On Illegal Immigration: The right’s intellectual inconsistency of the “round them up and send them home” argument

Well, it looks like we’re finally going to have a substantive immigration discussion.  Unfortunately, immigration is one of many issues the right always handles poorly. Whether it’s lack of information, general ignorance of immigration laws or what, I really can’t say, nor do I care to speculate.  The immigration issue is a big one, not just in terms of political capital, but in the nuances of the laws themselves.  Interestingly, it’s also the one issue where Republicans and Democrats agree on most contentions.

Depending on which estimates you consult, there are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S.; some suggest anywhere from 7 – 20 million.  Regardless of which figure you choose, the fact remains: there’s a very sizable population of people living outside our legal barriers but inside our legal borders. And this is where the right, at large, loses their ever-lovin’ minds.

For being the party of limited government, the party that reveres the federalistic musings of Jefferson, and the party that constantly criticizes federal government overreach, our only suggestion for handling millions of illegal immigrants requires massive government intervention; massive government intervention that would encroach on the lives of private citizens to an extent we’ve never seen.  So let’s entertain this idea for a moment.

Supposing we did “round ’em up and send ’em home,” we would need a police force large enough to scour all fifty states.  This law enforcement troop would have to track people down, because we don’t know where they are, well, most of them anyway. It’s reasonable to assume that not everyone would go willingly, so there would likely be casualties or at the very least, violent encounters.  And if intel was less than accurate (and we all know the government would never make a mistake), we could expect collateral damage, but I suppose a few wrongfully busted doors is nothing and no one will be upset about having their Super Bowl party busted up, Christmas Vacation style because of government error.

I’m not arguing we should toss out the rule of law. I’m not making the case that allowing further illegal immigration is acceptable, what I am saying is that “sending them home” is not only impractical, it’s completely contrary to everything we claim we believe.  Unless we want a government expansive enough to round up what equates to the entire population of Pennsylvania, we need to provide practical solutions.  We can debate the merits of Rubio’s ideas, come up with new ones, whatever, but let’s leave the intellectual inconsistency and nanny statism to the left.  If we expect to win the war of ideas, we have to have good ones.

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276 thoughts on “On Illegal Immigration: The right’s intellectual inconsistency of the “round them up and send them home” argument

  1. What is it you don’t get Kaylee? You don’t round them all up, but you do start aggressively deporting and many will leave on their own.

    No one is saying we get every single one. The goal is to greatly reduce their numbers.

    See: Operation Wetback.

  2. I don’t see rounding them all up and sending them home either but the condescension and derision in the tone of this piece is absolutely insulting and just plain ridiculous. Enforce current laws and most will go home and/or get caught committing a crime and get sent home.

    If the author wanted to be helpful she would write an enforcement first piece and what constitutes enforcement.

    I’m a bit surprised RS posted this.

  3. “It’s not Amnesty. It’s Amnesty 2.0. […] a brilliant plan to add 12 million illegal aliens to the voting rolls so that the Republican Party will never be able to win a national election and Texas becomes the new California.” http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/your-guide-to-the-new-amnesty-talking-points/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=your-guide-to-the-new-amnesty-talking-points

    Quit calling them illegal immigrants, aliens – they are Certified Democrat Voters.

    12 MILLION of them – paid for by YOU!

  4. You don’t have to round them up and send them home. All you have to do is enforce current laws. If employers knew they would actually be held accountable for hiring illegals, they would not hire them. If all 50 states refused to grant illegals entitlements, and they could not find a job, we would not have to send the home. They would go home. They might even apply for legal immigration.

  5. RUBBISH! It is *not* “inconsistent”…it is merely NOT LIBERTARIAN LOCK-STEP PURITY/CHAOS which, despite the author’s pleadings, is all that she is promoting.

  6. What nonsense. It is not “inconsistent”…it is merely *not* libertarian/chaos, which is – in the final analysis – all that the author calls for, in spite of her denials.

  7. The point of all this kerfuffle is that the Republicans want a slice of the Hispanic vote. To achieve this, they want to follow the Democrat playbook.

    And so there’s a gang of this and a gang of that. Why is it, that when there’s a “gang” of any kind, it is always followed by a “bang.” Feel free to supply your own contexts here.

  8. So capitulate. Why don’t we do that with all laws? There is already so much cocaine on the street so don’t throw those drug dealers in jail…that would just be irrational right?

    Whoever wrote this story must be a Rubio fan.

  9. Agree with previous posters. This lady is no conservative, and starting out by insulting us, doesn’t forward her points.

    In any other country, these people would be considered foreign invaders and shot. Think about that for a moment.

    How did multi-culturism and immigration “reform” work out for Europe ? How are those riots working out for them ?

    When are people going to realize that a great many of these people are coming here for the welfare state and benefits ? That it is a magnet ? That Republicans think they will garner more votes by being sympathetic to this, but it’s just a boon for the Democrat ballot box that will insure victories for them in Red States ?

    When are people going to realize that it didn’t work with Reagan, because the borders were not closed ? That all it did was entice more people to break the law.

    Close the border, then talk to me about what to do with the invaders who are here.

    It’s like spending. Show me you can be responsible with the money you have before you want more revenue. Show me you can enforce existing law, before you write new ones.

  10. This is an issue that really doesn’t need debate. This is because the only reason it is is due to the fact that the people that want the reformation of this are the ones that are either more crooked and illegal than the illegals, or than are making serious bank by the revenue on illegal immigration.

  11. It’s not illegal ‘immigration’ it’s an alien invasion.

    This is a national security and an economic threat – but so are our leftist extreme irresponsible overspenders.

    The security of our country is threatened from the inside and the outside….and it’s all Obama and the Democrat’s fault. The Democrat states and cities are in default and they are doing the same to our nation.

    Democrat leftist policies and ideology are INSANE.

  12. American taxpayers are “burdened” enough without these illegal aliens being allowed to violate our laws and come in the back door of America, which is also a huge security threat that our dealer leader could care less about.

  13. So, 21 million new Democrat voters? Yeah, that’s an idea we should TOTALLY get behind. Every country but the US enforces and protects it’s boarders. Does anyone really think that all the Illegals will see a few Republican names and have a change of heart? All the while, we make people who want to come here legally jump through so many hoops, it’s pathetic.

  14. So here we have old man, borderline commie McCain and pervert, sleeps with underage prostitutes Mendenez telling us what is good for America.

  15. as usual, gove says: “only so and so millions” . Do the math – 5,000 a day (recently, Arnold in “Last Stand” says: 12 thousand a day) by, say, 30 years, it is
    …………………………….about 55 MILLION…
    Using Arnold’s number – it is 131.4 MILLION.
    Just look around.
    As usual, all the requirements (e.g. knowledge of English – what level?)will be WAVED

  16. I lived in Oregon for 20 years. The immigration problem (and yes it is a problem) is so prevalent that some of the smaller towns in Oregon are essentially, Mexican. Dundee, OR is just one example. When I left in 2000, if you weren’t bi-lingual, you were less likely to get a decent job. I had a friend that was going through a tough time, while she was in college, she tried to get public assistance. Being white, she had to go through so many hoops she almost gave up.
    My Mexican friends never had that problem, they went in with a last name like Garcia or Hernandez and they never seemed to have any problems.
    In that light, I must disagree with Kemberlee on how to address this problem. Yes, they need to go. When ILLEGAL ALIENS are taking resources, jobs and means from LEGAL Americans we are left with few alternatives.

    1. So simple – high penalties for employing illegals – and they will self deport.
      European intelligentsia waits for DECADES to get here…..

  17. How about this? Implement a Fair Tax so all of them “pay their fair share”. Punish businesses that hire illegals. Implement a truly secure border. When an illegal is arrested for a crime, deport them then. How about that? These are the LEAST we can do.

    Your argument for a HUGE federal force is ridiculous. Let each city, county, or state deal with it. Resources can be made available at the smaller levels and it might be more effective that way.

    What we on “the right” object to is allowing lawless aliens to creep into this country and cost American citizens jobs, illegals who flood emergency rooms because they have no health insurance, crimes (drunk driving, murder, theft, rape) committed by illegals, and for Obama to use them like pawns to win elections.

    I understand your point… though I hate the snarky way you present it, but they must be dealt with if this country is to ever regain her sovereignty. I think some of what Rubio is proposing is positive… but seriously, those who “sneak” in this country should be dealt with. Sadly, it’s too late to just kick them all out… especially since our border remains so porous. But “the right” isn’t seeing ANYTHING being done and it’s time for action. NOW.

