? You are an idiot, a man full of hatred.. You incite hatred. If anyone other than that mentally disturbed man is responsible, it is YOU!

  7. Olberman is a fool, ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, simpleton; informal dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dumbo, dummy, dum-dum, loon, dork, sap, jackass, blockhead, jughead, bonehead, knucklehead, fathead, numbskull, numbnuts, dumb-ass, doofus, clod, dunderhead, ditz, lummox, dipstick, thickhead, meathead, meatball, woodenhead, airhead, pinhead, lamebrain, peabrain, birdbrain, jerk, nerd, donkey, nitwit, twit, boob, twerp, schmuck, bozo, turkey, chowderhead, dingbat.

  8. When is the National Broadcasting Company going to wake up and see what kind of a worthless human being that Keith Olbermann is. He is the most hateful hatemonger that I have ever seen on television. I am an independent and try to stay objective about what is going on in this world but Mr. Olbermann continually keeps spouting hate and discontent over the airways. He donates money to three candidates and one gets shot. It’s obvious that you will find out that the shooter had hatred for Mr. Olbermann which helped add to his hatred towards the congressman. Our prayers are with her and Mr. Olbermann for his sins.

  9. I recommend everyone, when time permits, write MSNBC at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10285339 and let him of your disgust. I sent the below message to olby.

    Olberman is either an ignorant fool, clueless to what is happening outside his bubble, or is intentionally being deceitful to push his and MSNBC’s progressive anti-American agenda. It is rhetoric like Olberman’s that is filled with hate, racism, and bigotry. To allow him to use your network to spew his lies and hate is just one example of the concerted effort by the left to incite violence in this country. He needs to be fired for his comments regarding Beck. If the fool would simply watch his show not only would he learn how to do his job he would realize Becks calls for the exact opposite of violence. Olberman is a disgrace, not only to this country but to humanity in general. I pray for the day when voices like his are silenced on the national level because it only leads to more incidents like Arizona.

  10. Gee, where do I hear Mr. Olbermann calling for all those on the left, Willie Brown, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama himself, who have made comments of racism, and violent rhetoric. I am sure I have not even touched on the left’s laundry list of individuals who have said things that can be construed as promoting violence.
    Of course, people who do these things are mentally unstable, no matter what political philosophies they hold, and they alone are responsible for their actions. It is the same as the gun control advocates wanting to abolish our Second Amendment rights, due to all the deaths of people when guns are used to kill someone…guns do not kill people, people kill people, no matter how it is done.

  11. Wow, I couldn’t even finish listening to Olbermann’s rantings. Who is this guy? Just from the little I heard, he sounds unstable and maybe needs to see someone regarding some medication?

  12. He gets points for thinking everyone has a shorter attention span than a day or two.

    Did this miscreant utter the word “once” as the sum total of his use of violent imagery?

    I hate to Call BS on you Olby but terms such as Nazi, Brown Shirt, Hitler, Fascist. These words are words most favored to describe violent imagery of the worst kind.
    These words are used nightly by you. So clearly you’re confused what the word ‘once’ actually means. ‘Multiple’ might have been the word you were looking for.

    Take your fake pretentious hypocrisy and shove it where your head has been residing ever since you took to the air waves. Consider yourself refudiated.

  13. You know what Mr. Olbermann,you have to stop this hate speech,you are the problem and noone else.

  14. Palin “scrubbing” her website is an admitted @tommyxtopher lie http://tinyurl.com/3y4fjz3…will @keitholbermann admit he propagated this lie, too?

    @keitholbermann half truth, obfuscating propaganda: REPUDIATE A GIVEN SO THAT I CAN SAY “WHY ARE THEY DENOUNCING IT IF THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT?”
    ssshhhhhh, @keitholbermann just did that with the Palin “scrub” lie that NEVER HAPPENED which proves HE’S A LYING PROPAGANDIST

    keeping things in perspective @keitholbermann’s 3 day “firing” http://tinyurl.com/2akbwoz was for campaign donations to…wait for it…Gifford. And, @keitholbermann spent days on @msnbc lobbying against Gifford’s opponent…wait for it…Kelly. The same Kelly he just slandered by attempting to conflate him with the Gifford shooting.

    So, it’s pretty simple, “fired” campaign contributor @keitholbermann…objective or a nefarious propagandist?

  15. No one is blaming Palinbut when you put crosshairs on a map and list Gifford as one of the people to get it really is disheartening:(

    “We’re on Sarah Palin’s targeted list,” Giffords said at the time. “The way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they’ve got to realize there are consequences to that action.”

    1. So sad that people read the only few universal symbols for a “target” or “target area” to mean “Hey, crazy nut jobs with guns… Yeah, you! Shoot here.” Guess the almighty Government will soon be pushing censorship on speech and visual symbols too. What do ya bet each of these msm nimrods have sat in many meetings about their “Target Audience”? With the IQ it must take to read aloud words flashed on a screen, and as unstable as they seem… Hey Janett Napolatono!!!

      1. Who was it that said this in 2008:

        “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

        Oh that’s right, it was Barrack Obama.

    2. so, is the department store TARGET with it’s bull’s eye logo subliminally telling me to “shoot here”?

  16. Didn’t he get in trouble for contributing to her campaign? Maybe this explains (partly, anyway) why he is over-reacting.

  17. Who cares if he was a Democrat, or a Republican? What’s going on with this craziness of generalizing, and putting an ideology as the guilt factor. The only guilty one here is this individual.

  18. The Tea Party brain trust comments posted here are eerily reminiscent of Loughner’s mad online ramblings. Name one example of a left wing politician utilizing violent symbolism.

  19. I will not watch editorial comments about this shooting. Just say a pray for the wounded and the dead. God will judge the rest.

  20. I wish people like Keith Olbermann and others would put away their politics and dissing people for one day and pray for the victims on January 8, 2011. We need to pray for Gabrielle Giffords and the victims of this tragic day!!!!!! We should stand together and stop blaming republicans or democrats for what happened to Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims!!!!!!!

    1. All the talking heads care about are ratings and $$$$$$. Beck, Rush, Keith, etc. Everything is an opportunity.

  21. I really feel sorry for people on the extereme left who decide to try and tilt every windmill in order to discredit thoes on the Right.
    And it all begins with useful idiots like Keith Obermann a sad pathetic shell of a man.

    1. Boy.. sounds like you have a real grasp of reality.. but I sure don’t know what that reality is. Do you belong to the Westboro Baptist Church as well?

    1. obviously you are like the rest of the right. Hide your head in rhetoric and don’t look at both sides..

  22. This idiot and people like Ed Schultz and the DemoNazis are the cause of the violence. Amazing they don’t want to operate within the boundaries of the law and call they call for violence and then try and blame everyone else.

  23. He’s blatantly ignoring the fact the dude is a LEFTIST?! They have zero proof this guys is a tea partier!

    1. It’s a shame this brand of left-wing nonsense has to be dealt with in the face of this tragedy, but on Monday Glenn Beck could counter the left’s spin and political games by saying something like:

      “Now, it turns out that the murderer was a big fan of the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf and his favourite video on YouTube was an anti-American flag burning. But, viewers, I just want you to know, we mustn’t blame Keith Olbermann or Nancy Pelosi for this violence. Only the murderer is to blame.”

      The Left is joyfully using murder as an excuse to play games, so Beck should come out based on the presumption that the murdere was a leftist – which he clearly was anyway.

  24. Olbermann is obviously struggling to get a breath. He has been under water too long, probably suffering from the bends

      1. Gee Jimbo you love idiotic rhetoric too… just like the Teabaggers and taliban. All the same genre..

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