ONE HUNDRED RIOTS: On 100th night of Portland ‘protests’, daggers, body armor, injured cops, and person SET ON FIRE by Molotov Cocktail

Last night was the 100th night in a row of “protests” in Portland. Police declared a riot, as they have on most of those 100 nights, but whether declared or not every single one has been a riot. “Mostly peaceful” is a media scam.

“Multiple fire bombs, mortars, rocks, and other items were thrown at law enforcement” during last night’s riot, says the Portland Police Bureau.

“Rioters lit fires in the streets,” they said, “a sergeant was directly struck by a commercial grade firework, which burned through his glove and injured his hand” and in the crowd of people (many in body armor and carrying shields) who were throwing rocks, fireworks, mortars, and other items at police, “one had a ‘wrist-rocket’ type of slingshot launching unknown objects” at them.

It was an Antifa riot, by people who call themselves Antifa and organize online as Antifa and carry Antifa signs and branded riot gear, who the media and Democrats keep saying Fox News made up to “scare” you. That made-up group was celebrating one hundred nights of chaos, anarchy, and war.

One way they were celebrating? Molotov cocktails. For one person that turned out to have been spectacularly bad idea.

Karma hardly covers it.

Here’s more from last night’s “celebration”.

From the Portland Police Bureau:

At about 9:15p.m, as the crowd approached officers, individuals began throwing multiple fire bombs at officers. One of them caught a community member on fire. Officers later located the injured person and Portland Fire and Rescue medics offered treatment. The injured person was later taken to a hospital by private vehicle.

This criminal activity presented an extreme danger to life safety for all community members, and prompted a declaration of a riot. The crowd was advised over loudspeaker that it was a riot and they were to leave the area to the east immediately. They were warned that failure to adhere to this order may subject them to arrest, citation, or crowd control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons. Individuals within the crowd began throwing illegal fireworks/mortars at officers. Others were seen throwing rocks. At least one had a “wrist-rocket” type of slingshot launching unknown objects. In order to defend themselves from these assaults, officers used crowd control munitions, including tear gas. Officers made numerous targeted arrests.

For the next four hours, the crowd appeared to meander through the Mill Park community, attempting to get to get around the police blockade and reach East Precinct. Officers moved ahead of the rioters to prevent them access. Rioters lit fires in the streets, including dumpsters, garbage cans, and wooden pallets. Officers moved in to push the crowd back in order to extinguish the fires.

During numerous confrontations with officers, individuals launched attacks on law enforcement, including throwing objects. A sergeant was directly struck by a commercial grade firework, which burned through his glove and injured his hand (photos). Several officers and troopers were struck by rocks in the head, arms, shoulders, and feet. Only their protective gear prevented serious injury. An Oregon State Police vehicle was damaged by rocks, including broken windows and dents (photos). An unexploded mortar was recovered by police (photo).

Over 50 people were arrested. At least two were wearing body armor. One had a dagger, another had a knife (photos). The names of those arrested and their charges will be released in a later update.

The rioters needed the Police and the Fire & Rescue for their injuries and for setting themselves on fire. They do not see the irony in that. Because in addition to being criminal anarchists and murderers in a state of treasonous rebellion, they are also complete idiots.

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