  18. Send them home.

    Close the gates on even legal immigration until Americans have jobs again.

    11,000+ New Food Stamps Issued Per Day Under Obama.

    300,000 new unemployment claims per week on a good week.

    All because of leftist policies.

    That’s a disgrace.

    Say no to Obama’s campaign of moral and economic and political ruin and chaos.

    Say NO to Obama’s demagoguery, voter fraud, crony corruption, Islamist and gay propaganda.

    He has been an constitutionally unqualified and illegal president from the beginning.

    Every action of this administration has been in disregard of our Laws and Constitution.

      1. This is pure redistribution – of current tax money and future borrowed money.

        We have had city, local and fed “social workers’ come to the illegal families here advising them on additional benefits. Most of the families have considerably better life styles than the average young American. Most have two cars. Decent apartment. Their kids attend public school. They know how to get medicaid and foodstamps because id is rarely asked for required. They pay no taxes, SS, medicare. They can often qualify for subsidized housing.

        You are right and our government is in overdrive creating this “crisis”.

  19. Rubio’s idea seems to be the most practical at this time. While implementing such a plan, the borders must be sealed off and guarded by military or other special forces so that not a single person can cross that border. That means building a high cement wall curved inward w high voltage barb wire across the entire top. Every mile there should be a tower w a guard in it watching 24 hours a day. Signs should be posted throughout the areas that trespassers will be prosecuted, detained and/or sent back. I hear it’s quite a trip and many die making it because of lack of food or water.

    1. Rubio’s plan conveniently ignores the root of the problem: intentional lack of enforcement of: borders, immigration law, and government services.

      Our 80’s amnesty program only increased the flow of illegals and newly eligible family immigration. Nothing was done to new illegals who came here. Nothing was done to control the border. Nothing.

      We have absolute zero evidence combined with decades of the government track record that says they will do absolutely nothing to enforce the existing laws and borders. Politicians benefit from illegal immigration problems and the “solutions”.

      Now, Rubio and others want to pass more laws that will be ignored. All these bastards want is to be the political sugar daddy handing out amnesty that we LEGAL citizens will have to pay for.

      How many times do we have to be deceived and screwed before we stop bending over for the soap they throw on the floor?

      1. “How many times do we have to be deceived?”
        Just until the REPLACEMENT of the posterity of the founding stock is complete. Then we will be a third world dark hole like Brazil. Only the privileged and wealthy will be immune from the consequences. They will live in gated communities and the rest of us will live like Robert Putnam described in “Bowling Alone.”

  20. I don’t get it. For what reason does Ms. Kaye thinks there’s “finally going to be a substantive immigration discussion”?

    It appears this new age begins with her boring round up of the obvious.

  21. Kemberlee I respectfully disagree with you. We have enough law enforcement officers that if they were allowed to enforce the laws already on the books when it comes to illegal immigrants we could deport them. The first part of the process and you conveniently leave it out, is to secure the border, the second is getting rid of the anchor baby laws, then and only then we can have a discussion about the illegals that are already here.

  22. As long as people on the right keep using the language of the left, the left will continue to own the issue.

    It’s not an “immigration” problem. It’s an illegal alien problem.

    Until that sinks in, the right won’t even be in the game. Get used to the left continuing to control the issues, because clearly the right can’t be bothered.

  23. Our Government is corrupt!!! The Borders should have been # 1 on the to-do list. How pathetic that we don’t close the Border,I think we all know why. Second, The reason Politicians wade in the money pool in DC is because the people have lost their voice. The definition of INSANITY is to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, hense Voting for those that only help themselves over and over again.If they don’t do what you expected FIRE them.Let us use our own reserves in our country and become independent, let the rest of the countries that don’t like AMERICA fend for themselves.If any of ouR leaders Violate OUR CONSTITUTION, Fire them and charge them with TREASON.

  24. Why on Earth is the Right Scoop inviting an open borders RINO on here to present a nonsensical argument that NO ONE on the rule of law side is even suggesting? End birthright citizenship, welfare access (57% of Mexican illegals are on at least one form of welfare – 76% in Texas), employment access and the ability to send $35 billion a year of their ill-gotten gains in Western Union “remittances” back to their home countries, and you will see several million of those illegals leave BY THEMSELVES.

    But aside from that, Ms. Kaye is ignorant of American history, and in particular in one of the Left’s favorite ‘moderate’ Republicans, Dwight Eisenhower. Ike in 1954 executed “Operation Wetback” and removed a staggering 1.5 million illegal aliens from the United states. To discourage illicit re-entry, buses and trains took many deportees deep within Mexican territory before releasing them. Another estimated 700,000 left voluntarily once the program began. So to say agents would have to go “door to door” and interrupt Super Bowl parties just shows a lack of education on the part of Ms./ Kaye, as well as an unfortunate immaturity.

    I commend all TRS readers to this CS Monitor piece about the (very successful) operation, which resulted in a 2% downtick in U.S. unemployment 6 months after its completion: “How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico – http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0706/p09s01-coop.html

    -John Hill
    Stand with Arizona

    1. Dwight Eisenhower and Congress were defending America’s sovereignty and Pride. They were hell bent and determined to make America a great nation.

      Hussein Obama and Congress are Post-American quisling whores who are dismantling America at the behest of their globalist pimps..

    2. I most sincerely agree. You have a clear understanding of the problem, quite unlike the author of this post.

    3. People are forgetting that the businesses, farmers, and ranchers that hire illegals are complicit in this problem. If there were no jobs, they would not be here.

      1. “He did it quickly and decisively with only 1,075 United States Border Patrol agents – less than one-tenth of today’s force” – and the border did not get longer.
        It is the will to keep it open! More voters for DNC! DemosRATic senators openly encourage illegals to vote…
        A reminder:
        Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

  25. A sincere message to The Right Scoop. Since this woman can post absolute nonsense and get away with it, can I be allowed to do the same?

    I hereby apply with all sincerity, to post absolute nonsense of the caliber and quality of the current post.

    Should I be accepted to post such nonsense, I absolutely promise to post nothing of any real meaning toward a solution regarding where we find ourselves right now.

    Instead, I promise to post only mindless drivel, designed to only confuse the minds of people who are already confused, so that no real solution is arrived at, respective to our current condition, on the immediate horizon.

      1. I saw posted someone on Scoop today that Boehner has retracted that. The Senate team has a deal….it’s the McCain/Kennedy plan that Heritage says will cost us $2.6 trillion.

  26. Everything this woman says is totally Liberal, and yet none of you pick up on that.

    This is amazing to me.

  27. How does someone with such a lack of understanding of where we find ourselves right now, gain the respect of The Right Scoop to be able to post such nonsense?

    1. Hey it’s TRS’s site, I am a guest and a hard headed one at that – but I have to agree with you that this is the last thing I needed to read.

      Your point is important that we find ourselves in a very very bad place and now are watching both parties align to pass a law that pours gasoline on the flames while poking us in the eye and rubbing our nose in thier sh’t.

      These damn Republican s have retreated and retreated and given in so much we know we are at the cliff. Now is the time to dig in hard, deep and fast, not ponder the satisfaction of taking just one more step backward.

      1. No Sdee, you got that wrong. The Right Scoop exists only because you and I are here.

        The very minute TRS loses sight of that fact, is when it ceases to exist. You and I and all the rest who contribute here on a regular basis, are what makes this site what it is.

        I give nothing but praise to The Right Scoop for what it has been able to do. Nothing even comes close.

        But when you think you are the best out there, is when you are most vulnerable.

        I hate to use a Disney/Pixar movie as an example, but I can think of nothing better at the moment.

        Ratatouille. “Anyone can cook!”

        1. Kemberlee Kaye (I think she was “Red” before that) is someone TRS seems to work with to post what I’d call original commentary/opinion. Maybe to provide “another side of things”.

          I’ve never been open to the “big tent” reach across the aisle crap with someone whose goal it is to control my life. Now this regime has dropped all pretense and these f’in sellout Republicans still won’t stand and fight. This line of reasoning on immigration epitomizes the Republican establishment that got us here.

          TRS has a good formula. Blogging is tough. I’ll take this as an outlier.

  28. This is a ‘bait and switch’ argument and argument by deflection. Jefferson and all of the Founders would advocate and support the rule of law, not some principle of ignore and accept the breach. The whole revolutionary drive came from the resentment of the application of arbitrary power. So, this person is proposing we ignore the law (to the detriment of those who obey it) and simply recognize and reward the law breakers!

    This has absolutely nothing to do with ‘big’ or ‘little’ government.

