On Twitter, @GabrielMalor Posts Stunning List Of Lefties Wrong On Right Wing Violence

Gabriel Malor of Ace of Spades HQ has had just about enough of the mainstream media making every and any attempt to paint consevatives and tea partiers as a violent, unhinged fringe. In an excellent example of the power of social media, Malor takes down the media’s false narrative in a devastating series of tweets.

From John Sexton, who was following Malor’s tweets.

And more from Malor:

The list quickly begins to spread across the right-o-sphere:

In the end, this summary just about says it all:

The MSM has made up their mind about conservatives, tea partiers, Fox News, bloggers, veterans, and the average American in general. It’s our job as responsible citizens to make sure America’s Ministry of Truth does not go unanswered. Today that charge was led by one man with a good memory and twitter feed. As always, the Right Scoop is here to join the fray.

(h/t Twitchy)

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37 thoughts on “On Twitter, @GabrielMalor Posts Stunning List Of Lefties Wrong On Right Wing Violence

  1. Fine work Malor, bringing out into the open the MSM squealing ill intentions is a light shone into the dark. Hopefully these disgusting ill creepy ghosts of the darkness got exposed more frequent.The public is catching on with the many lies.

  2. All of these high profile lefties travel with security guards that are armed to the teeth. It’s only our guns they want confiscated, not their own.

  3. I applaud Gabriel for the work accomplished, however, it matters none to lefties. They are engaged in employing a tactic perfected by the commies of Stalin’s era – disinformation. They use it as a weapon to destabilize and subvert the target culture – which is ours.

    Take note: it is the democrat party that employs this weapon.

  4. The left does excel at propaganda. I don’t recall any “RWNJ’s” doing any of these types of acts.

      1. And they love to project their own faults on us. Oh BTW, who’s the hot babe in your avatar pic? Hotcha!

      1. That would be leading by example and makes sense. But liberal extremists say “don’t do as I do – do as I say”. Something that actually makes sense is something they will never do.

  5. Every day now that we have so much instability due to lack of leadership from the top we have these stories, and when you think about it true conservatives with values and morals and a strong faith in God don’t end up in these stories, but the media is obsessed with finding the right wing smoking gun. Funny thing about this latest young male suicide ( which statistically is common), When the story broke on Friday the media barely covered it but now that they are convinced that he meant to kill— didn’t actually do it…. they are determined to paint their picture and rewrite their left weak history. God watches and is patient and all will become truth to those that perpetuate the lies.

  6. Nothing like a good dose of reality to make lefty’s head explode. It’s like.. Scanners 3-D! Yeah, baby! LOL

  7. It’s because the left is so obsessed with identity politics. You can’t just be a nut shooting someone. You have to belong to a hate group with an agenda in mind.

  8. When the civil war begins then they can blame it on the Tea Party of course who cares at that point since it’s a only a Jeffersonian response to tyranny perpetrated by the left.

  9. If I may Scoop…

    You say, “The MSM has made up their mind about conservatives, tea partiers, Fox News, bloggers, veterans, and the average American in general.

    In order to make up one’s mind, one needs to carefully consider facts and arguments that either corroborate or deny a given story. The MSM is not in the business of carefully considering given facts when it comes to advancing their default leftist ideology. The MSM are engaged in indoctrination and the fabrication of false narratives… pure and simple.

    At this point, the MSM cannot be trusted to report the basic facts even in the most rudimentary of incontestable “dog bites man” stories. They are quite simply the enemy of the good for being good.

    1. I’m gonna P.S. here:

      It’s really quite impossible to label the MSM as adhering to an “ideology” at this point. An anarcho-Marxist… even a “socialist” is driven by ideology. But these default post-modern “liberal” leftist/progressives who populate the academy and the media are better defined less by “ideology” than by fashion. Their political and social views are a fashion statement or a pick from a menu of what’s considered the flavour of the day. Their only loose consistency is what cultural Marxism serves up for them. Jonah Goldberg lays it out simply in his book Liberal Fascism: 1. statism; 2, abortion rights; 3, identity politics. According to Goldberg, these three criteria are the bedrock pillars of the modern “progressive”.

      1. you’re right and this is basically communist china at this point. what would the left do with out their left media moral compass. Maybe try using their own brain like God intended .

  10. The bleacher morons beat up on Gabe all the time, but he’s a prime example of a guy who knows he’s far safer behind conservatives with guns than he is among the jihad-enabling, skin-color obsessed left.

    Well done, Gabe.

  11. Democrats / Obama fascists, are no different than Nazi fascists, as they all use Projectionism and Propaganda lies in the media to incite hatred against innocent people.

    This must always be confronted and exposed with the Truth as Gabriel Malor has done. The Democrat left / Obama fascists use whatever means they can to undermine and destroy moral goodness and righteousness, Truth and Morality in our society of a Free and Independent Republic.

    They are truly the slime on the bottom of humanity’s shoe, for which they could care less about being, let alone see what they really are all about. That’s the power of indoctrination.

  12. This is something to save. Also, the word conservative means restraint, traditional values, etc. You can’t be both a conservative and an extremist. It’s an oximoron. Yet the Left never let logic stand in their way.

    1. Nor do they let facts get in the way of the narrative! Logic? Facts? WHy bother? You say it like you want it to be and the media goes right along. No apology needed when the truth is outed because, hey, you were just looking for the most natural answer, right? So, it’s wrong…no problem. If we’d blamed a left-winger for ANYTHING, even if it was found to be true, we’d be apologizing for blaming them anyway! We conservatives need to keep a thick skin!

  13. In the LSM, if the homicidal mass murdering nut is a leftist, political affiliation is not pertinent, even when said nut states the reason for their homicidal rage was motivated by their political ideology.

    But, let there be just one homicidal nut even loosely associated with the tea party and the ensuing LSM hysterics, hyperbole, and hydrophobia will be like nothing you have ever witnessed. By extension, the entire Tea Party will be maligned and painted as homicidal maniacs waiting to go off.

    1. Leftists are freaking out because they can not incite conservatives to violence.

      Inaction, is in fact, a form of action.

      Drives them crazy.

      Short ride.

    1. They invented the plastic spork for leftists.

      No leftists can be trusted with a sharp metal utensil.

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