  29. There is something severely wrong with this post and the person who posted it. Those of you who know me, know I am not a nutcase.

    This is a post that trends toward the Liberal side of things and you cannot access her profile. Besides that, I have never seen her name on this site. Have you?

      1. I don’t know about you, but in this current environment, I don’t trust anybody, except those people I know, and have dialogue with. I’ve never seen a comment from this woman in all the time I have been on Scoop. I don’t agree with anything she says.

        1. I can understand that whitefriend. I can’t remember all of her posts here, but in my own opinion, I’m about half and half on agreeing on past posts. I’m not agreeing with her stance on this one a bit though.

  30. Like printing money that waters down the dollar.

    They will pass this and will water down the value of US citizenship. It means nothing when what so many fought hard to get and so many died to protect, gets handed out like cheap candy to criminal illegals who piss on our flag and our Constitution.

    Our politicians know this yet they work overtime to implement. What does that make them?

    Anyone else think its over?

  31. Excuse me, but I have never heard of someone by the name of Kimberlee Kaye on this site.

    If someone here knows who she is, please tell me. When you click on her image, no profile appears. Nothing.

    Explain that to me.

  32. “The Right” has NEVER said “round them up and send them home.”

    If government did it’s job securing our borders and going after employers who hire illegals, a LOT less of them would be coming in, and the ones that were here already would self deport over time. “Immigration Reform” legislation wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar because illegal immigration wouldn’t be the huge problem it is. This situation was created of, by, and for, the government. Period. Any proposed solution from either side of the aisle, other than government getting back to doing its job, is a diversion.

  33. All immigration needs to be looked at, how much are we supporting or otherwise giving to immigrants in this country, from welfare to utility support and free schooling. Can we afford to give this welfare of sorts to all the Russian, Asian and other communities or should we allow immigration on a case by case basis. Is the society is expected to support all of these immigrants until they can start a business or get an existing jobs why aren’t we using that money to lift up the people that already live and breathe here?

    1. Those who come here legally must have sponsors before they even are accepted here. They must prove that they will not be a burden on the state by their sponsors who will support them should they need it.
      If people are taking advantage of welfare and social services, their sponsors are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing and those people ought to be deported.

  34. Miss Kimberlee Kaye, I just threw up after reading your post.

    Of course we can send them back to Mexico! If I were President, instead of this Imposter from Kenya, that is exactly what I would do.

    Here is a wild thought. What about all the people who applied for Citizenship through the legal process, and have been waiting for four years or longer, and have not heard a damned thing on their application? WHAT ABOUT THEM, MISS KIMBERLEE KAYE?

    What about all the people who simply follow the legal process that is lined out quite simply in all the laws we have passed, regarding legal immigration to this country? What about them? What about just following and enforcing the laws that are already on the books?

    What about just enforcing the laws we already have, instead of creating new laws, to somehow accommodate the current problem? The problem we in fact created by not enforcing current law? The laws were good enough when we passed them. Why create new ones because you don’t want to enforce the ones we already passed?

    Let me try to understand your argument. Because so many people broke the law, such huge numbers of people who broke the law, we have no alternative, except to forgive them for breaking the law, and give them citizenship.

    And you come here to The Right Scoop, and present yourself to the rest of us, as a Conservative? Pardon me while I puke.

    Forgive me, but your comments here on this site, are the most Liberal I have ever seen.
    I don’t think you or your ideas belong here for a moment.

    For your information, it is completely practical to send them home. Sending them home would be a message to all the others in foreign countries like Mexico and all other countries, that you can’t come here illegally. Because is you do, we will send you back where you came from, including the children you brought here illegally, or gave birth to, while you were here illegally.

    I don’t know why such a simple concept is so hard for people like you to understand. Almost every other country in the world has an immigration policy just as severe, if not more so.

    You and people like you want The United States of America to be the Patsy of the World, while every other country on the planet severely enforces their immigration laws and protect their borders with the force of death.

    This country has the right to protect it’s borders. It has the right to decide who comes here legally. It has the right to prevent anyone from coming here illegally.

    That is an undeniable fact, and we have passed laws that are on the books to support that position. The fact that those laws are not being enforced, are something you should take up with your current Imposter of a President and your current worthless Congress.

    “Sending them home.” is absolutely practical, because they broke the law by coming here illegally in the first place. We are either a soveriegn nation, or we are not.

    While I may disagree with you on the basic premise of your post, I totally agree with you on the outcome.

    The Democrats and the Republicans, if you want to call them that, will soon agree on some form of Amnesty. Because Amnesty means votes.

    Besides a Congress and a President who no longer honor The Constitution, we now have a government, made up of both worthless Democrats and worthless Republicans, neither of which respect our immigration laws.

    Amnesty will pass big time. And you, Miss Kimberlee Kaye, will be vindicated in the thoughts exhibited in your most recent post.

  35. Substantive discussion? If you can call hyberbole, fallacious arguments, and fear mongering by the left substantiv or even a discussion. I don’t.

  36. “Supposing we did “round ‘em up and send ‘em home,” we would need a police force large enough to scour all fifty states.” WRONG! Google “Operation Wetback”

    In the 1950’s the country was faced with the problem like it has today of illegal immigration because of lax enforcement of laws.

    Operation Wetback helped solve the problem. Basically 750 Border Agents were tasked to apprehend 1000 illegals a day. In the end hundreds of thousands of illegals self-deported.

    See “How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico” http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0706/p09s01-coop.html

  37. Remember folks, failure to prosecute for the felonies they have committed (entry, remaining, tax evasion, etc.) is AMNESTY. Sentences for tax evasion alone range from 3 years to LIFE in prison!

  38. Bigger government isn’t needed to do it. All you have to do is leverage existing law enforcement infrastructure, but the politicians won’t let them do their jobs especially in areas like LA and Chicago. DHS is already a monstrosity so they might as well do something while collecting those 6 figure government salaries.

  39. What we need to do is punish the companies that hire them. Stop giving them welfare ( the children born here qualify) So yes they drain the welfare system. Do not allow them to rent, own property, open bank accounts and put an end to birthright citizenship. If you are here illegally your children WILL NOT be granted citizenship!!! We are the ONLY country in the world that does not protect its sovereignty from foreign invaders ( that is what they are). REwarding the ILLEGALS that are here will only create more ILLEGALS, Remember 1986? If you want to come to my country then come through the front door. Don’t use the argument We were all immigrants once. Nope never was and the BD ” They just want a better life for their family” Well me too so I am going to rob a bank, Not going to take all the money and will hurt no one” You can’t punish me me because after all. ” I just want a better life for my family” A little outlandish yes but the concept is the same

  40. Senators say bipartisan immigration reform will include citizenship path

    Published January 27, 2013


    Top Senate Democrats and Republicans said Sunday the bipartisan legislation on immigration reform to be announced this week will include a one-step, comprehensive bill that includes a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people living illegally in the United States.


  41. The Heritage Foundation estimates this round of illegal amnesty will cost us $2.6 trillion. This says it all for me. If there are 20 million illegals, the gov’t could pay us $1,000/illegal and it would only cost $20 billion. And that $20 billion is taxable for $10 billion at the highest rate and the rest would be discretionary funding. We will save trillions AND stimulate the economy and be rid of a national security concern. Plus, the welfare slobs will have plenty of work opportunity

    1. Re distribution of wealth. That is all. It is simple.

      Our government is attacking us. Robbing us and forcing us into debt, and then transferring it only to places and things that cement their power.

      The government has declared war on us.

      These 12 million illegals will always vote for more government. That is all that is important to them now.

  42. I am appalled by this article.

    I usually don’t use “anecdotal evidence” to make a point, but wanted to share this one: My husband works in IT for a large bank. His boss is a Russian immigrant (now citizen) and 2 of his peers are here on work visas from India.

    When discussing this issue, ALL THREE MEN could NOT believe that we ‘allow’ women to pop a squat, squeeze out a baby, and bestow citizenship on that child. Russia doesn’t do it. India doesn’t do it. They’re absolutely amazed by this, and have asked my husband, openly, how the USA can survive with this kind of policy in place.

    Since the Feds are charged with protecting this nation and her citizens from harm, both from the inside and out, it seems to me that if illegal immigration threatens the nation, as those men seem to think it does, then the Feds are CONSTITUTIONALLY OBLIGATED to act to preserve the liberty and sovereignty of this country. Period.

    The rub isn’t the “mean-spirited-ness” of wanting these folks sent home. The rub is that we have had DECADES of children being recognized as born here and being citizens. Even were we to clear up the bastardization of the 14th Amendment, that would only work going FORWARD (as Barack likes to say). It would do nothing to deal with those “anchor babies”, because I seriously doubt ANY law, court, or what-have-you would be willing or able to “de-citizenize” these folks.

    CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER. And if you want to talk “mean-spirited”, I say not just to close it, but to shoot at anyone that comes within 500 feet of it if they do not turn around and head back the way they came after two verbal warnings. Enough is friggin’ enough.

    A LEGAL immigrant. (Yes, yes I am).

    1. Even the Dominican Republic passed a law a few years ago to put a stop to anchor babies in their country.

  43. You know, if we could con the illegals into registering, Anonymous just might hack the database. We can convince Conservative Governors to deputized conceal & carry holder, retired law enforcement and veterans to assist the National Guard in a round up.

  44. I think we should just stop and think for a minute what exactly the urgent problem is here………..

    Is this really the biggest problem facing America right now?

    If it is such a big problem why does our government continue to do nothing to enforce our existing laws, actually ignoring them intentionally?

    It has been like this since the last amnesty program i nthe 80’s which did nothing to stop the flow of illegals because it did nothing about the root cause – lack of enforcement of our laws.

    We are being setup folks. By the donkeys, elephants nad the press. Just like we were with the healthcare “crisis”. And again, we are going to pay dearly if we let the bastards write more stinking laws when they cannot even enforce the ones the have now.

    Does anyone trust any damn politician in Washington? Seriously?

    1. The only urgent reasons I can think of are: (1) need to okay them to be on ObamaCare [at our cost of course] and (2) Barky’s brown shirts to be armed to disarm Americans

    2. You know what really kills me sDee? Is that I am willing to fight tooth and nail for the Constitution, I take an oath I’ve never yet sworn more seriously than the Ba$tards in Washington- yet if I do defend the Laws, I could be deported.
      How the HE!! does that sound?!

      1. It tells me we have a government dismantling the United States of America. They want to eliminate our sovereignty, our wealth or tear us apart by civil war.

        They are taking orders – not governing.

  45. Here in AZ, Sheriff Joe used to round them up and put them on a bus and dump them back in Mexico or on a plane to their home country. Worked just fine.

    1. I’d be willing to pay Sheriff Joe to train MN National Guard to do the same! There are 3 large cities they can start with.

    2. Here’s a novel idea: deport them back in body bags. A corpse cannot re-enter the country and Mexico is used to dead bodies just laying around. Did I just write that? How cold-hearted and despicable of me! I’m thinking out loud again.

  46. TRS, you’ve been pretty crystal clear that you’re enamored with Rubio, and that’s fine, but to allow this infomercial for Rubio disguised as reasoned commentary, which is constructed on false premise, is a bridge too far. We watched Fox go all in for Romney. Should we expect this site to be promoting Rubio for the next three years?

    1. I wouldn’t mind so much if all she did was praise Rubio. I am shocked to find a post here, of all places, that goes so far as to be thoroughly dishonest exactly like one of those forum trolls who only pretends to be conservative.

      1. I know that, but I doubt that it would be here without him sanctioning it. Even though I think this isn’t exactly what I’d expect from the site, TRS is still by far one of the best conservative sites going. I can certainly take an occasional misstep (my opinion) along the way, considering the full body of work here.

  47. First let’s call it what it is. It’s illegal amnesty. Yes amnesty. The illegals came to our country illegally, remained illegally, applied for and received social benefits illegally, enrolled their children in our schools illegally, took American jobs illegally, failed to file tax returns, failed to pay federal and state income taxes. All of these are felonies and they compound daily.

    What Ms. Kaye shall I be given for abiding for all US laws? Right, the bill for the latest batch of illegal aliens rewarded for their illegal behavior.

    I don’t know about anyone else on this site, but I shall sue the federal government for a return of all federal taxes paid since I was age 15. If it’s okay for the illegals, it’s good for legal tax-paying Americans.

  48. Mass deportation is a false argument meant to distract.

    To begin with these illegals are not gypsies. They have home countries. They have citizenship there. Their kids, even if born here, have citizenship there. They can and will go home if we stop being complete being morons. The illegals openly mock and laugh at us.

    We have the existing laws needed to solve this problem. Nothing new is needed, just enforcement. So new laws or “reform” will be most certainly boil down to bypassing the law – amnesty for 12 million leftwing voters who will immediately and rapidly become the next entitlement population.

    Mass deportation is not the alternative to amnesty. I have not heard anyone seriously propose it, yet it gets thrown our as a strawman by the leftists to demonize and ridicule the conservatives who never proposed it in the first place.

    Rubio’s proposal accepts the false premise of the left. When we do that we ALWAYS lose – always.

    I have worked with the illegal community, providing healthcare for anchor kids. I know how they think, why they are here and why they stay. They all know once they have to start paying taxes that they will have a better lifestyle on welfare, foodstamps, housing assistance and Medicaid. The ones we worked with know the system and how to use it.

    The leftists want one thing. Amnesty. No matter what the Republicans compromise on, amnesty will be in it by definition, and that is all that will get implemented. Immediate and rapid citizenship for millions of illegal, subversive islamists and marxists. Everything else will be ignored – just like Reagan got screwed by Congress on amnesty.

    The Republican’s must first stop attacking and reacting to the left’s strawmen, debunk their assumptions and start with a simple position:
    1 – Never even hint at amnesty or forgiveness for those who live here illegally it is national suicide
    2 – Enforce existing laws before we write new ones.
    3 – Find everyone on expired visas and give them a court hearing to renew it or go home (btw islamists are primarily here on expired visas)
    4 – Stop giving the rights of citizenship to illegals: drivers licenses, healthcare, voting, vehicle purchase, jobs, car insurance, legal aid, free education etc. The have no right to it. Cut it off.

    This will start a slow and steady return home. Alter 5 years of this, we start gong after those breaking the law. A fair court hear and clear choices – apply for visa under existing law, return home, or be deported.

    This is what any sane country that values its sovereignty does. We are insane. Any new “immigrtion” “reform” is purely suicidal. Obama knows this – he wants it. It will collapse us.

    1. Weren’t the 9/11/01 terrorists here on expired Visas? I know the one from MN was. And to think, they would qualify for amnesty

        1. We must remember Rubio was raised by parents born in a Communist country.  Barky is a Marxist.  See the similarities?

  49. What an absolute load of crap!

    For being the party of limited government, the party that reveres the federalistic musings of Jefferson, and the party that constantly criticizes federal government overreach, our only suggestion for handling millions of illegal immigrants requires massive government intervention

    Enforcing our borders is one of the few things our Federal government actually should be doing. It is neither “overreach” nor “intervention”.

    Supposing we did “round ‘em up and send ‘em home,” we would need a police force large enough to scour all fifty states … Unless we want a government expansive enough to round up what equates to the entire population of Pennsylvania, we need to provide practical solutions.

    The practical solution to the magnitude of the problem: don’t try to do it all in a single day.

    so there would likely be casualties or at the very least, violent encounters

    As is always the case with law enforcement.

    what I am saying is that “sending them home” is not only impractical, it’s completely contrary to everything we claim we believe

    You have failed to demonstrate that enforcement of immigration law is impractical. I don’t know who you think “we” are, but I absolutely believe in enforcing our borders.

    let’s leave the intellectual inconsistency and nanny statism to the left.

    Let’s leave the straw man arguments, false accusations, misrepresentations of conservatism, and outright lies to the Left.


    My guess the politicians will win this time and the American people—as always—will get the bill for supporting illegal aliens. Very few of us who haven’t been brain-washed over the illegal alien controversy and with a Socialist administration in power, the only winners are the “Freeloaders” deadbeats and spongers, which are bottom feeders that live of the rest of the working population. They pay for nothing, as everything virtually free especially with this Imperial regime. This is going to be a repeat performance of the 1986 path to citizenship that exploded into a fraudulent façade. The so called pay a fine, learn English as two required principles, never happened? Most fines were waived, as the majority of Guest Workers couldn’t afford it, and the so called learning the language was a travesty, as the illegal aliens involved took a couple of classes and because it was run by La Raza, got a pass score. The whole thing was a travesty and the commitment of former President Reagan’s Washington to prosecute employers fizzled. Let’s face it their all a bunch of bare faced liars who cringe at the feet of special interest groups, because they are the ones that really run the country. Obama promised transparency in D.C, but the whole place and both parties are awash with corruption, kick backs, and nepotism. It’s a father, son and daughter rot, that retirement means joining the ranks of high paid lobbyists on K street, the height of hypocrisy and legal thievery of your tax dollars in our central government, A few must be excused from these slimy-palmed politicians, such as Senator Sessions of Arkansas who is a people’s legislator and doesn’t work in collusion with anti-constitution politicians.


    THIS TUESDAY WILL BE A GRAVE DAY FOR AMERICA, WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD NO RESPECT FOR OUR LAWS GAINING CITIZENSHIP? FAR WORSE IS THE CONTINUENCE OF MORE CHAIN MIGRATION. The Nuclear Family Priority Act, HR 692 (Gingrey, R-GA), would end chain migration while expediting the reunification of married couples and of parents with their young children. It would eliminate the categories of adult siblings and adult children, providing an annual decrease in immigration of over 110,000 per year. The reduction would be larger over time as there would be fewer new immigrants to sponsor additional relatives (Chain Migration.) Then include this with the waiting BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL. Look it up, as it makes good judgment, as other industrialized nations have also removed it. That only people who is already a U.S. citizen can apply for citizenship for their child. It’s become a travesty of 14th amendment that allowed slaves the right to citizenship and their descendants. This should was not applicable to illegal alien children, because at that time there was no such thing as illegal immigration. The cost in BILLIONS of dollars is too high, to carry on this fallacy?



    Hardly any of them have the guts to dare challenge putrid Senators like senile Harry Reid. Strangely enough I no longer own a firearm, but my thoughts only criminals will own guns that we need to protect our families. I hope shortly that California Liberal Senator Diane Feinstein gets mugged; she is a victim of a home invasion robbery or even worse. Something ominous happens to a lawmaker, they would quickly change their minds? Most of these impersonators of honest people don’t live in the real world anyway. I get a continuous dialog from my cousin in Los Angeles of drunken hit and runs of by foreign drunk drivers, robberies, children attacked and molested. Want more information, and then go to THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION site. Never thought for one minute the American people were stupid enough to vote for anybody who had a greasy Liberal agenda? If these people’s representatives ever though that the American people came first, then they would have insured illegal entry into the United States was a FELONY. The blame goes back many years, when there were positive laws as the quota system, according to your country of birth. Now America is overrun from most illiterate, poorly educated foreigners from South of our borders. Then we have unknown number of illegal overstays that make up the number of 46 percent who arrive here by plane and not tracked, so they can be deported. I have pushed over and over again The LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL that makes sense, but then with the mostly withered old men in Washington, they are not listening as their golf score is more important, or the financial favors they get from corporation bosses. MAKE THEM LISTEN AND JAM WASHINGTON SWITCHBOARDS TOMORROW.

    Every LIBERAL, DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, INDEPENDENT, TEA PARTY MEMBERS and a list of other parties that the high echelon whose abode is the Capitol know that America is not just in a physical mess, but a nation almost irreparable more divided. Why is this man in Washington determined to split up our society, when he should be bringing us together, collectively? Our Constitution has been badly decomposed by President Obama, our liberties, freedoms and the American dream trodden down by anarchist, communist, Marxist; many of them have visited the White House? Check out these facts out at TEAPARTY.OR. Become more acquainted with the ugly facts and learn the REAL truth at American Patrol, Judicial Watch, NumbersUSA web sites.

    We must be constantly be on our guard as many laws are past during late nights sessions, so that the public are only aware the day after. Monday, is going to be a very important day as President Obama is heading to Nevada to broadcast the need for a Path to Citizenship or the possibility of blanket Amnesty. But remember that Nevada has today the highest concentrations of illegal aliens, other than California on the West coast. Monday, if you haven’t already seen the writing on the wall, then speak up—call your politicians and tell the aide, you want to declare illegal aliens have no right to citizenship. THEY BROKE OUR LAWS, while honest people came through the correct channels. you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request. One or two people will be ignored, but greater numbers will make a difference and could decide on the fate of America? After all the Heritage Foundation already stated that another Path to Citizenship would produce a taxpayer price tag of over 2 TRILLION DOLLARS, you have to wonder what these politicians are smoking. That’s already on Obama’s $4 to 5 TRILLION dollars amassing on the multi TRILLION dollar deficits.

    Each year 400,000 babies are smuggled into America to claim citizenship. The price for the child/children (DREAMER CHILDREN) is a cornucopia of free entitlement stuff as a new citizen. Even before arriving here they have been well apprised of the welfare programs and how to scam them. Actual birthing factories have been set up, where pregnant women are departing planes from Asian countries to claim citizenship for their infant. Possessing a U.S birth certificate the child can return in adolescence and claim citizenship rights and then sponsor family members. CHAIN MIGRATION is a very expensive proposition for U.S. taxpayers, as later the immediate family is left without financial resources and then relies on Supplementary Social Security and public assistance.

  51. Don’t give them any state or federal benefits-except in bobo fide lifeand death situations. Give crippling fines or jail time for those who knowenly employ them-let the fines fund the enforcement agency. Then when the employment problem goes away so would the enforcement agency. Make social securit payment only to US citizens. Stop automatic US citizenship to those born here of illegal parents. Take away all incentives and they have no economic reason to be here. Smaller government and they will be encouraged to go back home. For those who are here because of family, allow them fast track legal immigration.

    Additionally, help them get real democratic and capitalistic reform in their home countries so they can make a decent living and have the same opportunity in their home countries and they may prefer to stay.

    We need to allow in additional legal immigrants, streamlining the process, and make them assimilate with citizenship and civic class requirements before they can become citizens.

    1. We need to be extremely careful of any legal immigrants as well. Many moooslims are immigrating, we have bunches of Somolians in MN and they are funneling $$$ back to terrorist orgs

      1. Gotta love those radical Islamists. Always taking care of their own…or killing them. Either way.

      2. I agree we need to be careful about who are allowed to immigrate. There are certain people that should not be allowed into our country. Those let in who are materially supporting terrorist groups should be immediately deported.

      3. A lot of the Somalians have come in by so called “persecution” asylum as mandated by the UN. Interesting that muslims are able to claim and have asylum yet Christians in all of these muslim counties who are being raped, stoned, imprisoned, hung, tortured and murdered are not considered.

        1. Exactly!  I would trade 100% of the Somalians and other mooooslime for the Christians in mooooslime countries any day!

  52. Hmmmm…. I don’t know of any State that doesn’t have a whole bunch of police: State Police, City Police, Sheriff Depts., Campus Police, etc. so don’t get that part at all Ms. Kaye. And you rightly refer to the illegal aliens as illegal and later in the paragraph you call them private citizens. My take on the issue is no talk about what to do with the 15-20 million here now until the borders are secure and the “citizens” living on the border in the border States confirm the border is sealed. Then we can talk.

    1. We have alot of unemployed Veterans I’d be happy to pay to round them up. Plus they are armed and properly trained to hunt them down.

  53. Since it’s proposed to be impossible to deport them all, give them all a green cards on the condition they can’t vote until they become full citizens and have them pay taxes in the meantime. After they work and pay taxes they may not vote Democratic like the party hopes. Otherwise they’ll just bleed us dry. I don’t know, it’s just an idea.

    1. NOPE. That would be a major slap in the face to all of those who applied the legal ways to get greencards. That’s as bad as, and a step to amnesty. They vote illegally already, just like everything else. Once they break the law the first time and come in illegally, the next law, and then the next are just as easy to break.
      We need to secure the borders. Finish building the fence- there are plenty of unemployed citizens whom I’m sure would love the work. Bring our troops home and allow them to patrol the borders. The border guards we have now need to be allowed to do their jobs without fear of prison time if they shoot someone.
      While the border is being secured, cut off ALL social and welfare programs to illegals, stop funding charities who knowingly help illegals secure government housing and education. Impliment an e verify type program and fine business who knowingly hire illegals.
      Send illegals who are in our prisons back.
      Declare the 14th Amendment void as far as anchor baby status is concerned.
      Anyone caught voting who is here illegally, ship them back.
      Allow the States to follow the laws on the books already.

      1. Yes ma’am!

        “While the border is being secured, cut off ALL social and welfare programs to illegals, stop funding charities who knowingly help illegals secure government housing and education. Impliment an e verify type program and fine business who knowingly hire illegals.” – Great idea!

        Millions in Medicare paid for illegals http://nation.foxnews.com/medicare/2013/01/24/report-medicare-paid-out-millions-claims-illegals

        ICE Agents have legal standing on illegal instructions to ignore federal law https://www.numbersusa.com/content/nusablog/bealea/january-25-2013/federal-judge-rules-ice-agents-have-standing-lawsuit-against-federal

        1. Take all the money saved from welfare and every other social program provided and spend it on Veterans’ programs and border enforcement!

          As for the ICE case Excellent! I’ve bookmarked it to keep tabs! Thanks sis!

            1. I’ve dusted off the law books, saw in another post you’ve also worked for attorneys.  I plan to sue. Care to join in?

                1. Might you come back?  There are several of us Scoopers on now and you could protect your following and tweets. The Direct Message is helpful!

                2. It’s the most secure way I can think of to exchange email addresses (Direct Message).  You could shut it off again then.

    2. Why give someone a green card who has not even bothered to apply for one on their own and has shown nothing but contempt for the laws of the Nations? Why?

      1. Never, ever, ever reward illegal behavior, the only result is more serious illegal behavior. If they get a free pass on this, will they also get a free pass on child molestation, rape and even murder? If the gov’t doesn’t enforce certain felonies, there is an argument they are barred for enforcing any.

  54. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Close the border first! If they don’t do that first forget the rest because it will never get done. The Dems live off of the illegals and so will never do anything about the border unless it is the first priority.

    1. Barky will just unseal it again like he has already done. He has removed federal border enforcement. He has removed the eyes in the sky. It’s a game and the Repubs are going to do a Reagan repeat.

  55. I’m not aware of any serious official or candidate for office who ever said “round ’em up and send ’em home.” Maybe this nice girl could provide a quotation from some one of national standing, not just another blogger please.

    1. our only suggestion for handling millions of illegal immigrants requires massive government intervention;”

      Apparently you didn’t read her post any more closely than the 6 or so people that “liked” your post, or you are lacking a bit on the comprehension skills. She uses “our” as in those on the political right, if you doubt the veracity of her statement I would suggest you just simply peruse the comments a bit.

  56. We will not exist as the United States of America without securing our borders. What is missing in this article is that any immigration law MUST include securing the border. All I ever here, including this article, is that “we cannot deport so we must submit.” Look, these illegal immigrants broke the law. Doesn’t this account for anything? Moreover, why would Republicans import more democrat voters since 70% voted for Barack Obama. I like Rush’s plan. If they donot want to go through the process of illegalization then give them citizenship in 25 years or longer.

    1. It has been declared that illegals are a national security threat. The threat does not go away if they stay. 100% must go!

      1. UUnder Bill Clinton I thought NAFTA was suppose to provide jobs in Mexico to stop illegal migration. It doesn’t seem to have worked. Another stupid democrat and Rino diaster.

          1. Not sure, Orangeone. But it would be typical since we subsidize drilling in Brazilhttp://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203863204574346610120524166.html.

              1. They(Federal Government.IRS)would hunt you down, bankrupt you and you family and send you to prison. Hey and it’s the same country, they are in.

                1. And that’s exactly the foundation of my lawsuit!  Cannot have different rules for different groups

  57. I love how the writer lies about that we are for big government, if we want the authorities who finds a person to be breaking the law with false ID, a STOLEN social security number, driving without a licesnse, etc to be sent back.

    I agree with the poster that they should get no benefits at all. Seems like she just sees ‘Rubio’ and it’s ok.

  58. No need to round them all up, we should go harder after those who knowingly hire illegals. Make it financially uncomfortable for them so they will have to return home. Of course any thing we come up with is moot as long as we have the current administration.

    1. Yep. It’s called self deportation. All we have to do is close the border and enforce current law, but that would make to much sense.

    2. As an employer I must agree in part and disagree in part. There are some that knowingly hire them. But the latest scheme is to use a legal’s paperwork. eVerify was not fully put in place and is thus not used. Employers need full access and need to know ALL jobs the current candidate is working so we can be suspicious of illegals using someone else’s papers. Also, employers need a mechanism to report the illegals, have them picked up and immediately deported. Currently if we question, the EEOC is called and we are investigated for racial discrimination.

  59. Secure the borders first,then we can have a serious discussion as to what should be done about those that are already here.

    1. Secure the border yes, the only discussion is the timeline to round them up and return them to sender. We went through this once and rewarded those violating our federal laws. Now the problem is 10 times the size.

      1. I too believe they should be rounded up and sent home,but it appears nobody in the federal government has the desire to do so.I remember when Reagan granted them amnesty.Hasn’t worked out very well has it?

    2. We had racoons hanging around – for a while we were amused.

      We started hearing them in the attic. More started coming. One night we counted 20 eyeballs glowing in the yard. The warm attic was far nicer place than the tree they lived in. They had pulled open an attic vent. They had really gotten to like that warm attic. We patched and repaired and tried to keep them out but they had been at it a while. They figured out how to hang over the roof and tear through the soffits. We have lots of soffit. We had to trap them. Took a while. The cute little buggers get damn ferocious.

      You know we worked hard to build this house. Those racoons didn’t contribute a damn thing to it. They liked it but never did anything except tear up soffits. You know, never once did we consider letting them stay up there to raise a racoon family. We never gave them our extra bedroom.

      Racoons want what you have. They will destroy it to get it. Make no mistake. They may be cute but they will turn on you. Never be amused.

  60. I’m tired of hearing how impractical it would be to “round” them up. It’s easy enough for the government to send them their monthly welfare/food stamps checks. It’s easy enough for them to find ways of getting drivers licenses. It ought to be easy enough to cut them off all welfare and social programs to make things uncomfortable for the majority of them to leave on their own. Then there are those who are known illegals in our prisons- send them back. The government knows where those ones are.
    As for the rest, quit using the 14th amendment as an excuse for 9 month pregnant women to drop their babies in US hospitals and that will take care of anchor babies.

    I’m all for small government- but I’m also for a government who upholds their main duty- to protect the citizens from all threats foreign and domestic. Yes, the immigration issue will always be a big arm of the government, but if they’d follow the laws and allow States to have the RIGHTS to enforce those laws, it’d cut down a lot more of government bureaucracy than they have now.

    1. Maybe if they can’t round up 11 million illegals they also can’t round up 160 million of us. By God, I think we could round them up.

    2. Well said, AbC! Anyway, that 14th amendment is totally illogical as currently interpreted! When diplomats, who have allegiance to their own countries, have a baby on US soil they don’t automatically become US citizens. This is so idiotic and makes no sense. The 14th amendment means that the parents who have no allegiance to another country and it is clear that the people who cross the border from Mexico have allegiance to another country. I mean we don’t see people crossing the border from Canada and using this stupid interpretation to gain citizenship. These liberals have used this law for decades, intended for slaves who were brought and born here through no fault of their own. This must be cleared up by SCOUTS and reinterpreted for clarification because if it stands, as is, it creates chaos.

      1. The Congressional Globe of1866 is where the proceedings to the 14th amendment were recorded.

        Jacob Howard wrote the line, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. He was recorded as saying that “babies born to foreigners,aliens,…etc, are NOT US citizen”.

        I’m going by what the author said…babies born to foreigners on our soil are NOT US citizen.

        An illegal ALIEN is as foreign as it gets.

    3. Yes, I seem to remember that defense of these United States was at least, or at least was some time way back when, supposed to be one of the main reasons why the Union of these United States was formed.

      1. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

        “Your love of liberty — your respect for the laws — your habits of industry — and your practice of the moral and religious obligations, are the strongest claims to national and individual happiness. ”
        George Washington, letter to the Residents of Boston, October 27, 1789

        “…An alien, in Great Britain, is not permitted to inherit, or hold real estate for his own use; consequently, a citizen of the United States, and a subject of Great Britain, would not be on an equal footing with respect to estates descended to them by inheritance. ”
        Congressman Smith South Carolina, during a debate on the subject of immigration and naturalization on the floor of the House of Representatives, from February of 1790.

        I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

        Congressional oath of office.

        Doesn’t seem like they take their oath very seriously.

    4. There are 5.2 million in the firearms background check database. That means they are over 21 which is a good start. 25% of those in prison are illegals. Another good start.

      We all know where the sanctuary cities are. I disagree with the author, we can and must use the national guard to round them up and kick their arses out of our country. To do otherwise is to say that illegals gain amnesty for illegal entry, illegal retention, tax avoidance, tax evasion, welfare fraud, healthcare fraud, food stamp fraud and more felonies I cannot even spend time typing.

      Put a $1,000 bounty on their head, like Cory Booker has done for guns, and they will be turned in faster than you can count to 10.

      Take their fingerprints, DNA and put an RFIP chip in them (and before there is any whining over inhumane, our kids have to wear them in public schools). If they return to the US, it is the death penalty. If they have a scar and no chip when subsequently caught, we have their DNA and fingerprints.

      It’s a one-time investment and a hell of a deterrent to others to even try.

      Enter Mexico illegally, go straight to prison.

        1. Not in the least. I am a proponent that we enforce current laws!  Criminals are fingerprinted and DNA is taken and in Chicago, they tatoo!  If children can be required to have RFID tags to go to public school, and the court has upheld that, they can be RFID tagged as part of illegal immigration enforcement

          1. we can and must use the national guard to round them up and kick their arses out of our country

            ~ Violation of Posse Comitatus, 18 U.S.C. § 1385

            If they return to the US, it is the death penalty

            Violates 5th & 6th Amendments, before you holler about how they aren’t citizens, check the language of the amendments, it uses language like “No Person” and “the accused” no where does it state citizenship is required, we extend those rights to all who fall within our jurisdiction.

            I see RFID “tagging” as something akin to the tattooing of the victims of “the Final Solution”, something that should be so far beneath us as a nation and a people that it’s consideration should never be taken up on any level.

            1. Easy to address and change of enforcement.  Entering our country illegally is an act of war. BTW, our domestic abuse felons are tagged when they get out so their victims can trace their every move and protect themselves and it proves extremely successful.

              1. Show me the law that classifies illegal immigration as an “Act of War”, your opinion does not hold that weight, so as I said, show me the law.

                1. Well, Mexico did form a dept in their gov’t in 1982 devoted to “taking back the Western US”. They are engaging in an invasion if you ask me.

                2. Funny, I have friends that live in south Texas (the horn), while they have occasional illegals cross their ranch, they’ve yet to mention the Mexican Army passing through.

            2. There is a huge difference between RFID tagging illegal aliens that have violated our laws and what Hitler did to LEGAL citizens of the countries he invaded. We are the ones being invaded and need to do everything we can to stop the problem. We need the strongest enforcement possible and if our laws need to be tweaked to do it, so be it.  Illegal aliens have NO rights under our Constitution.
              If you are arguing that illegal aliens are citizens than I suggest you go tell Obama nothing needs to be done because there are no illegal aliens.

              1. Perhaps in the case of outcomes (at this point) there is a difference, but in practice it is the same thing.

                Where did I say or imply that illegal aliens were citizens? I suggest you go back and re-read the founding documents again, because it’s painfully obvious you are operating under a gross misinterpretation.

                1. I just replied with the link from Ted Cruz’s stmt.  Given he has argues and won before the SCOTUS, if they were citizens he would have stated as such.

                2. Once again, show me where I stated or implied that illegal aliens are citizens.
                  5th Amendment;

                  No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

                  6th Amendment;

                  In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

                  We extend the Right of Due Process to all people who enter our legal system, there is nothing in the document that limits Due Process to citizens alone.

                  We are not at war with Mexico, illegals from there are not “enemy combatants”. Despite some members of Congress stating their opinions that illegal aliens are “national security threats”, their opinion carries no more weight of law, than your opinion or mine.

                  “That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;”~ Declaration of Independence

                  The view of the Founders is pretty clear that they believed that all, were entitled to liberty and freedom among these the right of Due Process, they did not limit that belief to only citizens of the United States, they specified these rights as being inviolate within our borders.

                  While it’s fantastic that Senator Cruz has put forth this plan, until it’s passed and signed it is not law, so at this juncture it’s nothing more than an opinion of a possible solution.

                  You demonstrate a flagrant short-sightedness when it comes to changing our laws when it suits your opinion. To remove the protections under the Posse Comitatus Act, would indeed be an act of heinous ignorance as doing so would give the Federal Government carte blanche to use the military as a National Police Force whenever they saw fit and plays right into the hands of the Statists.

                  No where in anything I have posted at anytime have I ever given the opinion or made the statement that those here illegally were citizens, so far all I have seen from you is hyperbole, and nothing to back your assertions but hackneyed opinion.

                3. It does start out, “We th People of the UNITED STATES”…not “We the people of any country that was able to sneak in here”.

                4. I am quite familiar with the document, enough so, that I know the difference between the opening of the US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

                  I would challenge you as well to show me where it is stated that the right of Due Process is accorded only to citizens of this country. Do you think that doing away with Posse Comitatus is a good idea as well?

    5. Very well put. It’s not necessarily a question of rounding them up, it’s more a question of not looking the other way when local and federal governments encounter them. Much of that has to do with state and local government policies like sanctuary cities or states like Texas that give instate tuition to illegals attending state colleges.

    6. Darn TOOTIN !

      This is the most sensible thing I have heard in a long time!

      That’s tellin’ ’em!

      I am glad I’m not the only one who has had enough of this nonsense!

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YAY! 😀

    7. Not to mention…the BILLIONS illegals cost us per year. The money it would cost us to “round them all up” would be made back in less than a year.

  61. It appears that illegals are gaining more liberties proportionately than US Citizens are entitled to

    A serious discussion must indeed be started – BUT the US Citizen MUST be given top priority

    Just like they dribbled in – violators should be dribbled out

    Were the ZERO immigration orders also illegal just as the NLRB board appts. were ?

    Does anyone know?

    1. Rep Steve Stockman and Sen Rand Paul are trying the legislative route. Rep Stockman has stated he will go the impeachment route if that fails.

    2. I thought the Dream Act was to modify current immigration laws, and it failed in congress. So Obama just EO’d his own order and ignored congress – so I think it was illegal, but as Hillary would say “What does it matter anyway” they’re here and we’re going to give them assistance, and a bunch of other stuff – that goes for MS 13 gang

    3. Yes, his immigration orders were illegal. The president cannot give amnesty through executive orders.

  62. Elites in the Republican Party are complicit because they are beholden to commercial interests that are addicted to cheap, exploitable labor. Elites in the Democrat Party are complicit because they hope to buy their votes with taxpayer-funded benefits. Also a certain cadre welcomes the fact that these people come from places where questioning authority is hazardous to your health.

    Most Americans do not support mass deportation, but they don’t support mass amnesty either. A far simpler and economical solution is to remove the incentives. All public assistance should be for U.S. citizens only. Neither should there be drivers licenses, in-state tuition [that actually favors illegals over legal immigrants and U.S. citizens living in other states] nor other rewards for violating our sovereignty.

    1. Plus, the fact that some states and cities won’t follow what it said by law now and they never pay the price for it.

      1. What polls are you looking at? I haven’t seen that before, even tried a quick goggle search of “Poll Americans support mass deportation”, and did not find that was true. I’ve seen polls that do reject mass deportations, the majority was vastly in favor of better border security/stronger enforcement and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

        1. There was a valid poll before the 2012 election.  I will try and find it.  Many in the poll said they wanted the death penalty.

            1. Yup.  And actually I believe it as well if they re-enter once deported. I view entering our country illegally as an act of war.

              1. Steven has admitted he’s in the country illegally. Like most illegals, they stick together and want amnesty for themselves and every other third world invader. They make me sick.

        2. Border security is an issue we can win. The Majority of the American people are with us on this issue. According to most polling I’ve seen, the American people also ackowledge the strain that these illeal immigrants put on our system.
          But I fnd no poll that says an overwhelming majority supports, “round em up and ship em out”

          1. Most Americans want illegal ALIENS (they are NOT immigrants) removed from our country….deportations and cut off the incentives. It IS a multi-pronged approach.

        3. Bull.

          First, Google is in Obama’s back pocket.

          Second, you admitted YOU are in the country illegally. It is despicable the way you illegals push for amnesty. Stop claiming to be a conservative because you are not. A conservative is someone who wants to conserve our Constitution. Giving millions of drug cartel members and gang bangers amnesty will not conserve our constitution.

          1. Wow you really misunderstood what I said previously, your anger must have confused you or something.. I guess I should have been more clear the time before. I was born here, I have birth certificate here and have a SS#.. I’m very much an American Citizen, born and raised here my whole life.

        1. Somewhere on the thread I did the math calc based on figures from the Heritage Foundation.  And yes we would!

    2. You have the left part correct but you think its only the right that owns businesses in this country. Why dont you go ask Pineapple Nancy Pelosi how she feels about that? Or Dingy Harry Reid that takes union bribes in NV how many illegals are working in the casinos? Other than this I agree with you Walf.

    3. I agree 100% on closing the honey pot.

      The republicans and democrats are in damn near unanimous concensus on this amnesty bill. Does that not seem odd?

      These politicians know that enforcing the law, as you suggest, will immediately start a reverse migration.

      They also know that, as they do this, millions of jobs will open up. US citizens could then go back to work and move off welfare and foodstamps. But the politicians will not enforce the laws. They will not do the simplest and most effective thing.

      If the Demcrats are angling for votes as you say, these Republican politicians also know that these criminals-turned-citizens will vote 70%+ for progressives. So why support it?

      If Republicans are beholden to corporations based on cheap labor as you say, these politicians and the corporations also know that this bill will make labor costs sky rocket for pardoned illegals who keep working as legal US citizens, while driving millions more out of the work force and onto the welfare rolls. So why do Republicans support it?

      All of these politicians know that these pardoned illegals and indeed law breakers with no respect for America, the Constitution and they will certainly further erode our culture. So why would they want to break down all barriers for them while turning away millions of people who respect this country and the freedoms protected by the Constitution?

      They all know that doing this will not stop or even slow illegals from coming here – it will in fact increase illegal immigration. Yet while they do this they will do nothing to enforce exsiting laws and the border . Why invite more of this plague?

      It almost seems like what all the democrats and republicans share is the undermining of America, of our sovereignty, our culture and our wealth. Sorta kinda like a new order of things.

      1. Here’s the thing…I don’t think we in damn near unanimous consent on this. I think it is lip service by the left. I think we are once again going to see Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football.

    4. It is a multi-pronged approached. Remove the incentives and some deportations must happen or they will just lay low for awhile.

  63. If someone is using a fake ID or fake Social Security number, we should just say ‘Ok, break the law’?

  64. If they cannot bother to follow the laws of a country to enter legally then they have no right to stay.

    1. And no country would let them stay or give up enforcing their laws.

      It’s absurd to even consider them for citizenship
      What needs to be done is pressure on their home countries to repatriate them .
      In fact, we should start suing these countries for repayment of social services for their citizens.
      Once we do , see how fast the fence goes up on the other side of the border.

  65. Let’s close the border immediately then have an intelligent conversation about this topic. But not until border is closed. And guess what? It won’t be closed. And nothing will change except more and more illegals will gain entrance and continue to drain the freebies paid by the workers of this country.

      1. I don’t know who this Kimberly Kaye is but she’s not a conservative and doesn’t even seem to understand what the arguments are

        Small government of the “Right” refers to the CITIZENS of the country, not persons illegally in the country

        The complete opposite of everything “we” claim to believe?

        Illegal …..NO
        That’s freedom , that’s liberty of the citizens of this nation
        Not adding individuals to the detriment of the people.

        NOR does the right ever say its not the responsioblity of the the Feds to protect the borders and enforce immigration laws. In fact, the right knows that is the Feds J-0-B and they have failed to do it.

        No compromise. No Amnesty

        1. I believe we were right to kick out the Tories 200 years ago. That is sufficient precedent. I am sick and tired of jerks arriving here illegally and then telling us what to do. Guess where gangs come from !

        2. This is the same gal that posted a few months back that she’s a fiscal conservative, but not a social conservative. She doesn’t get that it goes hand in hand.

      2. It’s certainly going to open when people see the can get a free pass either being here legally or to citizenship. People will pour over the border when the deadline nears.

        1. They already are and they did so when Reagan did the first amnesty.  And that is what has helped to lead to the millions illegally here again.

    1. We won’t have to do anything. Pretty soon, under the continued leadership of Zero and the do-nothings in Congress, our economy will be so bad that it will be worse than Mexico’s economy. The illegals will see the error in their judgment and go back to Mexico.

              1. I know a lot of retirees are retiring outside the US in big numbers. I wonder if I can get all the freebies in Mexico like they can get here?

                1. …after you change your last name to Montana. Unless it’s already Montana. Not Joe Montana, either. 🙂

                2. I know of somebody who retired early and moved to Mexico. He is living rather comfortably there. It must be in a city’s green zone, safe from sicarios, Zetas, and Sinaloas.

    2. And I assume we’ll here all the same rantings, all the same excuses from all the same people.
      I see it only took about 3 posts before someone called this lady a RINO right after they state that they have no idea who she is. Typical.
      And of course, no REAL solutions are going to be counter proposed.
      Looks like the same old “they need to secure the border first!” Which should be, and IS currently, the first part of all proposals regarding illegal immigration. But then it’s self defeated in the same post with “but of course they’ll never secure the border”.
      So I’ll offer a rebuttal to all the “round em up ship em out” people. If, according to your own posts, the politicians will NEVER secure the border, why would these same politicians have any stomach for rounding up anywhere from 7-20 million people?
      the problem is you paint yourselves into a rhetorical corner with no where to go. That’s our problem on this issue. The majority of Americans support most of the common sense aspects of illegal immigration that coincide with proposals that are currently being submitted.
      The border needs to be secured first and foremost! And as Conservatives we need our politicians to clearly state what that means. What benchmarks are we looking at that would allow us to confidently say that the border is “secured”. I think it shoud be taken out of Washington’s hand and the level, and success, of border security shoudl be evaluated by the Gov and Judicial systems of the border states. I say move Natl Guard to the border in all border states, add physical fencing and electronic surveylance along with seismic readers to detect tunneling. Whatever it takes to make a serious effort to seal that border off.
      A lot of the people crying “RINO” always seem to use this argument that if we propose a “patht o citizenship” the Dems will just propose Amnesty, and win the argument. That’s why we need to make sure we are stating our posistions clearly to the American people, and we need to back it up with facts. Layout the obviousl security risks. I’d have a list of all other “non-racist” countries who maintin their border security, and enforce their immigration laws without issue. This shoudl kill the “racist” stereotype that the media will try to push.
      After all of that, then we need to figure out what to do with the one’s who are left, in a smart way. One that deals with the issue, and solves it so that we can successfully take an issue away from the Dems and the media.
      Imagine an election in the future where we won’t be able to have a natl drumbeat against our party as a whole as being a bunch of racists who hate Mexicans.
      But sadly from what I’ve seen over the last few days that’s not going to happen.

      1. Sorry but I did not have the time to read your entire “book” do to time contraints. Just where did I mention anything about “rounding up the illegals”? Guess what? I didn’t.

        1. Well then I wasn’t talking specifically about you, am I?
          If you had read before posting, it is meant to cover a lot of comments, and attitudes i’ve seen over the past few days of discussing this woman’s post, as well as Rubios plan.
          Any “plan” that attempts to deal with the illegals who are here is immedaitely decried as amnesty, and no one supports “amnesty”. So the only alternative I’m left to come up with that would be suitable is to locate every illegal immigrant and deport them to their country of origin.
          Now if you have an alternate plan, other that “enforce the laws”, I’m glad to hear it, becasue no one else is offering one.

          1. I’ve had a plan since The Reagan years, however, it seems that it isn’t in the best interests of the powers that be to even consider it.

            Create a “guest worker” program. Farm the mechanics out to a private company (like American Express) and let them charge a fee (presumably less than what a ‘coyote’ would charge for an illegal crossing) for processing and issuing a biometric ID card. Also allow them to sell the bio reader device to employers, this covers their costs and no expense accrues to the tax payers. The processing facilities to be built on the Mex side of the border. Enact a draconian fine system for any employer caught employing un-documented workers to ‘persuade them to comply. All of the illegals would have to return to Mexico to obtain a card on their own dime because without a card they can’t gain employment. The card is valid for two years and can be renewed for an additional two years after which the card holder must return to his home country and sit out for two years before they can re-apply.

            1. We have guest worker programs now. We offer unlimited agriculture visas. Many illegals come illegally because they can’t pass the medical screening and/or the criminal background check.

          2. BULLony.

            Enforce the laws on the books. Tell illegals they have 30 days to get their affairs in order and get out. After that we will arrest them, photograph them, fingerprint them, and put them into a database where they will never be allowed back in. Watch them scatter.

            No one is saying we get every illegal out of here….the goal is to greatly reduce their numbers.

            Quit you whining that we don’t have solutions. You are the one with no solutions.

            Giving them any type of legal status IS amnesty.

      2. About 60% of Mexicans hate us and think the US belongs to them.
        La Raza? Very racist hispanic group.
        Mecha? VERY racist hispanic group. In 2007 the preamble to their constitution said they were going to take over the western US and after their numbers reached a certain point, “The ethnic cleansing of the white and black man would commence”.

        So please, spare me “we are racists” claptrap.

        It is the Mexicans that are racist towards us.

        I guess you didn’t see the videos of them protesting in the millions in 2006 telling the white man to die and go back to Europe.

        Wake the hell up. Mexico formed a dept. in their gov’t in 1982 devoted to taking over the western US. They hate us almost as much as the muslims do and they want us to live as second class citizens like muslims do.

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